Leah Remini on The Talk Axing: “Sharon Made It Happen”

Remember last summer when Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens spilled some serious tea about shakeups at The Talk? Let me refresh your memory. Uncle Jamey heard there was some drama behind the scenes with the ladies and co-host Sharon Osbourne was about to bolt. Osbourne's former co-host Leah Remini  has now revealed on Twitter (Viva Twitter!) the real reason she and  Holly Robinson Peete got the boot. According to Remini, it was all due to Sharon! Remini tweeted:

Later, when asked why Osbourne had the power to have both Remini and Robinson Peete fired, as opposed to Julie Chen, wife of CBS head honcho, Les Moonves.  Remin remarked:

I guess these ladies won't be reuniting for a tupperware party anytime soon!

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    playing the blame game NEVER makes you look good. You were fired Leah because you were difficult. Sharon may have complained but it was YOU who gave her (and many many others) something to complain about. Bottom line — People don’t get fired if they are pleasant to work with and a good team player.

    The jobs are scarce for entertainers these days. Show up, shut up, do your job, and be polite. BasicRespect101.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    You know I have not seen 1 episode of the Talk (lol)??

    I’ve been a fan of Holly Robinson ever since I was a kid watching her on 21 Jumpstreet (I was hoping they’d put her character with Johnny Depp’s character but that’s another story).

    I also like Leah Remini, though I’m not sure about her on a talk show, though.

    From what I’ve read over the what… two years, there seems to be more than a ‘whiff’ of impropriety behind the scenes of this show. I know there’s a certain amount of backstabbing (although I don’t like it) behind the scenes of most shows but just on the stories alone, The Talk may be due for a massive dose of Karma.

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I have never watched The Talk nor do I ever envision I ever will, but I love backstage happenings.

    Sharon, Sara, and Julie were on Howard Stern a few months back and Sharon did specifically mention that Leah and Holly “didn’t know themselves”. I took that to mean that there was some disingenuousness between the behind the scenes individual and the on air persona.

    I loved Leah back in day on Saved by the Bell and the Who’s The Boss/Facts of Life knock off with Halle Berry, Living Dolls. The few minutes I do catch Leah now and she seems just loud. I find it off putting.

    The only other interesting thing from the Stern interview is that Julie said “beef curtains”. I was like, Chenbot, oh no you didn’t.

  4. Profile photo of sodsince16

    I enjoy Sara Gilbert and Aisha Tyler on The Talk. The show has evolved over time and is much less annoying than it once was. Julie continues to be a weak link when she panders to the audience.

    But Cheryl Underwood is just beyond my comprehension. She is less conservative than the young one on The View but she also seems much less informed. Her jokes are weak, everything is delivered in one tone of voice, and she seems to add nothing to the table.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have watched “The Talk,” and honestly, Sheryl Underwood is the only real reason to watch. Aisha Tyler often tries too hard to be the “homegirl,” which comes across as annoying. Sara Gilbert is a sweetheart, but way too introverted to be a talk show host. Chenbot annoys me and Sharon Osbourne is bearable at times, but can be too crass at times.

    Wasn’t watching when Leah was on the show, but I loved her on “King of Queens.” If she were to come back, I’d want her to replace Aisha!

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    For me Leah just isn’t the kind of person for a talk show. She’s an actress, she should get interviewed, not be the interviewer. I haven’t seen that much of her on THE TALK, but what I’ve seen she just never seemed very comfortable with these ladies. Loved her the first years as Carrie on KING OF QUEENS. The last years not so much anymore because Carrie and Doug just started being mean to each other, where Doug also seemed to be the wimp and Carrie the bitch. Didn’t like it!

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Well, I am not crazy about Sharon but Leah was so annoying, I could not stand it. I prefered her on Kings of Queens. I was more surprised Holly was left go. I thought she added to the show.

    I don’t think Sara will ever relax in that venue. I still like her though. Maybe she adds just by being like part of the audience. She represents a segment of audience that would not feel comfortable but continues to participate. Julie Chen always annoyed me. I think she has lightened up a bit lately.

    Cheryl Underwood is likable.

    I just don’t look at Sharon as having words of wisdom though. She is no Barbara Walters. Older but not always wiser. Her take on life is bizarre at times.

  8. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Sharon is talking out of her arse, as usual. She was probably threatened by Holly, because she was BY FAR the best co-host among the five. She was probably threatened by Leah because SHARON wanted to be the most obnoxious member of the panel. Mission Accomplished on that score, Sharon-baby.

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