Carolyn Hinsey’s Latest General Hospital Casting Scoopage: “They’re Clearing The Deck For Kristina Wagner”

It looks like we can finally start planning Felicia Jones Scorpio's (Kristina Wagner) welcome home party! After weeks of rumors (and one fake Facebook post), veteran soap journo Carolyn Hinsey is now confirming General Hospital is set to bring half of one of the soap's most popular 80's supercouple's back to Port Charles. Tweeted Hinsey:

Hey GH fans! They're clearing the decks for Kristina Wagner. Sssshhh… you heard it here first. #soapsstillmatter


How awesome is this news? I sure hope GH's new showrunner Frank Valentini can book Wagner's real and reel life ex-hubby (and upcoming Dancing With The Stars foxtrotter Jack Wagner) next. Soaps Still Matter, indeed!

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    Oh that’s great! :) But I don’t think that this news would allow Jack Wagner to come back too. Would be kind of awkward on the set…

    I hope they really plan to bring Lexi Ainsworth back tough. Really miss her. And I’m still waiting for some good news for the Q’s. But hey, Kristina Wagner is great!!!! :D

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    Oh I heard that too, Jamey. Just don’t think that working with your ex in general is such a good idea no matter how amicable the split was.^^ But if it happens and Jack Wagner returns after all those years of course that’d be great! :D

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    Jamey Giddens

    Just don’t think that working with your ex in general is such a good idea no matter how amicable the split was
    Maybe they could be the Sonny and Cher of Daytime? LOL It’s happened before though. Eileen Davidson and Don Diamont were hot and heavy in the 80’s, then they were paired together on Y&R in the 90’s, when she came back and both were even married to either people. I am holding out hope Kristina and Jack would be able to make it happen. ;-)

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    I hope, if Felicia is coming back, they finally mend the relationship between Felicia and Maxie. Maxie’s hate at Felicia’s abandonment only comes from the crappy writing to explain Kristina Wagner’s absence from the show. Made no sense to me, cause Felicia was a good mom for her girls.

    Anyway, love Felicia, so happy to hear this news!

    Bobbie next, I hope!

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    This makes me VERY happy! I am looking forward to Felicia, Frisco, and Maxie mending their relationship (I do wish this was with KS too). And here’s to hoping that Frisco comes back with Georgie in tow. I have to believe that Jack Wagner is coming back!

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    After the absolute, horrible way Felicia was written several years ago, I think the only way to redeem her character would be for the current writers to say that the reason why she stayed away, was because she was forced into some sort of mission to keep Frisco from being killed, and she couldn’t say anything in Port Charles, when she went to Georgie’s funeral, because she was being watched, and if she did try to tell someone what was going on, she would’ve put their lives in danger, also.

    Sorry…. that’s all I can come up with.. lol.

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    I don’t think they even need an excuse for her staying away. Maxie was a bitch to her and it was probably easier for both of them for her to stay out of Port Charles. Frisco and Felicia are no worse of parents than Robert and Anna, but you never hear anyone complain about that. I guess because Robin was so nice and Maxie is a complete bitch. It wouldn’t be like Robin to harp on it for too long, but Maxie’s whole life is based on being able to bitch about her shitty parents.

    They could always go the mission route and I’m sure they will. I’ll be so happy to have Felicia back. I agree that this will make me miss Kirsten Storms so much more than I already do. Its nothing against Jen Lilley, but when KS’s Maxie ripped Felicia a new one at Georgie’s funeral those scenes were epic. KS is so much of a more lovable bitch as Maxie. I pretty much just hate Maxie now. It will be fun to have Felicia back on canvas either way. I don’t see any storyline for her right now other than being a parent for the first time since her kids were like 5 years old. I guess Maxie will continue to spiral out of control and get reallllly bad and Spinelli probably tracks Felicia down to try to save Maxie’s life. That’s all I can come up with.

    I hope they can get Jack Wagner!! I need Frisco. That would feel so much bigger than just Felicia and there’s tons of storyline there.

