Will Liam and Hope Get Their Happily Ever After on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Kim Matula) sex life, or lack thereof, has pretty much been the only topic of conversation on The Bold and The Beautiful of late, but  it looks like the lovelorn couple may be getting their happily ever after. Watch this week’s B&B promo after the jump!

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    I hope she washed those sheets while she was lighting all the candles.Really,Hope’s first time is in Steffy and Liam’s bed.No wonder someone is going to need a sex counselor.

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    This is actually a very lovely well done old fashioned romantic soap couple promo. Its a shame B&B burns through so much story for a couple. I liked them and rooted for them once upon a time. Now they need a serious rest for acgood 6 months

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    Poor Steffy. Having to resort to terms like sanctity of marriage and adultery trying to keep a man.

    Someone needs to bring up Katie and Bill right now.

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    I cant stand Steffy. Shes so annoying. Spare me the whole “Your commiting adultry, Hope”. Yeah, like shes all high and mighty. She was the one who was going to sleep with Liam’s father, right under Taylor’s nose. I think they write Steffy as a spoiled brat. Everybody takes her side. Taylor, Ridge, Stephanie, Bill. Why don’t Tthey call Steffy about all her crap she does? Also, when Steffy says about how Liam is her husband and doesnt want the marriage to be a mistake, thats bull. Shes not signing the divorce papers because she wants to stick it to Hope. Why cant people, besides the Logans, see that?

    Also was it me or did Katie forgive Bill??!! Why did she do that after the crap he pulled??!!

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    I like Steffy. Never have cared for any of the Logans. Both Liam and Hope are at fault about how Steffy was able to be with Liam in the first place.

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    Steffy use to make me spit fireballs, but I changed my tune when she got together with Liam. I think they have great chemistry . . . Liam has brought out a softer more vulnerable side of Steffy. I’d love for them to hook up again for good. Although I’ve always liked Hope (though lately I find her nauseating), I’ve never liked Hope and Liam as a couple. Hope should be back with Oliver. Now there’s a power couple! Hopefully B&B will switch things up and make the storylines juicier!

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