BREAKING NEWS: Roger Howarth Secures General Hospital Contract; Todd Manning to Stay Put in Port Charles!

Llanview's loss in Port Charles' gain. TV Line is reporting One Life To Live fan favorite Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) has been put on contract at General Hospital! Initially, Howarth's stint at GH was to be a short one, but as Todd is gearing up to seek revenge over the deaths of his daughter Starr's (Kristen Alderson) young family, it appears there's much more story to tell with the popular actor and his alter ego. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has never faced an enemy this lethal! Are you excited to see Howarth stick around at GH? Sound off in the comments!

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    Good…… Frank is doing SOMETHING right. I am still not convinced that bringing Starr and John McPain over are good long-term ideas for GH, but this proves that Frank still has good sense!!!

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    It’s starting to feel like RC and FV are just using GH to re-create OLTL. I am uneasy about this and worry that in just a few months I won’t even recognize half the cast. I want my GH to get better…I don’t want OLTL renamed GH.

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    JS3557 – have you ever watched OLTL? If not you will be happy with these people. Trust Me. And I dont think anyone’s intention is to push aside GH people. And for the people that watch both OLTL and GH, we dont want to see GH pushed to the side either. We just want our show to stay on and are also happy that OLTL can still live on in some shape.

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    Anyhow, look how handsome Roger is. Now I want to see Victor. And wouldnt it be a hoot of Tomas is seen and he really is Lorenzo. I loved Lorenzo.

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    giogio – I have never watched OLTL. I get that it is probably exciting news for those who loved OLTL, but to me it is unnerving. I hope that you are right and that GH gets better because of these additions. I will give it a chance, but I am definitely apprehensive.

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    JS3557 – Yea I can understand where you are coming from. I watched AMC and OLTL and it was life changing to have them canceled. I hope it works out for you, and you grow to like them, and hopefully with our without the OLTL people GH can still air and not be canceled.

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    Glad to see Todd staying. Don’t forget atwts fans. I just see atwts plus oltl fans tuning in to see Todd. I also like John McBain and Starr.

    Good choices.

    GH will not make it with the million fans of Sonny/Jason/Carly. Sorry but if it does not add up, it is not true. (paraphrasing Judge Judy)

    The big three have their fans but not enough to keep GH on the air. I am not even sure they are giving GH a second chance to begin with. ABC is good at spinning. Maybe a reprieve could turn into more. NBC has Days and CBS has two soaps so ABC may not want to completely cut the ties so to speak. In order to get GH ratings, viewer base must be increased. The only way to do that is to have good story around good characters. I would also return to the origina concept of GH and bring stories back to hospital. I know I don’t want Todd with Carly. If there is a God, they will not go there. Down the road I would rather Todd with Elizabeth or Sam. I will go outside and scream if they even remotely go towards Carly. I have had enough of her. Worst thing they did was have her on day after day after day.

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    GH is getting really good and this just makes it better in my eyes. I know for a fact that they will still be writing for the GH vets and all those returning GH characters from the past. I am still waiting to hear about Lucy Coe maybe coming back. I would love to hear that Alan and AJ are both alive too. We need more Q’s!

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    GH is getting really good and this just makes it better in my eyes. I know for a fact that they will still be writing for the GH vets and all those returning GH characters from the past. I am still waiting to hear about Lucy Coe maybe coming back. I would love to hear that Alan and AJ are both alive too. We need more Q’s!

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    Well I hope these people are the only ones. A few GH fans are already pissed because they don’t get the OLTL people at all.

    And I’d rather have people like Tristan Rogers on contract than Roger Howarth. After all this is GH and this show has iconic characters with great history. Ron and Frank should focus on them too.

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    WIGGUM – maybe its because he is not wearing his scar. He looked odd to me also. Im just so used to seeing him with the scar on OLTL. If thats where you know him from maybe thats it.

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    I think this is good news. Todd is interesting and entertaining plus its not like the OLTL actors are hurting the balance of the show. We still see Sonny, Jason, Carly, Johnny, Maxie, Luke, Robert heck we see more of the veterans than we have in the past we just now see Blair/Starr/Todd also. As long as the balance stays everything will be fine.

