Will One Life to Live’s McBain be The Cop to Finally Take Down General Hospital’s Sonny?!

One Life to Live’s John McBain (Michael Easton) arrives in Port Charles on March 13 looking for a bail-jumping Todd (Roger Howarth), but could another ABC Daytime antihero be in his sights? In an interview with TV Guide, Easton teases McBain’s history with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and how his concern for Starr (Kristen Alderson) keeps from returning to Natalie (Melissa Archer) and their son.

TV Guide Magazine: Do they tangle right away?

Easton: Day one, he and Sonny have a casual encounter. No one knows what's happened between them. But later Sonny tells Jason, "This guy's going to be a pain in my ass. Don't let him get carried away. Let's get him the f–k out of Port Charles." But the more people want McBain to leave, the more it makes him not want to go anywhere. Starr has a strange draw to Sonny's kid, Michael, so that's a big concern. At first McBain is worried that Michael is trying to get Starr to change her testimony to benefit his father. But he's also worried for her life. Starr thinks she's old enough to handle all this herself but she needs someone to watch her back. He's worried she's got a lot of vengeance in her heart and may act out against Sonny. My character also ends having a surprise history with some other characters, connections I didn't see coming. I feel it's very inspired.

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  1. Profile photo of engradypind

    Guess this mean more Sonny Corinthos gobbling up airtime. This does not sit well with me at all. More FF material. Anything involving the little egomaniac is BORING and that includes who two sons are just as unwatchable as the father is.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Dante is incapable to take down Sonny. He had three years to do it. I say let John do it with the help of Mac and be done with it. Maybe with Sonny behind bars we finally don’t have him with one of his million women on our screens anymore. :P

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I’d love it for Mac and D to take the bully down too, but at this point I don’t care who gets the job done. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if Kate/Connie
    would take a crack at him. Oh, wait she already has. Pretty sure it was her behind the shooting at the restaurant… 0:)

  4. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    I think it’s a hopeful sign that Valentini wants to finally take down the mob in Port Charles! I hope that’s the real intention, because back when I started watch GH, the mob storyline really dragged down the momentum of the rest of the show. They don’t necessarily have to get rid of Sonny and Jason and the other characters involved, but declaw their mob connection, and this could be a very fascinating turn of events.

  5. Profile photo of soapoperafan

    Hmmm I’m wondering if John has had contact with Dante or Carly before. But on a more sserious note I want to offer my condolences to John Ingle on the passing of his wife. Nancy Lee Grahn posted Grace-lynne’s death on Facebook.

  6. Profile photo of mipeony

    Well, considering both Sonny’s son (the undercover cop Sonny tried to kill) and daughter in law (evidence room attendant) work at the PCPB, something tells me anything McBain brings in against Sonny will probably disappear at some point so it can’t be used against him. But what the heck, even though I wish ME was coming on as a different character, I’m excited to see him on GH.

  7. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Misogynistic pig bully Sonny needs to go down at the hands of a woman!

    And as one soap fan on this thread noted, fans will not come back to this show as long as the mob is showcased. And based on the interview with ME, it does not look like the new regime has gotten the memo on why GH has sucked for so long. Why are they still writing stories for this over-used, laughably written middle aged mobster, the one character on the canvas who decreases the collective IQ of all others characters on the canvas? Clearly, they aren’t cleaning up Wolf’s mess. They’re putting some more s**t on top of it and trying to fool us into thinking it doesn’t stink. No matter how many old veteran favorites they bring back for short term gigs, GH still sucks because of this stupid mob focus.

    Do they think Sonny going after this new cop is going to bring viewers back?

    Do they think Sonny having ANOTHER enemy with whom he can have a d**k wagging contest is going to bring viewers back? Or do they think they are such talented mob story tellers that they can bring something new to this dumbed down version of the Sopranos?

    What’s next? We’ll hear about Sonny’s newest love interest? That he and Michael with fight over Starr?

    The most frustrating part of this new regime is that I think they GET IT. They gave us a bit of great soap last week. Why mess it up with Guza/Phelps/Frons vision of GH? Why make us fast forward through 75% of crap like this in order to get to the good stuff?

  8. Profile photo of GG78

    I HATE the character of Sonny. I FF through most of his crap. Same story different girlfriend/wife. I think they should send him off into witness protection for a LONG time and MAYBE bring him back years from now doing somthing else BESIDES this mob BS that he does over and over and over and over and over again. Bring back MORE of the characters that we love. Find a way to bring back Georgie, Emily & Alan. Recast Dillon with a great actor. Keep Ana & Robert. Bring back Bobbie, Lucy, Scott and Felicia. Bring back Jerry Jacks and have Bobbie and Alexis in a triangle with him.

  9. Profile photo of mafelix86

    Hmmmm, John killing Sonny…I love the idea, but it probably won’t happen. Hence the ratings not really budging. The centralization and obsession with the mob is THE reason fans left. Why don’t TIIC get that?! I had no problem with Sonny or the mob during the Wendy Riche era, but under the Guza/Frons/Phelps era is when it became too much.

    If GH gets cancelled (I honestly hope that it doesn’t but considering that ABC didn’t think twice about cancelling it’s highest rated soap OLTL, what makes people think that ABC will spare GH?) maybe Sonny will finally meet his maker, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  10. Profile photo of GatesBear

    “My character also ends having a surprise history with some other characters, connections I didn’t see coming. I feel it’s very inspired”

    Let me guess, his surprising connection is to Sam? or that he’s the twin brother of Caleb Morley.

  11. Profile photo of CTwildheart

    I really hope they can bring down Sonny. His character needs to change somehow or at least be vilified for the mobster he is. I usually FF through most of his scenes like many other posters here. I’m hoping Mac and Dante will have a hand in it, maybe the show can even have Epiphany’s son come back as an FBI agent who was undercover (his death was a cover) and he can be in on it too!
    I agree that it was Kate/Connie/Whoever who shot at Dante in the garage.
    I like how they are tying John McBain into Sonny’s past. It makes sense since John used to be in the FBI. I also wonder who he will have ties to. He doesn’t say related, he says have history with. Interesting.

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