Ex-General Hospital Psycho Cast in Marc Cherry’s Devious Maids Pilot!

It pays to play a whacked out, lady doc, who wields a vial of HIV positive blood as a weapon on daytime TV! Brianna Brown (ex-Dr.Lisa Niles, General Hospital) has been cast as one of the leads in Marc Cherry's Devious Maids pilot for ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Brown will play Taylor Slate, a trophy wife, in the adaptation of the Mexican novela about four on the make, Hispanic housekeepers. Once they smartly decided to make Lisa Niles go cuckoo for Patrick's (Jason Thompson) pecker, Brown stole just about every scene she was in on GH. Even though I detested how Lisa's storyline ended, there has never been any denying the young woman who played her has chops. I can't wait to see what Brown will do in primetime!

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    I’m happy for her. She’s GREAT. Lisa Niles sucked and carried on for far too long. Her entire comeback was unnecessary, but she was a great villain for a little while there. I always thought Brianna Brown rocked her scenes even when they were stupidly written.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Ugh…..never really was a fan of Brianna Brown or her boring rendition of a “villainess.” Yawn on both fronts!!! But good for her, I guess….

    (shrug……..) :tired:

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    I got the opportunity to see Brianna Brown in a short film called the Encounter recently for a Film Festival, where she plays a claustrophobic woman who gets trapped on an elevator with an African man and ends up making a connection.
    I thought she was very good in this film. It’s probably more based on roles like this rather than her GH role that got her this new role.

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    Adam, you took the words right out of my mouth LMAO! She better not mess w/that queen b/c he’ll lay hands on you. Loved her as Lisa, esp when she went crazy under Guza reign. And if y’all seen “Homeland” too, you know she’s the real deal.

    ABC @ night loves them some soaps don’t they. W/”Nashville”, I am looking forward to this b/c of her, Ana Ortiz, and my girl Judy Reyes.

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    I’m so happy for Brianna…she’s a local gal (Minnesota) doing well. I’ve seen her on other shows and really liked her and she DID play a villian very well. Besides that, she’s adorable!

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