Ex-All My Children Star Ambyr Childers Books High Profile Showtime Pilot

Former All My Children star Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby Chandler) has a new gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter she has signed on to Showtime’s pilot Ray Donovan. The show also cast Kerris Dorsey and Johnathon Schaech in the drama, starring Liev Schreiber.

In the family drama about a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in Los Angeles -- the title character to be played by Salt's Schreiber -- Schaech (That Thing You Do) will play Sean Stevens, a major movie star with a mysterious connection to Ray's past. Dorsey (Brothers & Sisters, Moneyball) will play Ray'd daughter, Bridget, while Childers (All My Children) will play Ashley Rucker, a young star under Ray's protection.


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Thanks for posting this update. Have to admit I'm surprised, as I don't remember anyone from DC having kind words for this actress!

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Is she the one who quit AMC because she didn't want to be paired with a Black actor?