Diana DeGarmo to Debut Country Ballad “Good Goodbye” This Friday on The Young and the Restless

Former American Idol contestant and The Young and the Restless star Diana DeGarmo is set to premiere her country ballad “Good Goodbye” on Y&R on Friday, March 23. DeGarmo teamed with another former American Idol contestant, Ace Young, to write the song. Watch a preview after the jump!

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    hey mon

    Ace Young is a producer. Wrong on all levels. Please tell me Ace is Carmine, and he and Angelina go riding off into the sunset. Wasted potential, MAB. You could have had Kevin as a mobster-in-training. Greg Rikaart is a guy who could have pulled it off.

    Oh well.

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    hey mon-sorry,Ace is not Carmine,some guy named Marco Dapper is.Still,this maybe how Angelina leaves.Could be this was just a way for Diane DeGarmo to get publicity for her music.One can hope.

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    Is this a joke?

    The only thing on Y&R that annoys me more than Angelina these days would be country music. Not a fan.

    If they want to redeem this horrific character, they need to have her get rid of that dreadful voice, or at least tone it down, and get rid of that damned chewing gum! Seriously, enough is enough!

    Talk about nails on a chalkboard!!!!

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    Why can’t she be singing “Fairwell to Genoa City”….this character has to go! Angelina is just a mess and the only mmusic I want to hear on Y&R is Danny Romalotti! If it ain’t him then I don’t want to hear or see it! Enough already!

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    OMG, these comments are hilarious.

    I am ashamed to admit that SOMEHOW I know this, These two Idol Losers are in a relationship.

    Is Idol Loser too harsh? Well, when you lose to train wrecking Fantasia…

    FYI – I watched THE BODYGUARD a few weekends ago (how, in 20 years it turned into a horrible movie, I have no idea. lol)
    Guess who played Costners Flunkie? (I.E. Rachel’s/Whit’s FIRST bodygaurd who was a big baffoon?? ANGELO!)

    We all know how Angelina will be written going forward. She’ll turn into this girl with a heart of gold, Kevin will be madly in love with her, they’ll probably have a baby, (think Dominique and Scotty on GH) and than Patty will return and accidentaly (or not?) kill her.

    I just have a feeling Angelina is going nowhere.

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    Angelina is actually growing on me; I still think the character is WAY too broadly played–not sure if this is at the request of the producers or an acting choice by DD–but I think Diana DeGarmo does a good job with what she’s given. If they’re gonna keep her I’d rather them dispense with Angelo and his mob crap; that may help even out Angelina’s character a little bit and make her a little more down to earth.

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    [quote=shirls429]I love the Angelina character what fun sceens and love her singing. I hope they keep her with Keven they are so much fun to watch[/quote]


    You must be high!! This girl is so lacking in talent, it’s not even funny!! Her character is obnoxious and such a Jersey Shore clone, it’s pathetic!!

    So you go ahead and keep enjoying – those of us with active brain cells will just keep shaking our heads in digust!!

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    I’d rather listen to Anna. (I can’t believe I just typed that. LOL) At least when she wasn’t singing one of those very long songs she wasn’t annoying. I could FF threw the song and all would be good. Angelina and Angelo just keep popping up again and again and again making FF an effort.

    I love music, but I don’t watch soaps for that type of entertainment, who does? There are so many better choices.

    The Young and The Restless has something NO other show has, the story of Genoa City with characters many of it’s viewers have followed for decades. Why not provide the entertainment the viewers tune in for? Why not put the effort and time in stories for less used vets that I see viewers begging, and I MEAN BEGGING FOR! Instead Y&R is putting in all this effort and money into doing everything so many other shows can do a million times better? I just don’t get it.

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    I have to agree with ChrisGa. I also wish she would tone down but I have a feeling that that is something coming soon. There is an interesting pathos lying under that Jersey Girl surface.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    CBS must have their PR people logging in to DC today…We don’t like it. Don’t care. Stop trying to cross promote an American Idol runner-up on Y&R! the millions of people who watch American Idol have not tuned in to see her nor has the entire state of Hawaii. Have you seen the ratings?

    What will she do next cast Pee-Wee Herman and Tinky Winky hoping to get the toddler demo?

    Will the Muppet’s make a special guest appearance?

    Will Maria cast an Asian male named Hi Ho as a nun-chuckin’ karate instructor, who comes to town get the “last dragon?”

    Will this be the conversation between Nikki and Jack one day?

    Nikki: Your hair is a mess Jack!

    Jack: I know?

    Nikki: Well maybe i’ll just have to wash it with this new Pert Plus I bought.

    (Holds the bottle toward camera as they zoom in on it.)
    I mean where is the bottom…Where is the bottom so that she can’t go any further?

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    hey mon

    Adam Lambert & Kelli Pickler – I’m surprised that MAB used Deann DeGarmo. Kelli Pickler is the one who sings for SONY Music, so that would be a better tie-in for the Brass-in-Charge at SONY. Or Adam Lambert could be used, he sings for SONY, too.

    Kelli Pickler – Chelsea’s sister, Kelli, who meets Devon, and wants to get intimate. But she has to battle Abby out of the way.

    Adam Lambert – Phyllis’s little brother, Camile, Avery’s secret nemesis. He could be the first true bi-sexual on Y&R. He could be just half-crazee, and look at the camera all of the time, and say things like, “Oh yes, Avery, we’ll see who inherits Dad’s money, we’ll see.” He could be a romantic interest for both Adam and Sharon. There could be a Camadam following, and a Shamile following. With Adam in play, Rafe could come back, and there could be a quadrangle love story interest.

    Once a week, both Kelli and Adam could rotate and sings their SONY contract songs at GloWorm, or at Devon’s studio.

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    [quote=Dyllan]Not a fan! Her voice is annoying and her relationship with Kevin is a bore. Hate it![/quote]

    I am with Dylan on his comment. I was hoping that she didn’t really sound as bad on here as on YR, but sad to say she does. Has that awful JERSEY sound and her singing is blaase.


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