The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Jack Sues Genevieve!


Jack/Genevieve: Hell hath no fury like Old Smilin' Jack scorned! Jack hauls Genaura into court for fraud, due to her purchase of Beauty of Nature. The former mob wife is stunned her ex- fiancé is taking her to court. In the end she decides to pitch a deal. Jack is interested, but Genevieve's plan has a huge condition. Ashley and Nikki discover Jack's pact with Genevieve and try to stop him from going along with it. Will he listen?


Victoria: She and Chelsea butt heads. Later,she and her father have a heated showdown.

Nick/Sharon/Adam/Chelsea:  As the exes are going over Newman business at the GCAC,  Sharon spots Adam and Chelsea getting a bit too chummy for Sharon's liking (For real, girl?!). Snapping out of her jealousy, Sharon recommends to Nick that the two of them go on a business trip for Newman Enterprises. Don't break out the champagne just yet "Shick" fans — it's strictly business for these two right now. Later, Nick is impressed when Sharon's business acumen during an important meeting leads to a huge deal for the company.

When  Adam gets wind of the former high school sweethearts going off on their trip, he decides to drop a line to Phyllis. Don't look for Red to be all that thriled. 

Victor/Jill: The one time lovers have an explosive showdown over the picture Jill snapped of Victor and Genevieve.

Cane/Genevieve:  The newbie cosmetic's queen isn't trying to hear any more of her apologies.

Daniel/Lucy/Daisy: The artist faces an uphill battle in regards to getting custody of Lucy.

Neil/Devon: Their father/son dynamic may suffer because of a new business venture for Neil.

Angelina: Say deuces to the singing mob princess, as Diana Degarmo is exiting Y&R.


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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    Angelina…..I can’t believe I’m sharing this but…… REALLY??

    She’s growing on meeeeee! (how is that even possible???)

    But for all the “Dead Weight” we all sometimes complain about, before you start rejoicing over A’s departure, WE STILL HAVE DAISY!

    Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. My once favorite female on this show. I gotta say, for your poor daughters sake, I hope to hell Chelsea “steals your man”.

    Where’s BILLY??? :-(

  2. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ^^ Well damn goyankees. You peed on my parade for Angelina (and her daddy) exiting GC by reminding me of Daisy!!! ;-)

    I really had no use for Angelina and Angelo playing stereotypes of Italian Americans. There is already a Jersey Shore and I am pretty sure it is not near Genoa City.

    And with another failed pairing for Greg Rikkart’s Kevin, can he just be paired off with Michael Grazedei’s Daniel? I am being a little serious. They have chemistry and I think would form a credible couple. Let’s face it. There is no where for these guys to go unless they leave GC.

    So how long do we have to wait for Nick and Sharon to get horizontal? Well, at least there was no mention of Phyllis ‘cuz I can use a break from ‘Red.’

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I won’t miss Angelina. Let’s hope MAB doesn’t bring her back in six months like a half dozen other people.

    I’d wish Jack continues despising Genaura. Don’t want them to do business together. But I guess when Ash starts trying to break off the deal Jack is even more convinced that he’s doing the right thing. -.-

    Daniel has become such a waste. Not only isn’t this awful hair doing him any favors but the writing has been on the wall for this character since Amber has left GC.

    Sharon and Nick are so predictable. We’ve seen this all before. After he tried to take her daughter away from her and she not only married his brother but also his father, the two end up eventually sleeping together. This of course causes Phyllis to become Sharon’s stalker yet again and probably writes another article about the damsel-in-distress in “Restless Style” (which is the most UNREALISTIC magazine I’ve ever heard of).

    It’s great that you write that Victor and Jill are former lovers. Seems to be forgotten by the people involved. Let’s me think about the possibilities for another Victor/Nikki/Jack quad that DOES NOT involve Genaura… -.-

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I like Angelina because she’s funny. That little Betty Boop voice is hysterical…all characters don’t have to be deep & intense. Chloe & Kevin has about as much chemistry as a doorknob & its like watching paint dry unless Delia is in the scene to liven their dead asses up.

  5. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Good riddance to Angelina and her father. Stupid Italian stereotypes. I guess since the whole Red & Her Father didn’t work out we’re not going to see any more Avery. Pairing up Daniel and Kevin? Maybe, maybe not. How about Daniel/Eden/Kevin — the first polyamorous tri-couple (a word?) on Y&R? That way all 3 of them could be used in a positive way.

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Bye, Angelina…..

    Won’t miss this tired, cliched, gum-smacking, screechy, loud jewelry CARICATURE……..

    Like most other characters that have come and gone over the past 2 years on this show, she suffered from craptastic characterization and bad writing, which left me with an incurable case of “Whogivesadamn” syndrome!

    Diana did a good job and I do think she’s a good actress, but Angelina was NEVER likable to me……and her “romance” with Kevin was like watching paint dry. Completely unoriginal and stupid!!

