The Talk Tackles Trayvon Martin Tragedy

CBS Daytime's The Talk has taken on the heinous slaying of black teenager Trayvon Martin, which took place recently in Florida. Martin was killed by a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman, who called into 911 to report the child for walking around his neighborhood—according to Zimmerman—looking "like he's up to no good."

The 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, he did anyway and ultimately shot Martin, who was only carrying iced tea and candy, dead. Hear the ladies of The Talk give their take on this racially-motivated nightmare below.

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    What happened to Trayvon Martin is a national travesty. Young Mr. Martin is our modern-day Emmett Till. Clearly an act of racism and only because it has national attention, the perpetrator may actually face punishment. These acts happen every day and go unnoticed. Black people are still an endangered group here in the U.S. Shameful.

    I commend the ladies of The Talk tackling the issue with heart and thoughtfulness. Many media outlets recount the event without any proper commentary on the specifics and the generalities of racism.

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    TV Gord

    The additional tragedy is that this is not an isolated incident. These neighborhood watches and toy-cop security companies need to do more to weed out the insecure types with delusions of power. This shameful case just puts that into clearer focus. These organizations need to err on the side of NOT hiring nutjobs.

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    This is so sad, but what’s sadder is that our criminal justice system likes to let trash like this off the hook………..(Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson!) This douchebag needs to be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life, but I have no faith in the criminal justice system to make that happen!

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    Restless Fan

    This story is so vile! Zimmerman needs to be taken off the streets and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My heart breaks for Trayvon’s family and friends.

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    This really is terrible. I can’t look at that sweet face without tearing up.

    Trayvon Martin’s parents are scheduled to attend tomorrow’s Million Hoodie March on Union Square. I’d last to ask everyone to say a prayer that this demonstration remains peaceful, and that the NYC Police Department respects the 1st and 4th amendment rights of the demonstrators.

    If you are not aware of NYC’s unconstitutional, racist “Stop and Frisk” law, please take a moment to educate yourself. It could be coming to your city soon.

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    This story made me sad and angry from the first time it was reported.This was a gated and camera heavy community.There was no reason for someone to confront someone with a gun.I know we live in violent times,but we need to use some common sense.I feel terrible for his family and friends.Let’s just hope that the grand jury and federal government come thru and do the right thing and get this man off the streets.

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    It is obvious this guy has problems. It will be interesting to see if this guy has allusions of grandeur with racism added in. I saw Dr Drew interviewing different people, including the leader of that volunteer group,sorry I am forgetting the name now. Anyway, they don’t carry guns and he said they intervene but in an organized way and in groups. I get the impression he is not impressed with some of the authority given crime watch people or the fact they carry guns, etc.

    Florida has also a controversial law pertaining shooting someone if you feel endangered. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    It is heartbreaking to think some kid can run to store and end of dead because of miscommunication. This story has gripped the nation.

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    My bank requires that all hoodies, hats & sunglasses be removed before you approach a teller. I think that’s unconstitutional and racist, too!
    I refuse to take anything off, but they know me there so I’m good!

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    I can only imagine how hurt Trayvon Martin’s parents feel right now. I feel hurt every time I look at that face, only 17. I am appalled by the fact that a grown man can hunt down and kill a 17 year old boy who posed no threat to anyone, specifically after Zimmerman was told not to follow the young man and was not taken into custody and arrested. People have been arrested for far less in this country.
    This is why I bristle at notions that we are in a so called ‘post racial society’, as I know there is no such thing. Anyone who thinks that racism is over (and there are those who make this claim) has never had to suffer the indignity of being followed in an upscale department store or told at a job interview that ‘you speak so well’ or have someone hurl an epithet at you when you have the audacity to utter a contrary opinion. I hope that America will finally be honest enough to admit that the legacy of Slavery (which really didn’t end until the 1930s) and Jim Crow segregation has never been dealt with and it has morphed into racism (both overt and subtle) and that there is a difference between being prejudiced (which everyone is capable of) and being racist, which entails a power dynamic.

    South Africa had its Truth and Reconciliation Council in the years following the end of its Apartheid regime. When will the U.S. acknowledge its legacy of racism and other inequities? Perhaps then, we can stop these awful tragedies from happening repeatedly.

    I used to live in NYC, I remember quite vividly the 41 shots that Amadou Diallo was on the receiving end of while in the vestibule of the apartment where he lived. Instead of candy and an iced tea, he was carrying a wallet. I am weary,vexed and saddened by this continuing legacy.

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    TV Gord

    Very moving, MsAgentProvocateur1. I used to think we were in better shape, but that was before the tea-baggers took over the Republican party. Now, I’m more confused than ever. I still like to HOPE that there are fewer of THEM than there used to be. As long as there are any racists, the threat will never go away (so the threat will never go away), but that just puts the responsibility more squarely on OUR shoulders, the people who don’t think like this toy-cop.

    I really fear the investigation will find some way to take the responsibility off of this twisted soul, and if that happens, the outrage has to be louder than it has ever been. Everyone who wants justice–black, white, whatever culture–we ALL need to stand up for Trayvon.

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    TV Gord

    A story just moved on Twitter that Florida officials have passed a vote of “non-confidence” in the police chief involved in this. That’s hopeful!

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    @Blake3b-Thanks for including the link to sign the petition in your post. I signed in both areas. This is just so depressing and saddens me. What i can’t understand why is the Zimmerman guy not in jail. Someone in the police department in FL needs to answer this in an intellegent and believable way.

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    I just signed petition on facebook! Please, all that are on FB, go to the Trayvon Martin page, and it will direct you to all sites to sign also!

    I hate to say it, but had that been my son, he would be alive today!


    SO, for people who say racism is no longer an issue, THINK AGAIN!

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