DC #665: 2012 Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dive into the 2012 Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations. They discuss which pre-nominations they are excited to see, which pre-noms have them scratching their heads and which actors they feel are missing from the pre-nom list.

All this, and a discussion about General Hospital "clearing the deck" for Kristina Wagner's  return to Port Charles on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!





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    Okay, here I go with my comments on the pre-nomination list. Yes, some of what I write will raise a few eyebrows and some will make some of you scream bloody murder or cheer at what I had to say. So, here goes………………….something!

    My picks for the Final Emmy ballot and the * will denote who I think should win and will win.

    Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

    Debbi Morgan, AMC *
    Susan Flannery, B&B
    Crystal Chappell, DOOL
    Erika Slezak, OLTL
    Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R

    I picked Debbi to win this by a razor thin margin over Melody Thomas Scott (as much as I’m a huge fan of Melody’s, I really think next year will be her year to win).

    Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

    Darnell Williams, AMC
    Don Diamont, B&B
    Anthony Geary, GH
    Jerry verDorn, OLTL
    Michael Muhney, Y&R *

    In my opinion, with three actors from ABC daytime dramas on my final Emmy ballot, they will end up canceling each other out leaving Don Diamont and Michael Muhney to duke it out for the Emmy gold. I’m picking Michael Muhney to win this category. Michael carried story all year last year and he can swim exceptionally well with the big sharks in this category. Ever since Michael took over the role of Adam Newman from Chris “Homophobe” Engen, he has been on FIYAH! Michael Muhney to win.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

    Melissa Clair Egan, AMC
    Nadia Bjorlin, DOOL
    Nancy Lee Grahn, GH *
    Elizabeth Hendrickson, Y&R

    There really should only be four actresses on the final Emmy ballot this year. Nancy Lee Grahn to take the Emmy gold. From what I’ve heard about her storyline material from this past year, she’s got a lock on this.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

    Michael E. Knight, AMC
    Scott Clifton, B&B
    Matthew Ashford, DOOL
    Jonathan Jackson, GH
    Billy Miller, Y&R *

    Like Jamey said, if the only range you’re working with is tears the entire year (Jonathan Jackson), not many panel voters are going to go for that. So, having said that, Billy Miller did both dramatic and comedic stuff last year and I really believe this year is his year to win the Emmy again.

    Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

    Jacqueline MacInnes Woods, B&B *
    Molly Burnett, DOOL
    Kate Mansi, DOOL
    Lexi Ainsworth, GH *

    We’re going to see a tie in this category. Jacqui and Lexi were exceptional this past year. Why Christel was even put on the pre-nomination list is beyond me. That “actress” cannot act her way out of a paper bag to save her life. Y&R really needs to let her go and replace her with a much better actress. Denise Vasi anyone?

    Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

    Chandler Massey, DOOL *
    Chad Duell, GH
    Austin Williams, OLTL
    Bryton James, Y&R

    Hands down, this was one easy pick! Chandler will win this in a landslide.

    Eyebrow Raisers (for both additions and omissions)

    Heather Tom, B&B in lead actress I agree is a bit questionable. I think she should have been in supporting. Jeanne Cooper really didn’t have very good material last year and Michelle Stafford is too much of a scenery chewer. Those two should not have been submitted. As for omissions, I agree, Florencia Lozano (sp?) from OLTL should have been in the Lead Actress category. If she did submit a reel, then it surprises me that she didn’t get a pre-nom. If she didn’t submit, hers and our loss. Since I couldn’t invest my time into watching AMC, I cannot comment on why Susan Lucci was not on the pre-nom list. But again, after hearing from our panel of experts, they feel that she should have been. The other big omission from the Lead Actress category is Katherine Kelly Lang from B&B. She gives outstanding performances year in and year out and yet the academy continues to ignore her, which is rather sad. The other omission would be Alison Sweeney for either this category or the Supporting Actress category. Alison really turned the heat on late last year and she should have been on the pre-nom list.

    For Lead Actor, the one that surprised me the most was John McCook from B&B. I almost choked on my coffee when I saw he was on the list. Sorry, but John really didn’t have much to work with last year. The other big addition that had me scratching my head was Stephen Nichols from Y&R. Yeah, he had good material last year but it wasn’t all that memorable. The two biggest glaring omissions in this category are Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth from OLTL. Both of these guys gave standing ovation worthy performances last year and they should have been on this list. Had they been, my final Emmy ballot list would have included one or both of these gentlemen. Also missing from this category is James Scott from DOOL for either this category or Supporting Actor. Such a shame.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress. First, the omissions. Ilene Kristen should have DEFINITELY been on this list. Towards the end of last year, she really shined for me on OLTL. Additions: Genie Francis and Debbi Morgan for Y&R?! Are you seriously kidding me right now?! Yes, Genie is legendary actress in daytime but her take (or I should say Maria Arena Bell’s take on Genevieve) at the beginning of her run on the show was downright horrible! If she makes the final Emmy ballot, Imma gonna cut a rug! Debbi wasn’t on Y&R long enough to really have strong supporting material. She first started airing in October. So, those two submissions really raised my eyebrows.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor: First, the submissions. I’m still wracking my brain trying to remember any good material that Greg Rikkart from Y&R had last year. Can’t think of any. He should not be on the pre-nom ballot. As for glaring omissions, Michael Easton from OLTL should have been on the pre-nom ballot. Michael really gave outstanding performances toward the end of the year. Also another omission is John Paul Lavoisier. Such a versatile actor who was overlooked.

