Clearing Up General Hospital Casting RUMORS: No Plans For Kin Shriner; Jack Wagner Turned ‘Em Down and Heather Webber Shows Up March 30!


Look at all these rumors,
Surrounding me every day,
I just need some time,
Some time to get away… 

'Rumors" — Timex Social Cluib

While overactive imaginations, fan fic and message boards have always gone hand-in-hand, I don't think I've ever seen the amount of soap rumors being bandied about online as I have since the news that Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati were taking over at General Hospital was announced. Which, I guess, is a good things, since it means folks are at least talking about the show!

"They're going to merge GH and One Life to Live into one supersoap!"

"All the Quartermaines are coming back! Ned! AJ! Emily! Justus! Jimmy Lee Holt! Even Alan and Annabelle the Dog!"

"Viki Lord from Llanview is gonna buy Crimson!"

"Scotty, Lucy, Sean and Tiffany — all CONFIRMED!"

It's enough to make a blogger take to drinking. Okay, too late. So anyhoo, let's clear up some of the rumors out there, shall we?


First off, Jack Wagner was offered a deal to return as Frisco, but he turned the soap down flat, says sources. Could this be revisited after Wagner finishes Dancing With The Stars? Possibly, but don't look for a romantic, onscreen Frisco and Felicia reunion anytime soon.

"Come on, the actors are divorced," says a mole. "That would be too weird and no one wants to put them through that!"

As for Wagner's ex-wife Kristina Wagner—who is returning in April—that Facebook post from "her" a few months back, announcing the return of both Wagners, was false. In fact, industry pals of Wagner tweeted the same day that the FB account was a fake! The reality is, Wagner's deal was made only days before Carolyn Hinsey broke the story on Twitter, says my sources.

"No one had even contacted Kristina or Jack at the time those rumors first started," says an insider. "It happened literally overnight."

Now for Kin Shriner, shortly after Nancy Lee Grahn posted on Facebook, intimating he was reprising the role of Scotty Baldwin, I started sniffing around and everyone I talked to said it was "the first they'd heard of it." Today, I got my latest copies of Soap Opera Digest and Soaps In Depth, where a spokesperson for the soap said basically the same thing to both mags — it ain't happening! At least, there are no plans to bring Scotty back right now.

The latest online scuttlebutt has been that Lucas Stansbury Jones, Carly's (Laura Wright) gay younger brother, was coming back, with an underwear model in the role!

"Where are people getting this stuff?" asked a perplexed insider. "No, that absolutely is not happening!"

So what's up with all the crazy rumors?

"I believe what's happening is people are taking a wish list of the people fans would most want to see return, and are basically saying it's happening," says one mole. "Sometimes they guess right, and other times it's dead wrong."

One return that definitely is happening is that of one of my all-time fave soapers, Robin Mattson, as Heather Webber!

"Robin has been taping for awhile now, and she's knocking her scenes out of the park!" says one source.

Look for Steven Lars Webber's (Scott Reeves) Mama Craziest (and Jason Morgan's cousin!) to pop up in Port Charles on March 30, according to Digest

 Photo of Jack and Kristina Wagner courtesty of ABC

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  1. Profile photo of Jon

    I wish they’d bring Lucas back. Ron can really write gay characters but maybe TPTB don’t want a repeat of the KISH backlash since GH is on shaky ground to begin with.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Thanks for clarifying the rumors, Jamey.

    Yeah, what’s that talk about Ric Lansing coming back to town? Would be great if it would happen.

    Not really surprised about Jack Wagner …

    Ron and Frank have to get Lexi and Jonathan back ASAP. They are needed on the canvas. Jonathan at least could return until his new primetime gig get’s the green light or not. Lucky is such an important character to the show …. and Lexi as Kristina was just one of the best young actresses the industry has. GET THEM BACK!!!!

    And try secretly contacting Genie Francis and try to get her before she has to kiss Victor Newman…

  3. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]I love NLG, but she sometimes makes her own personal wishlists sound like fact. That’s not helping. :)[/quote]

    Yes that’s where I think Nelson got his info. He had an interview with NLG a week before he broke the news. I so want Ric Hearst back on GH so Alexis can have a story again.

  4. Profile photo of seanny

    I’m disappointed that Lucas (and Bobbie) are not coming back to GH. Carly should have her family onscreen. I always imagined Lucas helping Carly with her crazy schemes much like Emily and Nolan on Revenge.

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