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    I wondered about the scar today, too, giogio. I noticed yesterday that everytime I looked at the screen, they were shooting him from the other side. Today, though, I was trying to see the scar, but it didn’t appear to be there. I wonder if they’ll explain that. Maybe he went to Erica Kane’s plastic surgeon, too, the way Stacy Morasco did! He cleaned up Erica’s scar quite nicely, so I always wondered why Todd didn’t have his scar fixed, too. ;-)

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    now fire the actors that play Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam, Alexis, Michael, Dante, Olivia, Johnny, Patrick and Lulu!

    replace them with Todd, Blair, John, Viki, Natalie, Starr, Nora, and David!

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    Great news. Better news would be for Kassie D. to get a contract also.

    GH has been a sinking ship. It needs to get all those OLTL who left ABC to start watching.

    Also, we all know that a long term contract on a soap means 13 weeks of salary before you can be fired. So, chillax.

    Now, can we get a visit from Tea Delgado to serve as Kate’s attorney? A side of Victor would be nice, too!

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    Adam/TVGord– Come on with the name. Be TV gord again. I missed you. I didnt see todays show, but they had some pretty close, close ups on yesterdays show. Cant wait to watch later. Maybe he did go to Erica/Jane/Stacy/Gigi doctor. :D

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    [quote=The_Moustache]now fire the actors that play Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam, Alexis, Michael, Dante, Olivia, Johnny, Patrick and Lulu!
    replace them with Todd, Blair, John, Viki, Natalie, Starr, Nora, and David![/quote]

    And then let just rename the show into “One Life to Live”, shall we!? -.-

    Seriously, this should be about writing the GH characters better again. Keeping the old 80s gang on and tell great storylines. That should be a priority. Not bringing on people from a show some people just don’t know or care about.

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    Where oh where are my AMC people, namely David and Cara? She could be having a difficult pregnancy, and David insists Cara see the best OB/GYN, who is Kelly! I’d LOVE to see their baby born on GH, against all the odds! :)

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    Where oh where are my AMC people, namely David and Cara? She could be having a difficult pregnancy, and David insists Cara see the best OB/GYN, who is Kelly! I’d LOVE to see their baby born on GH, against all the odds! :)

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    Did I miss something? Why did the writers cut off Carly and Shawn? I know she has chemistry with Johnny, but it ended so abruptly……they need to get Shawn with Alexis, or is he too young? I loved Carly and Shawn….

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    I def am loving the OLTL characters on GH (and I was never a HUGE OLTL fan..I caught it here and there over the years I have not been this interested in GH in a long time. In the last year or so it took me about 10 mins to watch GH, since Ron’s stuff has started airing, I havent fast forwarded through anything. I would much rather see OLTL powerhouses then watch GH’s deadweights on a daily basis.
    Now, TPTB need to cut the GH characters that are NOT working (Shawn, Tj, Olivia, Steve, Spinelli…)and bring back the vets WE wanna see.

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    no AMC people allowed, sorry. if AMC was still on the air, then maybe the OLTL crew might’ve been able to save it too.

    but right now it’s time for OLTL to save GH.

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    If bringing on RH and some of the old GH vets raise the ratings then so be it. Here’s hoping RC/FV do NOT bring on any of those Fudd brothers!

    RC was very good at balancing OLTL, so here’s hoping that he can do the same with GH.

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    If we can get past April and GH is still on the air we would not care who is there…as long as its good and alive it all that matters to me now.

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    TV Gord

    Okay, giogio, you win. ;-)

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, because I watched AMC longer than any other soap, but I don’t think any AMC characters can fit into Port Charles right now. They’re doing enough with the OLTL characters, and it would be too unfocused to turn GH into a mashup of all the ABC soaps.