    Younger Actress: Surprising submissions: Camilla Banus and Shelley Hennig for DOOL. Camila really didn’t have good material this past year with the exception of her break up scenes with Will. Shelley Hennig left DOOL very early on in the round of cast cuts and didn’t leave me with a very good impression of her. Again, why Christel Khalil continues to get pre-nom’s is beyond me. I’m sorry to say this to her and her fans, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag to save her life.

    Younger Actor: My only gripe is the admission of Kevin Schmidt for Y&R. What the heck did he do in the role of Noah Newman that got him on the pre-nom list? We haven’t seen him in ages and I really believe that the kid who played Jack’s son, Kyle should have been on this list. He really did an outstanding job working with pros list Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman and obviously working with Maura West who played his Mom, Diane Jenkins in what was the worst recast in the history of daytime drama television (slightly edging out Eden Reigel’s recast of Heather Stevens on Y&R). I mean, Maura knew two weeks into her stint on Y&R, she knew that this character was not working very well for her and she already started seeing the writing on the wall. She was not the least bit surprised that the show fired her. Hell, if I were her, I’d have quit.

    Okay with all of that said, here are my submissions for some other categories that we all should look for.

    Outstanding Drama Series

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Days of our Lives
    One Life to Live

    AMC, GH and Y&R all had horrible years last year. Days started off last year really bad but after the reboot on September 26, this show caught fire and definitely should be nominated for Drama Series.

    Outstanding Drama Series Writing

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Days of our Lives
    One Life to Live

    Same thing to be said for the other shows I chose to NOT nominate in this category.

    Outstanding Drama Series Directing

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    One Life to Live
    General Hospital
    The Young and the Restless

    Enough said.

    Outstanding Drama Series Casting

    All My Children
    General Hospital
    One Life to Live
    Days of our Lives

    All of the above shows did exceptional work in casting this past year. B&B didn’t do anything worthy of noting for casting. Y&R did an atrocious job in the casting department last year.

    Outstanding Drama Series Scenic Design

    Days of our Lives (Horton Square)
    The Bold and the Beautiful (Liam’s house which of course is really Brad Bell’s home)
    The Young and the Restless (Genevieve’s home and Devon’s studio)

    If anyone can point out what the ABC soaps did in terms of scenic design, please feel free to add it here.

    Outstanding Drama Series Wardrobe

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Days of our Lives
    One Life to Live

    As for Make-up and all of the other technical awards, I really did not pay that much attention to it. So, I’ll let you all fill this in as you wish!

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    Scott Novick

    Smitty, I wonder if Braeden submitted himself, since I remember in interviews he said he was very tired of the Emmy nomination system and had just tired of the whole thing.

    Assuming he did, I’m kind of on the fence as to whether he should be there. On the one hand, he definitely drives story and has a commanding screen presence in every scene he’s in. But like Jamey mentioned, one of the hopes of the new nomination process was to weed out a lot of the usual cast of characters and bring in some fresh blood, and I’m trying to think what EB could have submitted that wasn’t the same old Victor from years past.

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    Scott and Smitty,

    Thinking back to this last year, I don’t think EB did anything that would be Emmy worthy material to submit.

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    [quote=matealestlmo]Scott and Smitty,Thinking back to this last year, I don’t think EB did anything that would be Emmy worthy material to submit.[/quote]

    On top of that, if EB continues to mumble during his scenes and we end up having a hard time hearing or understanding what he’s saying half the time, how in hell is he going to get an Emmy nod if he continues to do that?!

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    Scott Novick

    Not watching anything other than Y&R and B&B, it’s hard for me to comment on the overall list of pre-noms, so I’ll just stick to what I know…

    Heather Tom as lead: I have to admit that one surprised me when I first read it, but when I thought about it, I started to wonder if Heather choosing to submit herself as lead is so far-fetched. In B&B’s world, if you go just by airtime and stories, there are really only three actresses who are front-burner, all the time, and two of them are (rightfully IMO) in the younger actress category. Even Susan Flannery’s airtime is diminished these days, but I don’t think anyone would ever argue that she’s anything but a lead. So along those lines, a B&B lead is someone who may not be on all the time, but drives story when they are on, and like Jamey pointed out, Heather had a lot of heavy drama during the time Katie and Bill’s marriage was falling apart. She wasn’t propping up anyone else’s story, which is what a supporting player does, so I can see the peer judges picking her if she submitted some of those heavy confrontations with Don D or Jaqui Mac.

