Mitt Romney Aired 508 Ads During General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, Other Soaps Ahead of Super Tuesday

Network television execs and Madison Avenue advertising agents may be unsure if daytime soap operas are still the best vehicles to reach American women, but for one GOP presidential hopeful, there was no better way to get to the hearts and minds of women in the U.S., ahead of Super Tuesday, than soaps!

 According to Bloomberg, Mitt Romney aired 508 spots during soap operas like General Hospital and The Young and the Restless.

Romney aired ads during talk shows such as “The View” and “Dr. Phil.” He had 508 spots during “The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital” and other soap operas. He placed ads in entertainment shows -- ones that highlight fashion trends like those seen on the red carpet -- more than 700 times. Those kinds of shows attract female viewers, Feltus said.

Now I have about as much in common with Romney, politically-speaking, as Kathy Griffin does with Sarah Palin, however, it's good to see someone believing daytime soaps are still a pretty good way to reach a diehard audience of women viewers!

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David46208 --
I definitely think that Y&R should have a stronger African-American presence. Make the Winters family front and center. Let Neil run one of the major companies unchallenged and unhindered for once, too. He's got 20 years of experience.

I have always advocated for a guy to come and replace Shemar Moore as a real romantic top-star on the show. CK should go. She can't act, she's boring when she does, and is the rumor true -- she won't allow Lily to date African-American men.

As far as the presence of Latinos. My mother (who is no longer with us) was very proud of Bill Bell and his portrayal of the Guitierrez family. I know there are language barriers, but I think Bill Bell had the vision. I know it didn't work on B&B, since it's only 30 minutes.

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"That being said, there is too many gay characters and storylines on television. Recent estimates put the homosexual population in the US at 3.5%, yet nearly every show, not just soap operas, has had at least one gay character on it. That's not fair to the rest of the country. It is simply not realistic that every group of five friends has a person of homosexual orientation. That would indicate 20% of the population was gay, not 3.5%."

Gays are not 20% of television. Most shows I watch don't have major gay characters. And if there is "too many" of them. So what? The vast majority of regular characters are still straight.

"These characters were not tied to anyone on the canvas. And long term fans of any soap opera generally hate it when new characters are thrust into frontbruner and eat of screentime from core characters.

#2: It was unrealistic that even for a soap opera that Llanview would become the center of the gay marriage debate in the way that Ron C. wrote it. Agnes was always more subtle in the ways in-which she address social issues and Ron seemed to do more harm with the whole fake Dorian's a lesbian to win an election story. Not his finest hour."

ITA.It probably would have worked better if they had been on canvas longer. And Ron was hamfisted with the gay marriage plot.