    I will say, though, one thing that has stood out for me with Anna in the past week or so is that she has made no reference to the fact that she lost another daughter (on AMC with David Heyward). I know her bond with Robin was a lifelong one, but losing an infant is worthy of mention, too. Why not put in one line to add a little dimension to the grief she is enduring right now?

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    ****I’m overjoyed**** This is such an excellent move! Kudos to Frank! Roger is a powerhouse performer, and GH needs a solid, complex and compelling leading man on the canvas…Sonny USED to be that…but no more…SO HAPPY!

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    OH BOY TV GORD IS BACK – Agreed about the AMC characters. AMC was my favorite of all three soaps and I couldnt see where they would fit in at this time. Unless they bring David in and Leora (think that was the baby’s name) is the other person he was treating. Remember it was the initial B. We thought it was Babe, but then she came in as a ghost/vision. Maybe the B was for Baby. If they bring David in, they can bring Cara. But I cant see anyone else fitting in. If Anna gets a sympathy phone call from David for Robin, we’d all start freaking. If they took the core characters of all three shows and threw them all in Port Charles to interact with the characters, I think that would be so nice for all. We would have pieces of the shows we lost and the GH only fans would not lose their soap. It would be a Win Win.

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    OMFGH, I hate RH. TSJ, WTF did you ever do to FV/RC/ABC Daytime? HE’S Todd to me. Worst part is that this is going to seriously f up the budget, let’s wait and see who’s being cut to permit this move. If TG, MB, and SB weren’t bad enough, now we’ll have to deal with ME AND RH . . . let the egos and preferential treatment fly . . .

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    I am thrilled to see Roger Howarth back on daytime TV and I LOVE Todd Manning. Mr. Howarth portrays this tortured soul brilliantly. I can’t wait for more layers of this character to be revealed. Thanks GH for appreciating this talent and bringing him back to us.

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    Best news in a long time. All I do is pray they keep the last soap they have. I have heard many many disturbing things but have hope that ABC realizes that the Revolution is not going to improve. Then maybe if we are lucky, they will keep GH. Does anyone want to watch another finale???

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    Yes. I am excited to see him on the show.

    And I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. What is sooo wrong with TPTB bringing on “new” characters to GH that just so happen to be played by actors that are loved as well as their characters. I mean, think about ALL THE TIME that the freakin’ Balkin was on last year! All we heard about was his ass. Now imagine if that was Todd or Mitch Laurence (who’s cult Kristina joined while away at school) or Carlo Hesser or any other villain from a show that already has a built-in fanbase!
    What I am saying is that GH is going to bring on at LEAST 15 new characters a year. That is just what soaps do to keep things moving. I would rather those 15 new characters be played by actors I ALREADY KNOW can act (on a soap) and that those characters be already established on other shows if possible. I mean it worked SOO WELL for Skye. Remember her? I sure do b/c I knew her AMC history, I knew her OLTL history, AND I knew her GH history… and the actress (RC) is phenomenal. Skye is a success story that we should look to & hope that TPTB will be able to replicate with the addition of these OLTLers. I mean imagine how much BETTER of a character Maggie could have been if she were Cara from AMC or if the LIW turned out to be an amnesiac Jessica Buchanan, etc, etc. Or when Maxie has her next heart crisis, instead of a no-name specialist that we couldn’t give 2 shyts about being called in, how about they bring in Dr. David Hayward whom Anna personally called b/c she knew Mac couldn’t lose another one of “his girls”. Those 2 were actually MARRIED & had a baby that died (I know this, b/c I actually saw the story unfold on AMC) and their interactions would therefore, be organic & rooted in history… not like the forced-down-our-throats crap that we normally have to endure (ala Lisa & Maggie).
    I don’t know about you but I would prefer Todd to be Sonny’s newest enemy over another “Balkin/Russian/Insert new mob boss of the week here”. Because at the end of the day, I KNOW Todd and even if I hate the story I am going to watch him. Those other guys (e.g. ‘bad-guy of the week’) I will FF.

