CONFIRMED: ABC Family to Oversee SOAPnet; Cabler to Air ABC Family Shows; Young and Restless, General Hospital, DAYS to Remain

A few days ago I reported I was hearing Kate Nelson had been fired from SOAPNet and that the soon-to-be defunct cabler would be folded in under ABC Family, until its eventual transition to Disney Junior. Well, our pals at ABC Soaps In Depth got confirmation on the story! Here's what a Mouse House PR rep shared with the magazine:

"Yes, it's true that ABC Family has been given the opportunity to work with SOAPnet during the transition of the channel to Disney Junior," a spokesperson tells Soaps In Depth. "There are some great programming opportunities and numerous cable operation protocols/systems between the two groups that make this a smart move." 

Don't start worrying about losing those General HospitalThe Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives same day re-airs to episodes of Jane By Design, however. Sources are telling SID the two licensed daytime soaps will continue to air on SOAPnet. As for the debut of Disney Junior — it could still be a ways off!

We've always viewed the launch of Disney Junior as a transition, not a flip of the switch," says the new cable channel's camp. "As such, SOAPnet will remain available for an undetermined period of time as additional carriage deals for Disney Junior are finalized with distributors."

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    Jamey Giddens

    @soapfan34, SOAPnet hoped to transition to Disney Jr. in March, and is still hoping to via as many cable providers who will allow it to do so. Most cable companies have balked at another kiddie channel, however, so SOAPnet could air for awhile, and yes GH will still be re-aired there for now.

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    SOAPYFAN – I asked the same question, but didnt send it cause sometimes I read things so fast that I miss the obvious, so Im glad you asked. Right before I saw this article, I was thinking how am I goint to DVR Y&R when soapnet goes off cause I could be having a DVR conflict. Im so happy I dont have to worry about this, at least not for now. Thanks

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    We are fighting for the return of all cancelled soaps from all networks. AMC. OLTL Guiding Light and so forth. We have all expressed that we would pay a cable, satellite to return our soaps into production. Why can’t we do this on Soap Net? IF not then another channel on satellite. We mis our shows and want them back. Please can someone help us here. You will not regret it. ABC/D has lost millions of viewers and ratings are at the bottom of the list because of it. I promise to anyone who can do this for us that you whoever picks up our shows will get a millions of followers and will help you advertising also. IF ABC/D will sell you the rights! They need to or put them back on the air. We are tired of reality and cooking shows which belong of the food channel. We want our fantasy and love in the afternoon daytime soaps. They were our only escape of reality!!! Please bring back our shows some how and someway.

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    This is really a non-story. Disney Jr is still debuting in March, as scheduled, on most cable and satellite systems and Soapnet will continue to be available until the end of the year. That has always been the case and was announced in the original transition statement, only it’s day-to-day operations are being delegated to ABC Family instead of run by the ABC network itself. That’s all. The majority of systems that will continuing carrying it will probably be those who don’t have carriage deals with Disney Jr. yet but all systems have the option of carrying both.

    [quote=soapyfan34]Thanks for the info Jamey! But I have two questions. So is Soapnet not going off the air at the end of march? Will they continue to air GH?[/quote]

    A version of Soapnet, run by ABC Family instead of the ABC network, will be available until the end of the calendar year. Cable and satellite providers will have the option to carry both Disney Jr and Soapnet until Soapnet sunsets completely but I don’t know how many will since channel space is limited on a lot of the smaller cable systems. The continuation of Soapnet is really only intended to provide programming for cable systems that don’t have a carriage deal for Disney Jr. finalized yet.

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@soapfan34, SOAPnet hoped to transition to Disney Jr. in March, and is still hoping to via as many cable providers who will allow it to do so. Most cable companies have balked at another kiddie channel, however, so SOAPnet could air for awhile, and yes GH will still be re-aired there for now.[/quote]

    I don’t know of any systems that have balked at trading Soapnet for Disney Jr. outright, some are simply holding out over the licensing price change. Soapnet’s ratings are miniscule while the Disney Channels’ ratings are astronomical, including the Disney Jr. programming block. Given that and the ratings success of pre-school kid focuses Nick Jr., PBS Sprout, The Hub, etc. there’s no reason to believe that Disney Jr’s ratings will be bad, they certainly won’t be as low as or lower than Soapnet’s and cable providers are aware of that.

    [quote=appleridge]AT & T Uverse which I have is not carrying Disney JR. Thank God!!![/quote]
    Uverse doesn’t have a carriage deal for Disney Jr yet but they certainly will given that Disney Jr is currently their most viewer requested channel by far and all of their major competitors (Comcast, Verizon, DirecTv, Dish Network) have carriage deals. Soapnet will sunset at the end of this year anyway so they have to fill it’s channel with something else eventually, even if they never sign onto Disney Jr.

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    So, wait, I’m a little confused. Will Disney Jr. and Soapnet be on the same channel? Sorry for sounding stupid, its just very confusing. Why they have to get rid of Soapnet is beyond me although it doesnt surprise me because all Soapnet has been for the past couple of years is not a place to watch soaps, its been a place to showcase ABC soaps. Look at the marathons they’ve had. They’ve had marathons of ABC FAMILY shows, Pretty Little Liars, they show Brothers and Sisters, even Cougar Town. Remember when they had a Chew marathon a couple of months back? Not to mention Fashionista Diaries, Southern Belles and that whole Sunday Night Movie thing.

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    Loretta Jamar

    @Jamey – thank you!
    but what about the 3 shows, it says two licensed shows….
    also what about the reruns of AMC and OLTL?
    is there ANY room there for returning shows?

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