Sneak Peek: Oprah’s OWN Interview With Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina

This coming Sunday, Oprah Winfrey's struggling cable network OWN will air an interview with members of the late Whitney Houston's family, including Bobbi Kristina Brown, Houston's daughter with trouble-prone R&B star Bobby Brown.

While news of Winfrey booking the interview for her Oprah's Next Chapter series—so soon after the pop music icon's tragic death—has had polarizing reactions online, it has been reported that Bobbi Kris chose to sit down with The Mighty O because she trusts the talk queen, who interviewed her late mother often and treated her fairly. Watch a sneek peek of the interview below and then give us your thoughts in the comments!

Oprah's Next Chapter airs Sunday nights at 9pm/8C on OWN.

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  1. Profile photo of EastWest

    You know there’s a small part of her that is hoping this will get some eyeballs. But w/that out of the way, it seems like a win-win for all involved.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Why did this promo include mostly interactions/reactions between her and Patricia, as opposed to her with Bobbi Kristina? Bobbi seemed like an afterthought! Whoever edited this did a horrid job!

  3. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    It’s better that they don’t include any of Bobbi Kristina, since she’s the main reason people will want to tune in. The people who edit promos aren’t dummies.

  4. Profile photo of Miry

    Damn, the way posters on DC talk shyt about Oprah you’d think she killed your dog or something!?!
    Of COURSE she wants to make money, why else is one on the TV, but I also think she wants to do good things & give back and uplift ppl with her shows which is why she is doing this Master Class thing. I mean, if all she wanted to do was make the money she would have stayed her ass on network TV & REMAINED the reigning Queen of Daytime TV. She is a BILLIONAIRE for Pete’s sake. I really don’t think she’s hurtin’ or so hard-up for cash that she needs to met Bobbi K on the street corner.

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Miry, thank you.

    I have seen the difference Oprah has made in so many people’s lives. A few years ago, some friends and I actually staged an intervention by sitting a loved one in front of an episode of the Oprah show. This person got started on the road to rehab after contacting Oprah’s production team and getting the address of a competent professional.

    There are way too many hateful individuals posting cowardly and hate-filled attacks on the web under the cover of anonymity. richalan67, just to be clear, I’m including you.

  6. Profile photo of richalan67

    Soaparmagedon… thanks for including me. I still think the woman is a phony.
    she is exploiting an 18 year old girl who lost her mother less than one month ago.

  7. Profile photo of harlee490

    I don’t understand all the hate and vileness toward Oprah and Katie. I know many are upset about “Katie” taking GH’s place but sometimes it is so mean spirited toward established people. Some are holding a grudge against Oprah because not picking up AMC\OLTL. I get the hate for “The Revolution” because it’s simply bad TV and proving it with the ratings. Sometimes DC can be filled with the most hateful postings toward any situation with over the top comments. It’s one thing to express your opinion about a dislike of any situation but an all out attack on one’s look, weight, etc is at times offensive.

  8. Profile photo of PDidIt

    Oh, whatevs. When was Oprah supposed to do the interview? A month from now, nobody will care and we’ll have moved on to the next thing that’s popped off. So, for everyone who’s on the “too soon” bandwagon, when would the perfect time have been? Of COURSE Oprah wants ratings and money, what is she supposed to want, rainbows and unicorns? And Bobbi Kristina, by all intents a grown a** woman, obviously doesn’t think it’s too soon, so how did this all become Oprahs fault for doing her JOB? I, for one, am just glad that Barbara Walters isn’t mucking it up.

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