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    [quote=MissingtheoldGH]I’d love to see Robyn Richards too! She looks gorgeous in that picture![/quote]

    She and Kirsten look like they could be sisters. I remember her being a remarkable young actress. Again… I never understood why she was fired, twice, as Maxie, when she always did a great job. Sorry to the Jen Lilley fans, but she just isn’t suitable as Maxie to me. From what I’ve read… Kirsten won’t be returning.

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    I was a Robyn Richards fan. Kirsten Storms acting so dingbatty ditzy dame got real old for me it seemed to really get bad when she was paired w/Spinelli but I’m really not liking this Maxi much …

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    now bring back Lindze Letherman as Georgie and bring back Robyn Richards as The REAL Maxie.

    hopefully Jack Wagner can come back too.[/quote]

    Lindze Letherman was so freakin’ great as Georgie. I wish they could find a way to bring her back. I’m sure Jen Lilley fans will be pissed at me for screaming “BRING BACK ROBYN RICHARDS AS MAXIE!” But since Kirsten isn’t coming back (I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed), then please bring back the incredible actress who was fired, twice… for no good reason.

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    Personally, I’d rather see Lady Gaga play Maxie, instead of Jen Lilley. At least Lady Gaga can cry real tears in her videos. Jen’s performance, after finding out Robin had “died”, was just… awkward.

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    I am so excited to see Kristina come back…. F&F go down as one of my all time favorite soap couples…They were very comedic and romantic..their chemistry was off the charts…probably why they married in real life :-)….I was horrified at how they wrote for Felicia the last few years she was on the show…So sad what they did to this once iconic soap heroine.

    Now all we need is to hear that Jack will be reporting to GH after DWTS…I think it may be possible for them to work with one another again. From what I read they are very amiable…and share two sons. Maybe joint parenthood has kept them friendly. I sure hope so.

    I have been loving the Scorpios being back…even if it is such a sad time on the show…I just love seeing all the returning vets….GH is really starting to be “Must see TV again”.

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    This is awesome news as the character of Maxie will need her mother and there could possibly be a love triangle in there between Mac, Felicia and Alexis. As for bringing back Jack Wagner’s Frisco, where would they possibly fit him in the landscape with not only John from OLTL coming on board to the police station but Robert being around (for however long), Mac and Dante still there.

    This show needs more heroes like swiss cheese needs yet another HOLE to make it better! If you bring on another hero you need evil to make that hero. General Hospital needs to get out of the mob business, get back to love and hospital drama.

    While we on it, Dante is such a moron. Either you hate your dad or you don’t. Either you are a good cop or you’re a bad one. Right now he gives Sonny all the leeway he orders making him a bad cop. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why Dante should not have arrested Sonny after witnessing him holding a loaded gun to Johnny and then getting confirmation from Sonny that he did the same in front of Tracey by holding the same gun to Anthony’s head. NOT every bad that Sonny does can be let go because poor Dante doesn’t want to upset Michael. Michael is a punk the way he is written right now with no life, no friends and no goal.

    Instead of worrying about what it would do to Michael to have their father arrested for being a cold blooded killer, Dante should arrest Sonny to show Michael that evil has consequences and the law is the law.

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    [quote=westvirginiafan]she didn’t have it first–ravenbeauty posted this back in february–let’s give credit where credit is due[/quote]

    True that!

    I hope she comes back fighting for Mac, just after he starts a relationship with Alexis! Awesome triangle!

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    I was thinking that a Mac, Alexis, Felicia triangle would be great too. Robyn Richards would be much better than nuMaxie. I wonder if she can play a bratty bitch though? She was Maxie when Maxie was a sweet girl. Felicia is my all-time favorite GH character. Please get her back ASAP.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]Oh I heard that too, Jamey. Just don’t think that working with your ex in general is such a good idea no matter how amicable the split was.[/quote]

    Jennifer Lopez & Mark Anthony sure seem to be making it work. Their series Que Viva is a hoot!

    I think if they’re both approaching it as professionals, it could truly work.

