Guiding Light Alum EJ Bonilla Stars in Down Low High School Drama Short ‘Man In The Mirror’ For PBS Online Film Festival

Check out former Guiding Light star EJ Bonilla (ex-Rafe) in director Joel Schumacher's film short Man In The Mirror for the PBS Online Film Festival. Written by Treviny Marie Colon, Man In The Mirror centers on Jason (Bonilla), a popular high school jock, caught in a love triangle between a boy and a girl. Powerful stuff! Watch Man In The Mirror after the jump, then if you like it, vote for it here!



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    Thanks for sharing such a powerful piece. Not only great viewing but would work really well in classrooms. EJ Bonilla is a strong talent and look forward to seeing his career progress.

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    I enjoyed it very much and feel as though it could be the basis for some great, and very enlightening, discussion among young folks in particular.

    Thanks for sharing Jamey!

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    Wow, that was pretty raw. Great short film piece! I don’t think I ever saw EJB on GL. I left shortly after they moved to suburban Jersey…where things go to die…lol(just kidding).

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    Love it EJ Bonilla is still my RAFE from Guiding Light and still sexy as hell with that curly hair

    Great msg to us all

    You always have a choice follow the crowd or be a leader and set your OWN path

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