Sneak Peek: Billie Reed’s Return to Salem on Today’s Days of Our Lives!

Kate Roberts DiMera (Lauren Koslow) will be one happy mama today on Days of Our Lives, as yet another of her wayward chicks comes home to roost. Watch clips below of Lisa Rinna's return as the mega popula,r junkie-turned-cosmetics-mogul-turned-cop-turned-whatever-she-is-this-time-around, Billie Holiday Reed!  



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    Mother and daughter both have matching……..HIDEOUS……..cheek implants! Why did my beloved Lauren Koslow do that to her face? And Lisa Rinna, I know you went onto Twitter and apologized for bad-mouthing Joe Mascolo, but you are still on my #hohaveaseat list, so tread lightly!!

    I personally would have rather seen them bring back Julie Pinson as Billie! She’s a far better actress and doesn’t spend her spare time taking pathetic potshots at actors who are far better than she is!!

    Judging from these clips, Lisa Rinna hasn’t taken the time to brush up on her acting skills since she was last on the show! Could she be any stiffer and more unconvincing?

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    I’m not trying to be bitchy, I swear; but Lauren Koslow looks the same age as or even years younger than her “daughter” Lisa Rinna in that clip.

    “You’re gonna be here for a long, long time”
    Please God, no. I’m already bored from watching her for one minute and thirty nine seconds.

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    I really really want Julie Pinson back….how long will it take to undo LR and get us JP???

    Pleeeease….especially after her remarks about Joe Mascolo I have even less desire to see her on my screen. (You do not diss that man!)

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    [quote=doctormo77]This time, maybe Billie can stop by Roman’s. I don’t think his back has been broken in sometime. LOL![/quote]

    Unfortunately at 80 years old, getting his back broken might also break his hip!

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