Jack Wants Justice on The Young and the Restless!

Adam’s (Michael Muhney) manipulations of Patty (Stacy Haiduk) have caused all kinds of problems in Genoa City and people  have suffered as victims of her crimes. This week Jack (Peter Bergman) is on the warpath, demanding justice for Adam’s actions.  Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    hey mon

    Tyrese Gibson – I think what Y&R needs is someone like Tyrese Gibson to come in to shake up the whole Winters world. Make some strapping guy come in and genuinely be interested in Sofia, instead of her being on the out-skirts waiting for ol Neil to come back to be her husband. I think that when LML tried this a few years back with Keith Hamilton Cobb (the heart and soul of the sci-fi show ‘Andromeda’), it was a great and unexpected change of pace. Seeing ol Neil and Harmony knocking over chairs and tables trying to dance is not what MAB should have in mind.

    Hopefully Daniel cries ‘rape’ finally, because that’s what happened to him. Daisy’s time on the show has to be coming to an end, because I can’t see how she can hold onto Lucy much longer.

    MAB, do you have to have Amelie Heinle on every day? It’s painful to watch her trying to pull off acting. She can’t even do it very well when she is paired with Billy Miller anymore.

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    Scott Novick

    I wonder why the promo just focuses on Jack wanting justice for Adam’s acts since he also wants it for what Victor did to Patty?

    This could be good, but it won’t work unless MAB lets Victor and Adam both lose their teflon coating and feel some payback for a change. Otherwise, it will be another case of the Black Knight and his dark prince of a son getting their way, with Jack crapped on at their expense.

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    hey mon

    Scott — Maybe Jack will get what he deserves one day for letting Adam take all of the blame for the forged diary. Smilin Jack came out smellin like a rose on that one.

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    hey mon … exactly; Jack IS just as teflon coated as Victor.

    Also, this promo is not really accurate because Adam did not set Jack up to fall here at all. He had lost and had no control over Patty’s actions. Plus … we all know that Jack is going to be walking just fine before we even know it.

    What I do like right now is that Nikki is constantly at Victor and telling him exactly how it has been with him. There is no way at all that Victor originally brought Patty back to town not to do grievous harm to Jack. Victor started the dominos falling so it all rests on his shoulders and he also needs to pay. I just can’t stand his constant hypocrisy when it comes to Adam and any other person in his path. And Phyllis, the Queen Hypocrite, has the nerve to go back on her word and publish the story just because she happened to see Nick and Sharon together … without first getting the facts straight on that situation???

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    This is the strongest story right now on Y&R. PB is bringing the fire and the other day with him and Nikki…OH MY GAWD…that’s good Y&R. I’m one trying to be positive about Y&R and find something where I don’t either change the channel or FF on DVR especially when it comes to Angelina & Kevin. We have been soft on Lane’s appearances which is always good. I love Nikki going to turn the tables on Victor and nothing is more delicious this time around by using Jack in an romantic light again for Nikki. If it was another man Nikki left Victor for wouldn’t have the emotional “gut punch”…I like! If they do bring Kyle home hating on Nikki wanting to ruin his Dad’s relationship is pure gold and Kyle turns to Victor…yum! Now give my Ashley a awesome bitchtastic story-line involving Ashley’s skills as chemist for Jabot and BON steals the formula with agreement between Gen & Victor…bring on a corporate storyline it’s been missing awhile now from Y&R. Bill always had a big corporate story going on…but Maria has proven she’s no Bill Bell, she just carries the name and not much talent.

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