The Todd vs. Sonny Showdown Begins on General Hospital!

Sonny (Maurice Benard) denies he had anything to do with the car crash that killed Cole (Van Hughes) and Hope, but as far as Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) is concerned denial is a river in Egypt.  Will Todd’s arrival in Port Charles threaten Sonny? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump! 

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    No Daisy

    Todd needs to waste Sonny for killing his little Peanut, and ask questions later. I can’t wait! pffbt…Sonny and his empty threats. What’s Jason going to do, ask permission from Sam if its ok to kill Todd for threatening Sonny? Sonny’s enforcer lost his manhood with his last brain edema, and Sonny wussed out killing both Anthony and Johnny. Port Charles needs Todd Manning if only to make life intereting.

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    Todd better off Sonny for causing the accident that killed his granddaughter and future son-in-law!

    for heavens sake, he shot & killed Victor face-to-face and that was only because Victor stole his identity!

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    Todd is ruthless on a good day. Imagine how crazy he will be now cause of his grandaughter. You never know what that man will do. Port Charles needs to be scared of him. Love it all.

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    I am looking forward to Todd vs. Sonny, but I still hate that Ron C killed off that darling baby, Hope. I am sick of writers killing off babies just for dramatic impact!This will now be the SECOND time that poor Starr has lost her darling child. There had to have been another way for them to pit Todd against Sonny without resorting to this! I hope Ron C. will correct this and bring back Hope from the dead!

    But like the rest of you, I will enjoy these two powerhouses sharing screen time for as long as it lasts.

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    Hello Sonny was shot in the shoulder, please explain how could he have been driving a car and shooting a gun with only one arm??? Did anyone with a brain (Dante, Carly, Alexis and even Mac) think of that no. Some firers a gun and it is automatically Sonny… Alot of other people could be taking a shot at Anthony….

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    Yeah, but it was ONLY Sonny who was actively going after Anthony (going so far as to point a gun at him in FRONT of Tracey) and only Sonny was the one who was constantly talking about having no-choice! but to kill Anthony to protect his kids, blah, blah. If Sonny didn’t run around half-cocked all the damn time looking for revenge in all the wrong places then no one would be blaming him!

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    As much as I love to hate Sonny, please, stop trying to sell Todd as an even match-up. Todd comes across as a wimp who managed to get a gun, he is nowhere near hardcore enough to come out on the winning end against Sonny. More importantly, you cannot get a gun into a courthouse, much less a courtroom–totally implausible scene.

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