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    Just thought of something…WOW What a dynamic chemistry would Roger have with Jonathan Jackson…they both have such immediate access to their deepest intense feelings…I could almost see them as allies

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    [quote=stefanstavros]Just thought of something…WOW What a dynamic chemistry would Roger have with Jonathan Jackson…they both have such immediate access to their deepest intense feelings…I could almost see them as allies[/quote]

    There would be more crying and screaming than a Yoko Ono album.

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    This is good news. I didn’t recognize this show the past year with tons of characters that are not in the least bit interesting. The past 2 weeks I see Anna, Robert, Holly. None of these characters were regulars when I started watching in 92, but I feel connected to them and I am entranced by their acting and thus I am riveted.

    Todd is that way for me. Instant connection. Plus, he’s a wild card. Typically, whomever is posed as Sonny’s nemesis it’s a bit of whatever. Sonny will steamroll them and come out on top, so let me just fast forward and save time. With Todd, I have no idea what is going to happen. This show is hardly OLTL because I didn’t fast forward through that at all. I’m still ff’ding 25% of GH. It should hope to be OLTL. That show did have higher ratings.

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    Hi, Trust me you’ll like him…..It’s just like any new character on one of our soaps….I don’t hate new characters just because they are new…Trust me again when GH has been hearing news about getting cancelled also. The mannings have a huge following and the ratings will sky rocket and may help save the soap…I’ve watched oltl and gh for years and gh needs new blood to spice it up..There’s only so many breakdowns of Sonny’s before it gets boring…..This new story line is going to rock!Just think, A new enemy of Sonny’s, wouldn’t anyone want to see that! I know I do and I’ve been watching it for 30 years..

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    This is AMAZING!! I have been hoping for this from the beginning. As soon as the OLTL crossovers were announced. I don’t understand the complaints! I’ve said this plenty of times on this site and others, but its so much better to have established characters with pre-existing fanbases rather than newbies. This is such good news. Lets just get it out of the way and lock up KDP too, please. Replacing Cassandra, Maggie, Ethan, and Robin with Starr, John McBain, Blair, and Todd seems like an amazing swap. Robin is someone I wouldn’t trade for anyone, but she was leaving anyway so you can’t fault the writers. I would much rather this than some new random blondes. Can we trade Kate for Tea? and someone, anyone for Trevor St. John’s Victor?! Okay maybe we should see GH’s fate and stagger those people into the canvas so people won’t have a fit. Soaps constantly introduce new characters so having these people come in is way better.

    OLTL had many more viewers than GH so I can’t buy that it would hurt the show. I want GH to thrive so I really hope that this doesn’t turn off GH viewers. I don’t think it will. Todd is such a bad ass. Todd isn’t comparable to Sonny at all, IMO. They are NOTHING alike. Blair and Carly are kinda similar, but Blair is a good mother and loves her kids while Carly is pretty much a whore who would trade her kids for dick any chance she got.

    Wooooooooooooooo Ron and Frank! Love it. Game on.

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    I’m so happy about this! Love Roger and I think Sonny vs. Todd will be better than the typical random mod wars that have plague GH. I would love it if Blair could move to town also but I have to say that Carly and Todd were cute together as well. Plus it seems like the GH cast has enjoyed working with Roger, Kassie, and Kristin.

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    YES!yes! YEs! yES! YeS! so very happy that Todd Manning is on Day Time’s GH.. I like GH, but loved OLTL and I hope ABC see’s their way back to light!.

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    UGH this is horrible. I thought they were leaving next week. Of course the worst actors RH and ME got contracts and we are stuck with the most boring Karoake duo Starr and Blair. With 2 Carlys running around and another Sonny vs XXX storyline FV should just sign AT to complete his vortex of suck.

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    Miry and GHDoolfan, I totally agree with you that I’d rather see existing OLTL characters join GH than a bunch of stupid newbies like Shawn, Cassandra, Maggie, TJ…

    However we cannot think this way only… because RH alone will cost more than all the newbies mentioned above together.