    Kind of a shame, though, that there are no surprises left in Daytime TV these days.

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    I hate to put a damper on everyone’s parade but I am suspicious of so many vets returning. Does this mean General Hospital is really going off the air? So many fan favs coming back remind me of relatives coming back to pay their last respects to a family member on their death bed. Ya’ll know what I mean?
    It’s like, you haven’t seen or talk to a relative in ages(robert, anna, holly, felicia) then all of sudden they just show up, cause you’re dying or they want something.

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    @SoapCrazy: I don’t think that Ron at the moment is thinking about bringing old fan favorites back to GH’s farewell. He’s trying to win fans back and is taking this show in a different direction. And that’s why these people come back – so this show survives.
    I guess it happen to be so many of them because the two previous regimes weren’t really interested in characters like Felicia, Robert or Heather. They had a different version of GH. So I guess Ron just had to call them up and that was about it.

    Anything else might be happening if ABC decides to wreck their daytime completely and cancel GH.

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    This is VERY good news, indeed!! And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that misses Robyn Richards. To me, she is Maxie. GH made a big mistake letting her go. Ron should bring her back as well. Bring Back Emily, Alan, Dillon and Georgie as well. THAT would be the icing on the cake!! :)

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    I am all for Kristina Wagner returning! Felicia was one of my fav characters when I started watching back in 1996. Frisco would be icing on the cake, so hopefully Jack can work out a schedule with DWTS if this ever comes to fruition. Susan Lucci, Cameron Mathison, & Kelly Monaco did it. Frisco & at least Felicia HAVE to return to reconcile with Maxie. If we have to be stuck with Jen Lilley, at least this will help ground her version of Maxie.

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    Very excited and have been waiting for this news! Hoping they bring Jack back too and that they can work out working together. It will be great to see Felicia interact with Maxie, Anna, Holly, Robert, Mac, and others! She was always one of my favorites and I grew up watching her. I believe Jen Lilley will do a good job, she is a good actress, I know we would prefer Kirsten S. but if she’s sick, nothing can be done until she recovers! Looking forward to FELICIA!!!!

  22. Profile photo of aztecprincess

    Very excited and have been waiting for this news! Hoping they bring Jack back too and that they can work out working together. It will be great to see Felicia interact with Maxie, Anna, Holly, Robert, Mac, and others! She was always one of my favorites and I grew up watching her. I believe Jen Lilley will do a good job, she is a good actress, I know we would prefer Kirsten S. but if she’s sick, nothing can be done until she recovers! Looking forward to FELICIA!!!!

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    great news that she’s coming back. …

    meanwhile, can someone help me out on one of the plots she was in just before i quit watching years ago?

    she and luke were trying to figure out why there were two bodies in one crypt of the q’s family mausoleum. the two of them and edward and lila were in the living room when —

    the morons at the KABC news department decided to break in with yet another L.A. freeway chase just that couldnt wait until the 5 o’clock news.

    the next day the show went on and this plot was NEVER mentioned again, thanks to dopey writers. i kept waiting for SOMEONE to bring it up.

    … so who were the two bodies? and did lila or edward kill someone?


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    YAY! Agree with all who’ve said they need JW, RR, and LL and Dillon (hopefully, SC, but I’m open to a well chosen recast) back as well. I don’t care how it’s done, just get it done.

    IF they could get Amber Tamblyn, Emily’s return would be wonderful. Otherwise, ugh, no thanks. I’d rather see Alan and Scotty Baldwin and AJ and most of all: Genie Francis. I’m sure they’re saving the best for last though, as far as GF goes.

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    I hope kristina wagner has taking some acting lessons .She and holly (from GH) are two of the worst actors I’ve ever seen in my life. and her speaking voice is terrible. it has that ‘whiny little girl thing’ that is so ugly in a mature female over the age of twenty-five. It’s bad enough we have to put up with the dregs of the cancelled One life… yikes. the stunt casting is starting to grate. Soon we’ll be begging to have them put GH out of its misery.

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