SOAP BYTES: “I’m Todd Manning, You Son of a B****”

GH BYTES: I don’t care one bit about Steve’s (Scott Reeves) history in Memphis. I’ll tune back in to his storyline when his momma, Heather Webber (Robin Mattson), arrives in Port Charles to stir things up.

Sonny: “I’m going to say this for the last time, because I have compassion…”

Todd: “You have compassion?”

Sonny:  “For what you’re going through.”

Todd: “Do I really need to tell you where you can put your compassion?”


Todd: “I understand. I’ve met guys like you. I understand. I understand you’re used to getting your way. I understand you intimidating people. I understand you’ve never been held accountable for anything you’ve ever done. All that’s about to change. “

Todd: “I’m Todd Manning, you son of a bitch and I’m the son of a bitch who’s going to make you pay for what you’ve done.”

Ahhhh….Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Michael (Chad Duell) are bonding over their screwed up fathers, while their mothers are bonding over their screwed up ex-husbands. 

Carly: “Sonny is the father of my kids and that is all.”

Blair: “Todd is the father of my kids; otherwise I would have shot him.”

I’m loving Carly (Laura Wright) and Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva) scenes. I wonder how much scotch those two are going to go through. I cannot remember the last time I’ve enjoyed two soap women bonding over the men in their lives this much. Oh wait, that would be Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Blair. #TNTFOREVER

Question: How did Todd get a gun through courthouse security?

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    Days-Love Abby losing her “fruit loops” and seeing Austin squirm.Alot of chem testing at Days-Rafe/Nicole;Nicole/Daniel;Daniel/Billie(ick)Where’s my Will?

    Y&R-I thought Adam & Chelsea had some chemistry.Another problem for Nick and Villy if Adam influences Chelsea?

    B&B-It surprised me too how Hope realises her problems.Began liking her again.Enjoyed Nora no Susan shushing Brooke in the session.More HBS please to help these people with their creepy sexual focus of Hope.

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    Blair Cramer is the reason why I love Ron’s writing. On any other soap (Days) if two women were talking about their exes one woman would be trying to manipulate the other.

    Blair is a honey badger, she don’t care.

    Thus, when she talks to Carly she’s not threatened or protective. Men have fought over Blair, killed for her, and gone to jail for her. She knows her power and would never be intimidated by Carly. Sami (Days), Brooke (B&B), and Ashley (Y&R) could learn a thing or two from these scenes.

    Cheers Ron to having two adult women (almost grandmothers) having an adult conversation that was totally enthralling to watch.

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    GH – Should read “How NOT To Ruin a Soap” by Douglas Marland. Would do them some good. Not everything is great on GH. Still don’t get how three new characters are put first, overshadowing the death of Robin Scorpio.

    B&B – The show can actually be great if it lives up to it’s history and makes lines like Hope’s to Brooke work. B&B is the one show who could eat a cake of history every day.

    Y&R – … FF through the scenes.

    DAYS – Rafe and Dr. Jonas should just leave. Don’t feel Lisa Rinna at all. Obsessed Abigail is great. I’d wish it would never end. LOL Same goes not for this Alamania stuff. It’s horrible.

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    GH: Todd is on the lam from Llanview, gets a gun through courthouse security … BUT how did he get through security without ID? I think the show did an injustice to the whole idea of ‘senseless deaths’ by having Todd threaten to kill Sonny … even if it’s part of the character’s M/O.

    DOOL: Dull Carrie/Austin story. Stupid Hope/John story. Billie is back and her lips are bigger than before! Plus, why would Victor leave his son’s side after that speech? Sometimes soaps drop the ball, especially since Caroline is MIA as well.

    Y&R: Seriously, someone shot, run over, send through a weed wacker, drop in a vat of oil, BLOW UP Daisy, please!!! It’s the worst part of the show because we are to believe she has money to live in a APT building where Lauren (most likely a multi-millionaire) and Michael (on retainer from a BILLIONAIRE) live? Reality, please! (Have them buy Abby’s house. I would so much rather see them in the mcMansion and Abby in a fabulous loft space!