    With a budget which is said to be flat at best and 10% less at worst for 2012, how can Cartini pay for all the OLTL stars and not lose some if the GH faves? That is the big question! OK you can count JJ and Kim McC salaries coming back to the pool and it probably pays for Starr and RH. But what about ME? Apparently he is here for six months? What about KDP? Who in the GH cast is expected to leave to balance the increase in wages? That is what the GH fans like me are worried about…

    I am all for OLTL characters to show up (even if I am certainly not a fan of Todd/RH and would have given anything to get TSJ and FL instead… or Erika Slezak who is the best actress of daytime TV). As long as Cartini can work their magic and deliver a balanced show as they did with OLTL, I am ready for it. I am just not interested at all in a Carly/Todd pairing.

    I loved OLTL so I will give Cartini a chance but they better not sacrifice some GH characters others than the newbies. We already lost so many GH legacy characters and I’d rather see Ingo or Tyler back on contract than RH because if, as everybody says it, GH has only a few months to live I want those few months to be all about a true GH farewell and not about a second OLTL farewell. So good luck Frank and Ron, but please don’t disappoint us and let’s the latest casting news be about old GH characters being back ON CONTRACT (and not show up for 5 days only like Robert/TR) instead of OLTL ones for a change.

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Wow!I had never seen Roger before,as OLTL,did not air in my country(Australia) and I was instantly attracted to his character.The guy can act and will add to the show with his performances.Viewers should be supportive of the show and proud to have talented new actors who can deliver.Be supportive.
    Now for my opinion on Tristan Rogers return:I have been underwhelmed by his performances and I’m glad he’s leaving town already.I feel he’s been doing a “Ronn Moss” and phoning in his lines.He was disappointing and Tony Geary couldn’t even get him out of first gear!!I think he was brought back as a gimmick to get viewers to return.He was actually better on YR.

  42. Profile photo of Patsyt

    I understand how you would feel, but as a long time watcher and devoted fan of both shows, GH needs RH right now. He is an excellent actor and he and Carly will be fantastic together if that is how it goes. GH had become soooo boring and goofy over the past year that I had stopped watching. Since last week i have watched every day. Now if Luke would be put out to pasture along with the Casadines all would be well (except for Nickolas)bring Nickolas back.

  43. Profile photo of nickskelton

    The only way I have been able to stomach Todd’s actions it is because he was madly in love with Blair.

    Pairing him with Carly would be an horrible idea in my opinion and I’d rather see her with Johnny, Jax or Lorenzo (if by chance Ted King comes back to GH) than with Todd.

    Sorry but I am going to be sick if they do that but it will be the proof that Blair deserves someone better than Todd in the end if he sleeps with Carly…

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    [quote=js3557]It’s starting to feel like RC and FV are just using GH to re-create OLTL. I am uneasy about this and worry that in just a few months I won’t even recognize half the cast. I want my GH to get better…I don’t want OLTL renamed GH.[/quote]

    It’s a merger in everything but name only. The spin interview with RC proclaiming his love of GH was just that. He might love GH but his first love is even more evident.

  45. Profile photo of soapfan616

    I guess I don’t get the logic that because GH characters have been so horrible written for years that we suddenly need to take on characters with whom we are unfamiliar, only months before cancellation.

    I’m happy for fans who like this.

    But it’s driving away people who never watched or never cared for OLTL.

    It’s enough that we are getting the wacky paternity, soap cliches and multiple personality stories from Llanview. Now we also get additional characters, and I suspect we haven’t heard the last announcement.

    I knew the talk of “this is NOT a merger” was crap. It always was the plan. The spin was only to quiet fans into thinking they were doing their valiant effort to save GH.

    Give me a reason to like these characters. Why attach them all to the mob? Win me over with writing.

    And notice how we talk of “contracts” when it involves LLanview characters. WE talk of “returns” when its GH fan favorites.

    Add one more misogynistic male character to the bunch we already have on GH. Guza would be proud that someone is continuing his vision of life in Port Charles.

    AMC didn’t have to merge before going out. Nor did OLTL. It makes the last few months harder but in some way will make the inevitable goodbye much easier.

