How is ABC Selling Commercial Time For The Revolution When It’s Hitting 0.5 Among Women 18-49?

Now this is just sad, even for ABC Daytime. The network's poor PR flacks had to put together a press release, actually attempting to spin the dismal numbers for The Revolution the week of Feb. 20-24.

"THE REVOLUTION posted its 2nd-most-watched week to date in Total Viewers (1.541 million) and Women 25-54 (449,000), behind only its premiere week. Moreover, Monday's telecast ranked as the series' #2 telecast to date in Women 25-54 (529,000), behind only its launch on 1/16/12."

I'm sorry, but unless we're talking about the late, great The Oprah Winfrey Show, it isn't generally considered a ratings victory when a series manages to compete…with itself!

According to TV Media Insights,The Revolution was still way down from One Life to Live's numbers in the same timeslot a year ago — 39 percent among total viewers, in fact. The Revolution only managed a ghastly 0.5 among women 18-49, the demographic Madison Avenue cares most about. I would love to be a fly on the wall as advertising execs for The Mouse House's daypart attempt to get media buyers excited about a 0.5 By comparison. OLTL averaged a 1.0 year-to-date in the same coveted demo, that's a five-tenths of a point drop.

All My Children's replacement, The Chew, was watched by 2.44 million viewers the week in question.That's just three percent lower than AMC's numbers in the timeslot a year ago. The Chew did manage to best AMC's year ago numbers among W18-34, however, inching up 7 percent on the cancelled soap.

ABCD's money maker, The View, was watched by 3.847 million the week in question and averaged a 1.2 among W18-49.

ABC didn't even mention General Hospital in the verbiage of their press release, even the soap went up 192,000 total viewers, to be watched by 2.35 million viewers. GH also outpaced both The Chew and The Revolution among W18-49. 


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    GH wasn’t mentioned because it’s beating the pants off the Revolution! GH had 2.5 million viewers on Friday! I’d like to hear ABC say General Hospital was the only daytime drama to gain nearly 200,000 viewers for the week! That WOULD NOT be SPIN! You headline question is certainly the question of the day.

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    Even though GH went up last week, it was down almost 600,000 viewers from a year ago – not good and it’s certainly not help by FloPolution. On the other had, I fully expect ABC to cancel Flop and move GH to the 2/1 p.m. time slot when Katie Couric arrives. The best thing that could’ve happen to GH was the dismal performance of that show.

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    I hope you’re right, Denver. It’s clear ABC is hedging it’s bets on these crap shows though. They don’t include GH in press releases, didn’t include them in the ABC daytime lineup heart disease awareness week, and recently GH was also the only soap not to partake in a feature for the NY Times I believe which was about what soaps are doing to stay on the air. Not good signs…I hope your expectation comes true. Less to produce or not, if the viewers don’t like what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter in the long run!

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    RealityCheck 33

    ABC is just letting neglect take its toll on GH. They have already decided to pull the plug, it’s just a matter of time as to when they make the announcement. Of course, the shit will hit the fan with soap fans, but ABC has written them off too.

    Follow the money. Cheap production costs and lower ratings still bring bigger profits to the bottom line. Sad to say, but it’s just reality.

    However, in the long run, ABC Daytime will eventually vanish. Look how pathetic NBC Daytime is. What else is on it besides DAYS?

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    Paula Kate

    Further proof that “The Chew” and “The Revolution” are a travesty that is driving away viewers in droves.

    ABC has replaced our beloved and successful television soap operas complete with a more than four decade history of loyal and faithful sponsor product buying viewers for what amounts to nothing more or less than popular tripe.

    Bring Back our soaps. Restore the Triple Crown of One Life To Live, All My Children and General Hospital. ABC,cancelling our soaps was a gargantuan mistake that is rearing up to bite you where you sit.

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