Can ABC Afford to Take The Revolution Into Upfronts With Numbers Like 1.33 Million Viewers?


I'm hearing ABC will likely decide who gets their 2 pm EST timeslot before Easter. Will it be long-running soap opera General Hospital? Or, will painfully low-rated talk show The Revolution keep the slot?

If the Nielsens are any indication, GH is definitely the Mouse House's safest bet. TV Media Insights is reporting the The Revolution was watched by just 1.33 million viewers the week of March 12-16. This was a new all-time low for the lifestyle series, which replaced One Life to Live this past January.

OLTL was watched by well over a million more viewers during the same time period last year (2.43 million). Meanwhile, GH was watched by 2.24 million viewers the week in question. Even with those far superior numbers, GH likely saw their numbers dragged downward by a poorly performing lead-in. Is Disney really ready to risk the same trickle down effect happening on their ABC-owned stations, as well as the affiliates who have signed up for Katie Couric's expensive talk show, when it hits the air this September?


The Revolution is off OLTL's demos from this time a year ago by 44 percent among women 18-49 and 40 percent among W18-34. At a 0.9 among the most coveted W18-49 demo, GH was four-tenths of a point ahead of The Revolution at a 0.5. If a daytime soap opera ever dipped to 1.33 million viewers on ABC it would be cancelled immediately. Why is ABC taking so long to call time of death on The Revolution

In other talk show ratings news, The View averaged 3.43 million viewers for the week, while The Chew slid considerably. The All My Children replacement was watched by 2.14 million viewers the week of March 12-16, which was 10 percent less than the number of viewers who watched AMC in the same timeslot a year ago. The Chew was off AMC's numbers 25 percent among W18-49 and 20 percent among W18-34.  

CBS Daytime's The Talk came in at 1.9 million viewers for the week, but it should be noted the chatfest was preempted two days by March Madness.

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  1. Profile photo of giogio

    Oh so here we go. Those turds. Last year was before Easter as well. If they cancel, mayhem will insue. (as Spinelli would say) Does anyone at DC have any insight?

  2. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Whenever I see this Revolution cast photo, I can’t get over how uncomfortable Ty Pennington looks…they have him in bad Gap clothing and with slicked down hair…he looks just miserable.

    I hear from my ABC affiliate National Sales Managers that the Revolution may be canceled and replaced with Steve Harvey, with many ABC affiliates putting a local news in Oprah’s old spot.

    I can’t see this happening, because Steve Harvey is not really a good lead-in for Katie.

  3. Profile photo of ihatechewrevolution

    To be honest we wouldnt be waiting to find out GH’s fate if ABC would have not cancelled OLTL and AMC. I feel like ABC gave us soap fans the choice watch our new shows or be gone. ABC knows viewers outrage over losing AMC & OLTL but that didnt stop them from cutting us loose. I hope GH gets renewed and kicks The Revolution from the 2pm slot that my much loved and much missed OLTL should still be today.

  4. Profile photo of nmelman

    They made the biggest mistake by not considering the wishes of the people who watch their crap. I am waiting for the whole network to hit the skids. If they get rid of GH it will be here sooner than later. What about the debacle with GCB and the other comedy that lasted 1 week before it was pulled. ABC needs to hire new management.

  5. Profile photo of KC121183

    Ugh…it just doesnt make sense to cancel GH and keep the Revolution! If Gh is canceled, IM definately not sticking around to watch Katie, and to be honest, I wouldnt even really watch that crap anyways, and Im 28 years old, right in the key demographic. I didnt watch Katie Couric on CBS @night, and Im sure as hell not watching her if she replaces GH!

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Gosh, everything about this show registers as fake and cheesy! Even Ty Pennington looks like he wishes someone would just shoot him and put him out of his misery!

    Cancel this train wreck. Tim Gunn is a pretentious a-hole and the rest of them are corny and come across like nothing but glorified salespeople!

    Whatever they are selling, I definitely ain’t buying!!

  7. Profile photo of Paris55

    ITA. Soaps are coming back and many new continuing dramas are watched on cable. DALLAS will back this Summer on TBS/TNT. AMC, TNT, TBS, and a few other stations are providing good entertainment with these types of shows. Mad Men is a actually a soap (continuing drama), as is The Killing, Breaking Bad and others on AMC. ABC made a grave decision when they cancelled OLTL and AMC in lieu of a cooking and a lifestyle show that do not belong on the network. Note that Nate Berkus has been cancelled and Rachel Ray needs to be cancelled or reduced to 30 minutes. When people flocked to the Oprah Winfrey website pleading that her OWN channel pick up the cancelled soaps, she provided a condecending response not to. She did not think beyond the so-called Nielsen ratings that picking up these soaps would bring in new viewers to her fledgling network.

  8. Profile photo of cottle

    I wonder if these people hate going to work everyday? People are paid to watch this stupid show. The doctor probably prescribes them all sleeping medicine. ABC network is a joke!!!!

  9. Profile photo of GHFan76

    I think ABC thought they could get away with or at least get similar ratings with this show b/c people know who Ty Pennington and Tim Gunn are. It proves that you need to have content people are interested in also!

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