GAME CHANGER?! Sources Tells TV Guide’s Michael Logan Katie Couric Wants General Hospital, NOT The Revolution, as Her Lead In!!

Soap fans have been too through with Katie Couric, ever since it was announced long-running, ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital would be losing its timeslot to the journo's upcoming syndicated talker. Now comes word from TV Guide's Michael Logan that Couric and Katie executive producer Jeff Zucker could actually play a hand in saving GH! Reports Logan:

Sources close to Couric and her exec producer Jeff Zucker tell TV Guide Magazine that the duo has expressed concern about the disappointing ratings of ABC's The Revolution which, if GH gets the ax, would be the lead-in to Katie when the talker debuts this fall. Couric and Zucker want to see GH get that slot because it's a stronger show, Nielsen-wise, plus Couric does not want to face the wrath of GH fans and risk the chance they'll organize a boycott. Who the hell needs that? So she and Zucker want The Revolution to go bye-bye.

Aw, shucky ducky now! Logan goes on to reveal, while Time Square Studios is still all about programming nonscripted crap on ABC Daytime, they have a crop of very slim pickings, if they want to try and replace the dismally-rated The Revolution with another reality series or talk show by fall. To borrow from one of my favorite movies—Bring It On—Katie, you been touched by an angel, girl! 

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    This is actually a good thing and if Couric wants “GH” to stay on the air. Can’t find anything bad about it. If this is the way ABC renews “GH” so be it. So I’m excited about this. :)

  2. Profile photo of thecourt99

    This seems to be an interesting approach. KC is already getting a lot of money in her contract (I’m assuming). And now she is dictating what airs and is pushing a more expensive show?

    If ABC is trying to cut costs by ridding themselves of scripted programming in the daytime, how much will ABC concede to KC by keeping it on the air? is ABC really going to put all their eggs in the basket that is KC? What if her show tanks?

  3. Profile photo of cottle

    Well I too am glad Katie Couric wants GH as a lead-in. But I won’t watch her show or anthing else on ABC since my 2 iconic soaps were cancelled.

  4. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I’ll be happy if this would come to pass and GH is saved. The old “grain of salt” approach. It doesn’t change my mind about watching this woman on my screen. She’s not worth the time or effort… 0:)

  5. Profile photo of At50

    I don’t think GH can be truly saved at this point, even with the recent ratings, but if these rumors are true Couric may get it a year or two more on the air.

  6. Profile photo of Mel_O

    If this turns out to be true – and she ends up saving GH (even if its only for a couple years), I will definitely give her show a chance. I’ll support anyone who supports the soaps!

  7. Profile photo of

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer but Jeff Zucker prefers a SOAP over a talk show??? Somehow this feels like spin before her show hits the air. Then GH gets canceled and she can claim she fought for the show to be on and don’t hate my show. Until a decision comes down I’m being skeptical. Also she should be the LEAD IN to GH in my opinion. It’s weird to go from, here in NYC, Game Show, Talk Shit, Soap, Talk Shit, then news. And moving a soap an hour is basically the death knell of soap. We have a time and we like to keep it.

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Sure, we all know people in Hollyweird love spin, but Michael Logan loves soaps he would never run PR spin to help anyone make it easier to cancel soaps. He’s the one who broke the fact that ABC wanted to cancel BOTH AMC and OLTL (I’d heard it would only be OLTL), so if he took this to print, I believe there’s major validity to it.

  9. Profile photo of rlshel1015

    i completely agree with Jamey. i have ready Michael Logan for years and he has always been a straight shooter when it comes to daytime. he would not go there if it helped cancel soaps. i am happy with this news and i think it makes perfect sense that KC wants am established 45+ year lead in with a strong fanbase as opposed to a show that is tanking in the ratings. she also seems to appreciate the backlash that would hit her show if GH is cancelled to make room for her show. KC is clearly no idiot. PS – i wish the naysayers would just stop! you’re killing my buzz and unbalancing my chi. i’m just sayin’!

