The Talk’s Sharon Osbourne on Allegations She Got Co-Hosts Fired: “I Have Never Been in The Position to Hire or Fire Anyone”

Sharon Osbourne has fired back at Leah Remini, who recently accused Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne of getting Remini and Holly Robinson Peete fired from CBS Daytime's talk show The Talk. According to Osbourne, she had nothing to do with the two actresses being dismissed. See Osbourne's tweets below!



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    Ya know, ever since this “Sharon got us (Leah and Holley) fired from “The Chalk” story broke, I’ve been, “Who the frick even cares?!” Would someone just shut up already!?

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    Something is rotten in Denmark. I recall Sharon’s interviews during that time and she was never clear in her responses and it was heavily implied that she was leaving.

    So the mere fact that she is still there, says a lot about.

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    hey mon

    I can’t stand Sharon Osbourne.

    Leah Rimini is one of the most exciting, beautiful, gorgeous women to grace the small screen. I used to glimpse The Talk when Leah and Holly were on. What hot duo.

    Now it’s Chen (*yawn* *bore*, goes to show what you can get by sleeping with the CEO). Sara Gilbert (enuf said), that Aiysha, and Sheryl Underwood (the only one with a personality).

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    Due to the Clause I have with my Brain (and everything else for that matter) and my refusal to watch ANYTHING ripped off from the VIEW but most importantly anything that replaced a Daytime Soap – whether I watched it or not (I.E. The Chew, The Regurgitation, And this crap fest discussed here)I will confess I LOVE Talk Soup…. Joel McHale made it a mission to give Leah a weekly spot on his show (not in a good way) and lemme tell ya. I believe Sharon Osborne on this one.


    I loved Leah on King of Queens. CBS did her a favor in firing her. She (appeared to be) THAT BAD.

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    TV Gord





    Sharon did exactly that same thing to Sheryl last week.

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    Not sure who to believe, but I agree, Leah needs to move on! I do, however, believe that Sharon is a certified DIVA with entitlement issues. It’s her way or the freeway! I am sure that even if Leah hadn’t been fired from the show, Sharon would have done anything possible to make her employment on “The Talk” MISERABLE if she didn’t like her! It seems that they weren’t friends, so it’s for the best that they are no longer in each others’ presence!

    Though I like Leah, Sharon is much funnier, so I think ultimately that they kept the right one around!

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    Rimini is just an aging *actress* who can’t find work and it bitter and needs someone to blame. She should stop pointing fingers and gets some Botox and acting lessons.

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