It’s One Life to Live vs. General Hospital Next Week in Port Charles!

ABC Daytime soap worlds collide next week on General Hospital, when Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and a bail-jumping Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) arrive in Port Charles from Llanview. The One Life to Live supercouple show up to be with their daughter Starr (Kristen Alderson), who is mourning the loss of her young family, following a deadly, mob-related car accident. ABC Soaps In Depth (On newstands now!) has a kick ass cover story on the game-changing storyline. Keep reading for a few tidbits from the article!


Blair is pissed when Todd follows her to Port Charles!


"Blair looks up and sees Todd," says her portrayer, Kassie DePaiva. "She runs to him and stops just short, as if she's going to run into his arms, but she doesn't. Instead she slaps him!"

Looks like Ms. Cramer is still ticked at Todd for "offing" his brother Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John) and letting her boyfriend Tomas (Ted King) take the fall for it! Don't expect Blair's mad mama bear routine to prevent him from seeing his grieving little girl.Expect Todd to find a surprising Port Charles ally in that quest — Carly (Laura Wright)!

Todd goes after Sonny!

The denizens of Llanview won't be the only ones dealing with major drama next week. Sonny (Maurice Benard) finds himself once again being investigated by the cops—more specifically, his own son Dante (Dominick Zamprogna)—only for once, Sonny is innocent!

"The beauty of this story," says Maurice Benard (Sonny), "is that for the first time, what happened isn't my fault!"

Yeah, try telling that to an enraged Todd Manning. For more on next week's explosive General Hospital happenings, pick up the March 19 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth

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  1. Profile photo of giogio

    How disappointing this is. I watched when Hope was born, now the very people who I thought was going to help GH killed a baby off. After all the screaming we did about Jake, they had the balls to come in and kill that baby. Unless there was some magic act that had them get out of the car and held hostage somewhere, this is just so unexpected. I know at least 5 people planning to watch GH, stop cold when that car went over that cliff.

  2. Profile photo of LuluFF

    Honestly i don’t care about the OLTL crap.I hope this OLTL/Manning garbage does not last long and they start to focus on GH characters ONLY.Other wise i will probably stop watching GH.

  3. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    Having been a longtime viewer of OLTL, I had my concerns about the crossover, but so far, I am enjoying it. I’m not thrilled GH has killed off another child, they’ve really got to stop doing THAT! I like the Mannings and I think Todd would make a great foe for Sonny, mostly because I could envision Todd winning.

    Crossovers can work, so I’m giving this time to unfold before making judgement. I see hiccups, but Ron and crew have quite the septic system to clean at GH! I’m rooting for them to succeed!

  4. Profile photo of rapid_roman61

    I seriously don’t understand the so-called GH fans who are taking every opportunity to hammer the show for letting OLTL characters on the show for a short time. Don’t they know that this gives the impression to the network that viewers hate the show? Do you really want to give them an excuse to kill the last daytime drama on ABC because your favorite character isn’t hogging the airtime? Come on!

    Please go watch the interview with Maurice Benard at ET Online. He thinks that having characters from other soaps appear on different shows is something the network should have done along time ago because it’s been an exciting time to work on GH.

  5. Profile photo of josser


    Agreed! The GH fans in a snit about the TEMPORARY addition of Blair & Todd are clueless. The OLTL characters there to just help bring back viewers in an effort to prevent GH’s cancellation. I fail to understand why some GH fans are just deliberately ignorant of GH’s perilous situation. Everyone who has read any soap magazine or online blog (HELLO! Daytime Confidential has profiled ABC’s assault on its soaps for years!) knows that things ABC wants to cancel GH. The only hope the show has is to see a significant rise in ratings. Instead of thinking strategically, whiners complain that the a needed transfusion is polluting GH!


  6. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    @LuluFF, so you would rather your soap get cancelled, never to be seen again rather than have to watch a few characters from OLTL who will TEMPORARLY be in PC? Other than Starr Manning the rest of these characters will be gone soon and since Michael needs a gf they would have cast someone so why not someone who could bring in viewers with her like Starr will?

    I tell you if it were the other way around, I would be graftful ABC was trying to save my soap OLTL by having characters from another soap come in temporarly or permanently.

    Already the ratings are up and you better hope they stay there because if not, they will be joining the rest of the DOA soaps.

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