    On a related note, I have to agree with Michael that the one remaining actress out of B&B’s front burner 3 who isn’t in the younger category, Katherine Kelly Lang, does seem like an odd omission with her absence – her first ever since there has been a pre-nomination system. I can only guess that it’s a combination of the new voting system, whatever she submitted and the trend over the years where Emmy judges have never recognized her talents to take her past the pre-nom round. I would have thought anything from Berrygate would have sold her for 2011, but I guess that’s why I’m not a peer judge for the Emmys. :)

    John McCook as lead: This one surprised me completely since, unlike Heather/Katie, John/Eric was pretty limited to B stories, something that B&B didn’t have a lot of in 2011. I can only assume one of those episodes where Eric voiced his frustrations with Stephanie over their life (or lack thereof) in the bedroom tugged at judge’s strings and convinced them he belonged in this category and not in supporting.

    Scott Clifton as supporting: Scott passed the 25 year age limit for younger last year, so you knew he would have to be either supporting or lead this year. Like the DC crew pointed out, by storyline presence, Scott should be a lead, but I have to wonder if he doesn’t see himself competing with the likes of his on-screen dad Don Diamont just yet and decided to stick to the easier supporting category.

    Jaqui Mac and Kim M as younger: Like I said above, while these two are at the front burner of B&B’s storyline these days – Regan was right when she said B&B often seems like the Steffy, Liam and Hope show – both are coming into their own as actresses, so sticking to the “younger” category seems right for them.

    And now, a few Y&R comments:
    For lead actor, congrats to Michael Muhney on finally getting his name in the ring. Whether you like Adam, hate him or love to hate him, Muhney made the character his own from the day he took over and has been driving story for years, even during Adam’s brief “death” where he wasn’t on screen, so I think this one is deserved. As for Stephen Nichols, I see what Jamey was saying about his getting a lot of dramatic moments, but I still don’t see Tucker owning a piece of the canvas and think of him more as a supporting player. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Billy Miller here, but I wonder if he decided to stick with supporting and not have to duke it out with Muhney.

    Lead actress: Melody… rather than go on for pages, I will just say well-deserved and congrats. As for Jeanne, I love my Kay Chancellor but really thought she was more supporting than lead last year. I guess Jeanne sees it otherwise, and since she did, I’m not surprised she found a gem of a submission that made her shine in the eyes of the peer judges.

    Supporting actress: I can see her pulling it off with this year’s Genevieve, but I have to wonder what scenes Genie Francis submitted that wowed the judges to get her a pre-nom. Same for Debbi Morgan, who didn’t really have anything last year that shined brightly as Harmony IMO. The only actress representing Y&R here that I get is Liz Hendrickson.

    Supporting actor: As I mentioned above, I see Billy Miller as a lead, but since he submitted himself here, I’m not surprised to see his name there. I like Greg Rikaart and can see him getting a pre-nom with the right scenes, but not sure he’ll make the final cut to the nomination stage.

    Younger actress: I’m not a huge Christel fan, but she did have some solid moments during the death and resurrection of Cane story that I can see having swayed the judges her way.

    Younger actor: Just going to echo what has already been said about why Kevin Schmidt and why no Kyle?

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    Scott Novick

    [quote=matealestlmo]Scott and Smitty,
    Thinking back to this last year, I don’t think EB did anything that would be Emmy worthy material to submit.[/quote]

    There was stuff during the “fall of the house of Newman,” all throughout that lawsuit storyline, and also stuff toward the tail end of the year where Nikki returned. And especially during the pre-nom judging, where the clips are kept short, there is a possibility EB could sell himself. With each peer judge picking his or her top 10 in each category, I could see it going either way for Eric.

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    I also love when actors who are fired get nominated (just because it makes things interesting) so seeing Crystal and Nadia on that list made me smile but I also was pleased to see Matt Ashford.

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    Florencia did submit herself, from what I’ve read she submitted when she lashed out at Roger Howarth’s Todd at Victor Jr.’s funeral

    Crystal submitted Carly’s detox i’m not sure if it was her with Jennifer or by herself.

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    I can see how Luke Kerr might be concerned that Debbie Morgan could cancel herself out (which I hope does NOT happen as I’m rooting for her) because it happened to Kate Winslett at the Oscars years ago.
    Of course, I don’t know how the Daytime Emmy voters think when they cast their ballots but I think Academy voters think this way.

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    I’m with you Luke,

    Jack. Should. Have. Died.

    Also –

    Chad Duell over Drew Garrett all day long.

    Oh, and…

    …matealestlmo, Scott Novick & EastWest y’all should be getting paychecks for your contributions to this post.

    That is all.

    He Who Misses Tuc Watkins & Wants Debbie Morgan To Win Anotha Damn Emmy

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    I agree, alstonboy4315, that Florencia Lozano should have won the Emmy last year (unquestionably), but she is Lead Actress, not Supporting Actress. I don’t understand where the “supporting” even originates.

    With someone of her caliber excluded, and some of the individuals included who lacked story and/or lack talent, the Academy again proves its irrelevance, bias, and lack of judgment.

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