  46. Profile photo of Quartermaniac

    As a longterm GH fan, I’m not against some OLTL characters coming onboard.

    But I hope Ron and Frank have the guts to do what fans of the REAL GH have been waiting for the past 10 years:KILL OFF Sonny Corinthos.
    The evil midget is the reason GH has turned into the ratings wreck it is today.

  47. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    How is it any different? Its only better, IMO having established characters than new people. EVERY time there is a head writing change you get a wave of new characters. It never fails. So I’ll take the OLTL cast over 5 or 6 newbies running around the hospital. Yes, the OLTL will be new to people who exclusively watched GH, but I don’t get why it matters? Okay so think of them as new characters. What’s the difference? There will be a group that doesn’t know who they are and that’s really fine. THey are new characters. Done. But the advantage is there will be a HUGE group who do know who they are and are watching JUST for them. I say that’s win/win. Every EP/HW has their own view of what random characters need to be added to the canvas and I’ll take these guys.

    Its a good point that they are making much more than the people that are getting cut in their place and I’m sure we are going to lose Luke or Sonny pretty soon, but again. Isn’t that what most GH fans are clamoring for? I don’t want Sonny gone, but I know most of the internet fans and fans on this site have been begging for it for a long time. I’m sure Maurice and Tony are 1 and 2 in salary. I also think Kimberly McCullough opened up a good chunk of money. No way Roger Howarth is making more than she did. There’s still more dead weight to get cut from GH to open up money. The vet returns are probably very cheap considering they are for short arcs and it will be a revolving door of vets. I love that way or writing. That way no one gets stale and they don’t just come back and get backburnered after a week or two, which is usually the case.

  48. Profile photo of Miry

    @nickskelton: I am fully aware that established soap actors make more than the never-before-seen newbies. But as I said in a previous post on this very matter (but with KA’s Starr), I would tell those actors that if they want to be HIRED & have a J.O.B. then they would have to take a serious paycut. There are MANY great soap actors out there, and I am sure many of whom would be willing to ‘take the cut’ if it meant steady employment. They have mortgages & families to feed & some just really enjoy their craft. I mean we see these old school soap favorites on these new web-series all then time now and I GUARANTEE they aren’t making the big bucks there either!

  49. Profile photo of acespencer

    Ugh I am so irritated about everyone complaining that Todd and Starr are going to ruin GH. GH needs RH and well Starr is a good option for Michael VS someone that Soap Fans have no idea who she is. In times like this it makes sense to have actors/characters from other shows…defunct shows come to those that are remaining.

    GH needs to end the Sonny madness or seriously back burner him. I am so over him but love that Ron and Frank have put balance to the show. I love the pace and love that everything is going on makes sense and flows good. I do hate the new opening though. Also was I the only one who noticed that JJ is still in the opening? Maybe that is the best sign yet! Lucky will be home to reunite with Liz! I want to see a love story for the two of them like they had in 98 again! Bring on the romance! GH needs a good love story and a wedding that is off the charts with a surprise guest. Yes Laura needs to come home!

    Felicia’s return and I pray contract or at the very least recurring status on at the best more than Olivia hell get rid of Olivia and Kate if you won’t replace KS with MW and keep Felicia. I want to see her repair everything with Maxie and reunite with Mac. Robyn Richards should have returned as Maxie to fill in for Kristen Storms or to take over the roll then JL. Mac needs a love interest and I am not sure if Mac is good with Alexis. I would love to see if RH and Alexis have chemistry? That would be interesting. I want Carly with Johnny or Jason! Yes I know they won’t go there but they should. When Jason wakes up a Quartermaine then they should go there. Sam can turn to John enter Natalie to spice things up….Natalie can then fall for a returning Dillion Quatermaine…umm I guess that means that Rex cannot play Dillion cause that would be just sick and wrong. Looks like it would have to be Josh Kelly or better yet get Scott Clifton back.

    I am still hoping that Jax comes back to repair the damage of his character and Brenda gets a return too. Sonny’s funeral would be perfect for those two to return to get some closure for.

