ABC Daytime DISASTER: The Revolution Hits Series Low 1. 4 Million Viewers!


Cancelling One Life to Live for reality series/lifestyle talk show hybrid The Revolution will go down as one of the most lineup-destroying decisions in television history. While cutting two long-running, ABC Daytime soaps at once hasn't proven quite as destructive for ABC Daytime as Jeff Zucker's move, during the 2009-10 TV season, to replace five hours of scripted programming a week with The Jay Leno Show was for NBC primetime — it's close.

If you don't believe me, just check out the ratings for The Revolution for the week of March 5, 2012. According to TV Media Insights, the national network talk show, which launched with an expensive, lengthy PR and marketing campaign, was only watched by 1.4 million viewers the week in question, hitting a series low. The Revolution was down 40 percent among total viewers than One Life to Live in the timeslot a year earlier. Among the most coveted women 18-49 demo, it was down 44 percent from OLTL; 50 percent among W18-34. 


The Revolution's lineup mate, The Chew came in at 2.23 million total viewers, which was off AMC's numbers year-to-date by just 4 percent. The Chew matched AMC among W18-49 from the same time period one year ago and improved on the soap opera's W18-34 numbers by 25 percent.

Said veteran TV analyst Marc Berman:

The Chew is livable; The Revolution is a disaster.

In other network talk ratings news, The View was watched by 3.6 million total viewers; while CBS Daytime's The Talk had 2.15 million viewers tuning in.

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    More disturbing than The Revolution’s ratings is a remark Bob Iger made in this week’s Disney Board of Directors meeting that the Revolution is yet beginning. I think what would fatally scar soap viewers is if there is another replacement show waiting in the wings that is not General Hospital.

  2. Profile photo of giogio

    It was a terrible idea. For soap lovers and for the people who took the show on. I do wonder tho what was going thru the mind of the hosts of that show, KNOWING they were creating a new show that was replacing a show that had been on for 40+ years. Werent they scared? Werent they worried about getting heat from fans? I mean everyone has to work. From what I remember last year, one of the hosts said when they were offered the job they didnt know they were replacing a canceled soap. ABC put them in a terrible position, because people are hating the show, dont want it and dont want to see any of the hosts faces. Well I wont watch the show, but I wont hate the hosts cause they are just trying to get by like the rest of us. I just hope for them when this is canceled they get a great job.

  3. Profile photo of syworld82

    The one and only main reason they are in this disaster is EGO. They had done so much planning to make AMC survive that when One lifes ratings started climbing after its move to the new studio..Their HOT EGO.. Said.. We planned on cancelling One Life to Live we cant let go of that plan but we also cant let AMC keep running around with HORRENDOUS ratings..

    Realistically, it was about General HOspital. I think they knew that if they kept One LIfe on the market. once katie became a closer option that they were going to have to cancel the one doing the worst.. They wouldnt have had Frank and ROn on GH .. Instead, GH would be the one we would be looking at Getting cancelled … It was a choice.. Not between AMC or both but between OLTL or General Hospital..

  4. Profile photo of susanmz

    everyone knows what a fiasco this new line up is except the morons at ABC. Why doesn’t someone fire them!!! Bye Anne Sweeney.

    I have entirely boycotted ABC except for GH.

    Great article. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  5. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the raitings of these shows don’t really matter, this was about cost cutting. The soaps cost way more to produce than these new infotaiment shows so even if the ratings are less than what the soaps produce it doesn’t matter because they have saved so much money. Which also means that GH is as good as dead no matter what the ratings look like.

  6. Profile photo of giogio

    What I would like to know what blew Katie in and why didnt they just replace her with Oprah’s time slot instead of re-inventing the abc line up totally. Here in NYC news starts now at 4:00 which filled in Oprahs time slot and it dosent end till 7:00.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @cheesehead91182 That is the rhetoric Brian Frons bandied about ad nauseum (and apparently it worked like a charm, even with soap fans) when he was trying to justify cancelling both All My Children and One Life to Live. Of course ratings matter. They just had a February Sweeps, where advertisers get to set their pay rates based on the Nielsens for TV programs, where a series on ABC daytime was being watched by 50 percent less of the audience among women 18-49, which is who Mad Avenue sells to in the daytime.

    The fact that this show is supposedly 40 percent cheaper to produce than One Life to Live would definitely make it profitable at less numbers than One Life was bringing in, but not 50 percent less among the most coveted demo.

    ABC told Broadcasting and Cable they were having trouble selling ad time for the soaps, when they went around trying to get the industry bibles to sign off on cancelling their soaps, well guess what? If they couldn’t get advertisers intereresed in OLTL’s demos, how well do you think they’re doing at half of those?

    ABC had success with replacing a soap with a talk show in The View. The View’s ratings far exceed any of the daytime soaps on ABC (and are similar to the top soap in daytime The Young and the Restless), but not every cheap, fast-tracked talk or reality show is going to do The View numbers.

    The Chew is essentialy matching AMC’s numbers, so considering it is 40 percent cheaper to produce than AMC (which was reportedly well over budget), it no doubt looks like a win for ABC in that regard. However, they are panicked about The Revolution.

  8. Profile photo of giogio

    By any chance does anyone know when the announcement from ABC could be if this show is staying, going or went? Last year at this time we were getting rumblings and April 14th they announced the cancelations. Does anyone know if the dates for this sort of announcement is the same as last year?

  9. Profile photo of Mets82

    Isnt it ironic that Katie Couric’s executive producer is Jeff Zucker. The same guy who destroyed NBC? This coming off the heels of Brian Frons being fired, the same guy who destroyed ABC Daytime.

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=Mets82]Isnt it ironic that Katie Couric’s executive producer is Jeff Zucker. The same guy who destroyed NBC? This coming off the heels of Brian Frons being fired, the same guy who destroyed ABC Daytime.[/quote]

    Even more ironic is that Zucker, after saying DAYS would be canned, is the one who instead signed an extension on the way out the door, perhaps one of the only reasons the show is still on at the moment.

  11. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I think any news about a GH cancellation could come anytime between now (I was bracing for it this afternoon, in fact; they love to announce these things on a Friday) and early in April. If I’m not mistaken, the cancellation of Guiding Light was announced on April Fool’s Day 2009. The fate of GH will be known well ahead of the May upfronts, anyway. If we don’t hear anything about GH by mid-April, I would say the show is safe for another year, because ABC won’t need as much lead-time if they plan to cancel The Revolution in its place.

  12. Profile photo of giogio

    Thanks Gord – I am bracing for the mid April date. But since there may be a cancelation coming I thought possibly we would hear something sooner cause they need to get their act together for this fall line up. Filthy Beasts!!!

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