  10. Profile photo of Melvins mom
    Melvins mom

    Okay, can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Go, Katie, Go!

    Since ABC won’t listen to its fans and chooses to ignore (publicly) the ratings disaster that the Revolution is, maybe the executives will listen to the person to whom they offered millions for a contract.

  11. Profile photo of moneek77

    Couric just doesn’t want the slack from GH fans. GH put in OLTL time slot with a few OLTL actors Wow that’s a bonus….Give me a Break! Too bad all soapfans didn’t stick together. ABC brought back characters on All My Children from the past when it was ending. ABC repeats itself GH has a few months left. Couric is being paid too much to pay GH actors

  12. Profile photo of ejqmain

    @rlshel1015 Well Said! “i wish the naysayers would just stop! you’re killing my buzz and unbalancing my chi. i’m just sayin’!”

    I say way to go Katie Couric! And because of her support I will return it and give her show a chance. If they ever did cancel GH then, yes, I would be totally done with ABC daytime.

    @Equarter About the whole timeslot thing, I agree that it makes more sense for her show to lead into GH. Here, the daytime line-up is talk shit, talk shit, news, insider, talk shit, talk shit, GH, Judge Judy.

  13. Profile photo of sallyv

    I hope this is not just a ploy on the part of the Katie show…but if it keeps GH on the air a little longer, I’m for it. And if Katie’s ratings are good, maybe she’ll be instramental in keeping it on the air.

    I’ll give her show a chance IF she can keep GH on…

  14. Profile photo of arielade

    I think biggest story here is:


    We may not have much control over what happens with our stories, but the fact is that none of us went quietly into the night when our shows were cancelled. If soaps fans just shut up and let our soaps go, KC wouldn’t give two hoots about her lead-in. But with clever sayings like “The Spew” and everything else that’s out there, soap fans have made their presence known, and KC is smart to not want to piss us off.

    I’ll actually give her some props if she sticks to this and can keep GH on the air a bit longer. I don’t think I’ll watch her show, but i will certainly stop hating on her :-)

  15. Profile photo of keanna

    Say what you want about Katie, the one thing she’s not is stupid. If the Revolution is her lead-in, that show will be cancelled. She knows she’ll have a better chance with viewers (as well as soap fans), if GH’s her lead-in. If it ends up saving GH, if only for a couple of years, count me in.

  16. Profile photo of GHFan76

    I don’t believe this story. Although it’s a completely sensible strategy, ABC Daytime never makes ANY sense! Of course they should give Katie a stronger lead-in with GH!!! DUH!!! Although GH was bad over the past few months, The Revolution hurt it even more because it was such a weak lead-in!

    But I do not trust ABC, I do not trust any source connected with ABC, or any so-called ABC “insider.”

    Some say it’s just for the publicity of Katie saying she doesn’t want GH canceled so she doesn’t get backlash when it is!

  17. Profile photo of mafelix86

    This is very interesting news, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up because this doesn’t really mean anything. At least this confirms that Katie’s not stupid. But considering that this is ABC we’re talking about, I have my doubts. ABC is very good at lying to the public so until I hear something like, “The Revolution has been canceled, GH will take it’s time slot” or something like that, my reaction is basically, meh.

  18. Profile photo of aveRex

    In my opinion, they’ve already killed the best ABC soap when they took off One Life to Live. As far as I’m concerned they can program someone taking a liquid dump for two hours, I’m through with ABC daytime. Not a GH watcher and to hell with the rest of the daytime shows on ABC. Nothing else matters.

  19. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Does it really matter if Katie wants to keep GH because it’s a savvy business move or because she’s a soap fan? Not to me. Heck, she didn’t cancel our soaps. And she’s actually lobbying to keep the show her show would have replaced. I’ll take help where I can get it. Now if it were Sweeney & Co. saying this, then I’d have out my barf bag.

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