    B&B: I have to say that I have not been liking the day in day out telling of Hope is gonna have sex storyline taking over the show, but I have to say that finally this actress has won me over in playing a virgin who discovers sex isn’t what she thought it would be and feeling depressed/confused over it. What kills me is that Liam talks to people, whether it’s his father or not, about his FIRST NIGHT with HOPE the very next morning!!!

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    I watch Days and GH. On both shows the good guys are constantly getting the shaft while the bad guys, Sonny, Anthony, Stefano, EJ constantly win. At some point the pattern has to change, otherwise, why bother to watch? Just to catch a particularly entertaining interaction between characters.

    On GH I would love to see the Corinthos Clan and the Zachara family come to an end. The Cassadines and the Quartermaines are much more entertaining. Insanity,a la the Zachara patriarch and his heir apparent, ceased to be entertaining years ago. Are there any plans to test Starr with Johnny? Both characters are very big on jumping to conclusions.

    On DAYS, EJ, Rafe, and Kate need a vacation from their storylines. As for Dr. Jonas, welcome back, try celibacy for longer than a few days. I can just see him bedding Billie Reed, thus scoring 3 generations of women. I am enjoying the Abagail/Austin fiasco. Austin is something of a twit. Maybe Sammi will decide to take him in — again. She has had just about everyone else. Talk about too much airtime, that is Sammy and her self-made problems.

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    @sodsince16, of course Blair and Carly can have a civil adult conversation with each other; they have no history with each other so there’s no one that can call the other on their bullshit, which is what happens with the other characters from the other shows that you mentioned.

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    [quote=sodsince16]Cheers Ron to having two adult women (almost grandmothers) having an adult conversation that was totally enthralling to watch.[/quote]

    I think this was only because Blair is visiting, not permanent. They rarely let her have adult conversations on OLTL, especially with women.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Carol2– Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your brutal honesty? :love:[/quote]

    That’s a nice way to put it :)

    I would like to see more of Carly and Blair if they did manage to be friends. The last few weeks have been Laura Wright’s best work in years.

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    I hated the Carly/Blair scenes. HATED them. I’m just glad it wasn’t Yoda Olivia Blair was bonding with.

    I hated the scene because they wanted to paint it like Blair and Carly are so much alike and if OLTL fans come over, they will get a version of Blair with Carly. NOT! From what I have seen of OLTL, Blair is not like Carly, at least this version of Carly. Now SJB’s version, yeah.

    I am a HUGE HUGE Todd fan now. When he said that line to Sonny, I became a big Todd fan. Everything about him has been wonderful. I was use to the other Todd but this one got me smiling watching every scene hes in.

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    I took the scenes as one last recap and attempt to make GH viewers care about Todd (since Todd is similar to Sonny, according to the show, and they probably think most viewers love Sonny) before his later return. So far we haven’t heard about Blair coming back. I was just happy to see some light-hearted scenes with actors who were able to play some layers. Closeups of Sonny looking bored or Starr screaming about her badly drawn on eyebrows weren’t to my taste.

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    [quote=Carol2]I’m not sure whether the acting or writing was worse in the showdown between Sonny and Todd.[/quote]


    When given such campy “stuff” (trying to be nice here), it must be very hard for an actor to go any place except over the top. The whole notion that a showdown between two killers is what GH is doing to “save” itself from cancellation is beyond belief. In some way, I feel insulted that the writers think so little of the GH fan. They think those of us who left dismayed and disgusted with Guza/Phelps want to see this crap?

    Which is worse? It all starts in the writer’s head. I go with the writing!

    How nice would it have been to just have the Blair/Carly scenes and let the killers rot in a jail cell somewhere? I would applaud the writers for not going to the sexist cat fight scene but they gave us the NuKate “I’m crazy and offering my orifices to Johnny scenes”. This regime hits one scene out of the park every week. Unfortunately, the others are strike outs, bad soap cliche and mob infested duds!

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