Michael Muhney on Young and Restless Character: “Adam is Just About The Most Humbled, Earnest Person in Genoa City”

Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) may not be seeing any evil on The Young and the Restless these days, but he's going to get an earful of it next week when his loved ones learn he helped Patty (Stacy Haiduk) escape from the nuthouse last year! In an article in this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest, Muhney reveals how the late Hope's (Signy Coleman) wayward lad plans to make good on his promise to change for the better:

"Adam is just about the most humbled, earnest person in Genoa City," declares his portrayer, Michael Muhney. "He knows he can't go back in time and erase what he's done, but for now, his determination to be a better person is real."

Wonder how long Adam's resolve to be a good, little blind Newman mouse will last, especially after Paul (Doug Davidson) informs Sharon (Sharon Case) of the Ivy League evil doer's dirty dealings with Paul's cuckoo sis? For more deets from Muhney on what is set to go down next week in Genoa City, pick up the March 13, 2012 issue of SOD.

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  1. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    This show is so poorly written these days, I truly wonder whether Victor Jr.’s redemption can realistically take place w/ the current regime (that is, without a guffaw). Since I haven’t watched this show in awhile, you will all have to let me know how this one turns out.

    I still have memories of him parading around in Victor’s dead wife’s nightgown trying to scare his new wife Ashley, which led to Ashley’s miscarriage. Good luck with that redemption storyline (and knowing MAB’s handiwork, it will be exactly 1 storyline that they use to redeem Victor Jr.)

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    And this is going to affect me in what way? Honestly, I love the character of Adam, I love the chemistry Michael shares with Sharon … but the writing has been nothing but stupid for him. So Adam wants to change for the better and then another part of his shady past comes to light that makes people wanna hurt him and he wants to hurt them back. We’ve been there …

    Oh I get so frustrated with the writing of the show these days. How about some new aspects to his character? Sure we’ve seen him fighting being blind on his mother’s farm for a few days … but that was it. Still don’t know much more about Adam’s back story that turned him into the black sheep of the Newman family.
    It’s just I don’t see how this time around we’ll see a different Adam, when MAB and her team use the exact same story parts again and again…
    This show can’t surprise me at all anymore. And this won’t be a redemption storyline and if it is … oh it’s a really, really bad one!

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    Restless Fan

    I am all for character redemption but Adams sudden about face is about as corny as you can get. At the end of the day we are all beating a dead horse. As long as that awful woman is writing the show we are destined to poorly developed stories that follow not logical path whatsoever. We get whatever MAB is feeling the day if question. She is the Ed Wood of daytime TV!

  4. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Restless Fan: You ain’t never lied.

    The Fans: Do you really think that we’re gonna let you get away with this?

    Maria Bell: If you’ll excuse me, I have a show to write and executive produce.

    The Fans: Enjoy it while it last. You just remember that we’ll use every ounce of our energy to undo the terrible writing and casting you have done.

    Maria: Thank you for the warning for what it is worth. Our power base is a lot stronger than you think.

    The Fans: We don’t care how long it takes. And we don’t care how much it cost. But when we are through with you Maria Arena Bell, you’ll have nothing! You’ll be writing and producing nothing! CBS, Sony and the soap industry are wishing up to who you are. A creative-less talent-less hack. Demo numbers are continuing to drop for you. Now you think you have won. You think you have won. You don’t begin to understand the power of angry soap fans. WE WILL GET RID OF YOU! WE WILL GER RID OF YOU!

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    MAB doesn’t think one bit about what fans have to say. It’s out there that she isn’t impressed or cares for the fans who criticize the show online. She just doesn’t give a shit!
    She thinks she’s in control, she can do whatever she wants, her husband isn’t going to fire her and CBS doesn’t seem to care enough to save the show. So who’s going to listen to us anymore???

    The fans want to get rid of her for a year now. She’s criticized for her storylines and cast changes for OVER a year now … we get no reaction. No change. MAB isn’t even trying to save her socialite ass, because she doesn’t have to. She’s laughing at us and she is laughing at the legacy of her father-in-law.

    Of course we need to keep being angry, tell it how it is and tell what’s wrong with this show … but who’s still listening?
    Two years from now there could be a world without Y&R in it … and no one with power in this industry seems to care. No one but the fans!

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    RealityCheck 33

    This just pissed me off. If these idiot writers wanted to write a compelling s/l with Adam “manning up” on his past deeds, then his father should man up and support him. Sharon wouldn’t walk out on him for trumped up reasons. It’s absolute rubbish and total crap served up by MAB and her goon squad writers. I’m sure Michael Muhney will do his best to sell it, but it’s just more predictable shit.

    Just put Muhney back in his tight black boxer briefs so we can at least stare at his extra large package. He’s got a very nice penis and set of balls. Maybe next time they get him near naked they can douse him with water!

  7. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Of course they have someone revealing the truth that is mentally unstable so let’s get real. The people who believe the worst in Adam will believe it but as usual, those with rose colored prescription lenses, like Sharon, wouldn’t believe it no matter who said it.

  8. Profile photo of tedew

    RealityCheck33 … I confess that I haven’t been painted a more vivid mind picture on this site to date!

    Actually I think that Adam is completely redeemable (at least from his more wicked past games) and find it completely believable that he could (ironically) see the light after Patty’s final assault on him. What I find unbelievable still … is how Victor can continually commit crimes, set people up and try to ruin lives and is never caught or charged and then is always forgiven. I’m really fed up with all of his continuing vendettas. I’d much prefer to have Adam forgiven by at least some of his victims. Also don’t forget that it truly was Victor who set this whole Patty cycle into motion.

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