    Paging Lucy Coe and Serena Baldwin. I want to see the Nurses Ball this June. I want to see a triangle of Serena, Starr and Michael. Hell I am still waiting for GH turn Michael Gay…or better yet bring Lucas back pair him with someone whom we could get behind….IDK who but GH needs to embrace the times. Days is and it is doing wonderfully!

    Regarding the Nurses Ball perhaps it could begin at the end of May Sweeps with the flash that Faison has Robin. I still think that is the way Ron will take the ending…it will be fitting as Faison faked the death of Robert and Anna in the boat explosion fire ala 92!

    Regarding David Hayward and Lorenzo/Tomas I still believe that they could easily bring in either or both. DH could be Valentino easily and Lorenzo could be really Tomas I agree.

    Regarding everyone wanting Victor and Tea to come to GH be patient that will play out. We all know it will and we will all be happy once it does. I believe May will see a visitor from Todd’s past…ala Victor! I just hope we see Ericka too.

    Could Bree play an aged Serena? A new doctor come to town and possible love interest for Patrick or Matt?

    AJ needs to come home as does Alan and Emily! Nicholas needs to find out that Valentino had them all this whole time!

    I will reserve comment on ME coming until I see how they fold him into the canvas. I am mad as hell though that they didn’t try and get Hillary before she went to the bold and the beautiful. GH needs a better DA then umm wait Alexis isn’t one now? WTF? She needs to embrace her Natasha side and become a little darker and well grow a damn pair and push Sonny out a window!

    Where is Ned?

    What about Kevin? Do we really need a new shrink when GH already had one we knew and loved?

  50. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I’m not a bit surprised and this isn’t the last of it hell just bring the whole cancelled out show to GH time slot & call it what it is come right out and say it the new regime made it pretty clear right from the start that they give less than a rat’s tutu about GH characters (other than Sonny & Jason of course) poor attention was paid to a beloved character since age 7 it was all about Jason.

    Starr’s child Hope (that I know nothing about) got an equal focus then to have Robert Scorpio on a ledge about to jump he stops not because of his granddaughter but Ethan Lovett tells me all I need to know; I have no interest in the Mannings I didn’t watch OLTL.

    If I want to discuss my opinion on the subject of a show I have watched for decades I certainly will. I’m a believer that everyone has a right to their opinion so I have a right not to like OLTL characters eating the show alive until cancellation; I do not believe Sweeney wants to save GH when it has been said ABC wants “out of soaps”. So its not changing anything he’s on contract … my thing is bring some AMC characters too then oh that’s right they can’t save GH only OLTL can.

    As for GH not being Sonnycentric it has been said it will be all about Sonny so there you have it nothing has changed here. Just listen to the Jason’s name repeated in dialog constantly its pretty clear that the triad of suck are beaming with joy their vision is still in place. With the stale breakdown/script writers from Fron’s writing team which includes the awfulness of Garin Wolf & Shelly Altman the hope I had is fading fast this is not the soap for me so I’ll probably bail soon he’s created a new show good for OLTL fans they’ll have their show back.

  51. Profile photo of doctormo77

    This is great news, because Sonny vs. Todd could be an epic rivalry that would keep GH going for years! Many of Sonny’s past enemies were either white hats that were corrupted or swayed by Sonny. Others such as Faith Roscoe, Manny Ruiz, and Anthony Z were crazy. In many ways Todd and Sonny compliment each other.

    Least not forget that keeping Todd around means continuous problems for Starr and Michael when they are paired. For the OLTL fans such as muah, the Victor storyline will need to be wrapped up on or off screen. I am getting giddy thinking about Sonny using Victor as a weapon against Todd.

    Damn, I am slapping my thighs right now!

  52. Profile photo of Miry

    Haha, YES! Ghvetfan. Lucas is Bobbie’s son (with Tony… now HE should have NEVER been killed off!!) which means he is Carly’s brother, which means that he is Michael’s uncle.
    Let’s not get all B&B up in here!

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