Carrie Faces a Decision on Days of Our Lives

Abby (Kate Mansi) has been trying to get Austin (Patrick Muldoon) in her grasp and it looks like Carrie (Christie Clark) discovering them in a hotel room might just be the opening she’s hoped for. This week on Days of Our Lives, Carrie cries on Rafe's (Galen Gering) shoulder, after learning the truth about her husband. Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump.

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    Okay, I finally caught up on Days this weekend. I had about of month’s worth of episodes to go through. This whole Carrie/Rafe/Abbie/Austin storyline had so much potential but the writers have so botched it up badly. I kindof like the idea of Abbie and Austin together and Carrie and Rafe, but Abby is turning into a mental patient. She needs the same therapy that characters on GH need. They should have written that slowly, Austin develops feeling for Abigail and is tormented, while Carrie is also dealing with her tormented feeling for Rafe. I see a lot of chem testing going on.

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    Jasam-I agree with you about the Abbie/Austin story being rushed,look how long they’re taking with Will’s story.I hope the aftermath is better.How are Jack and Jen going to react?I guess Abbie will now be another patient for Marlena.

    As for chem testing ,they are doing alot.Rafe with Nicole,Billie with Daniel,Daniel with Nicole,so many possibilities.

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    Carrie has always gone for the good guy all her life: Austin, Mike, Rafe. The character is basically the same person she was twenty years ago; and many viewers don’t find that ingenue-type very interesting. She’s at least thirty-five years old for goodness sakes!!!

    They need to give Carrie an edge. I think they could start by putting her with a guy who’s not so nice or even a villain. Maybe, Lexie’s half-brother could be that person when he comes to Salem.

    Having Abby go mental is a nice nod to Days’ tradition. In every generation there has always been a Horton woman on the brink of madness: Addy Horton, Laura Spencer Horton, and now Abby Horton-Devereaux.

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    I was surprised at how fast they rushed Carrie finding out. This had months of story. I know they haven’t found out that Austin never really slept with Abby, hopefully that secret will last longer!

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    I wish that Carrie were more like Sami! She should have knocked the blonde out of Abigail’s hair in yesterday’s scenes! She’s far too nice, but Christie Clark did an admirable job, considering the fact that she was basically acting alongside a glorified Ken doll. Patrick Muldoon can NOTTTTTTT act! Paging Austin Peck…or someone else as Austin!!!

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    I don’t think Carrie should be like Sami, per se, but I just wish that she had gotten a little smarter over time. She should know after all these years that Austin is p-whipped and easily manipulated, so she should have been a little more skeptical of this young woman (not girl, as Carrie repeatedly said in Monday’s episode) that could possibly be a threat to her marriage.

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