    Now let’s bring Y&R back to being a SOAP opera, not a cheesy copycat of “The Sopranos”…….or “American Idol”…..or some ridiculous singing competiton! If I never hear another character on this show sing again, it will be too soon!!!

  7. Profile photo of goyankees

    Yes, where IS Avery??

    I know I said I’d miss Angela….Again, she HAS grown on me. I alluded to it last week. She and Kevin could be Y&R’s creation of Scotty and Dominique Baldwin back in the (sigh) good ol days of GH. I figured we’d at least have this storyline unfold over the remainder of the year, as Kevin finds himself truly falling for Angelina, she softens up, makes a friend (Lily? Lily has no friends, in case you haven’t noticed)….and then -BAM! Hit by a car and dies. (Tragic, I know, I know)

    But this just annoys me. They throw these unsufferable characters in our faces, and now, where’s the payoff?

    And now Poor Devon’s lost his cash cow too. Boo and Moo.

  8. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    The only good thing about Angelina was that she kept my girl Chloe away from Kevin. That “romance” is doing her NO favors and wish they’d let it die already. Poor Elizabeth Hendrickson looks….bored. And so am I.

    They need to bring back Jana (or her previously unknown twin) because she was probably the only female character that worked with Kevin.

    And they really need to move away from the whole Beauty of Nature thing. Create a rival product or if they have to stay with the same old stuff revive Glow by Jabot. I imagine their commercials being like White Diamonds….haven’t changed in 20 years.

  9. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    hey mon,
    Aren’t Eden and Kevin related? Don’t they have the same bio Dad? I haven’t watched this show in ages so they may have re-written backstory somehow, but last time I watched these two were Step Siblings!

  10. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    giogio — I’m half Italian, too. I don’t like the way MAB has portrayed Italian-Americans. Jersey, mobster-types, with all of the names being Carmine, Dino, Angelo. Hoodlums, etc. We are a smart group of people, not mobsters.

  11. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    No, Eden’s father is Lowell Baldwin, and Kevin’s father is Tom Fisher. Sure, they are step-siblings, but it never stopped anyone on the B&B.

  12. Profile photo of Bartman202


    More tedium and boredom from the lame head-writing trio of Bell/Sheffer/Hamner. One can only guess if Jack will be up and walking once the SORAS’ed Kyle returns in April – can’t wait for our genius head writers to explain THIS one!!

    Maria Arena Bell needs to go ASAP before our show teeters over the edge of no return!!!

  13. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=Restless Fan]Good Riddance to Angelina! Truly a horrid creation.[/quote]

    I concur – GOOD BYE!!

    Then again, name one character that Maria and her co-hacks have created that has worked…………………………..still waiting……………………..!!

    Can’t name one, can you? FUNNY – NEITHER CAN I!!

  14. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: Lineage is not written in stone when it comes to Maria. One day Eden is Kevin’ half sister and two month’s later she’ll be some child Nikki had as a stripper with Lowell at the “Assram.” I know that is not possible. But with Maria even the unexplainable will happen. That’s how she writes thing.

  15. Profile photo of Mets82

    Angelina could work in small doses but when shes on every day, shes totally burnt out.

    Maybe someone could explain to me why Jack is so pissed off at Genevieve? I mean he should be glad shes got Beauty of Nature. They get married and its kept in the family, where as if she doesnt have Beauty of Nature Beauty of Nature could go to Victor. What would Jack have to say if it went to Victor instead of his own wife?

    Im so sick of Nick/Sharon/Phyllis. I mean “Red” should just get over it and be done with it. Im sick of all her jealousy crap. Mind your business. Stop butting into Daniel’s business, Nick’s business, Sharon’s business and worry about Restless Style.

    And one more thing, can we stop with Genevieve being public enemy number 1? I mean you see Jill, Ashley, Jack, Cane etc. treat her like crap. All she did was buy a company. I wish they felt that way about Adam and used there engery that they have for Genevieve on Adam because maybe he’d be in jail right about now.

  16. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [Quote]And with another failed pairing for Greg Rikkart’s Kevin, can he just be paired off with Michael Grazedei’s Daniel? I am being a little serious. They have chemistry…[/Quote]

    And the church says “AMEN!” Kevin and Angelina were boring! Yeah, they were better than Chloe and Kevin, but that isn’t saying much. Kevin only has chemistry with his male counterparts. I’ve been waiting for Kaniel for a long time. Chloe doesn’t fit in with the Baldwin clan. The whole wedding is forced and dumb. I don’t get MAB’s OBSESSION with this lame ass couple.

    I am glad Angelina is leaving. Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe her. She was nothing, but a degrading Italian stereotype.

    WTF, was Phyllis wearing at the wedding?

  17. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Nothing much to look forward to there.The show really needs an injection of new strong characters who can challenge the other actors.Think of some ex-soap stars who can bring fans with them and liven up YR.
    I’m loving what GH’s doing with the OLTL characters,but can’t imagine MAB and co having the talent to pull something like that off.

  18. Profile photo of Dyllan

    No more new characters. That’s all MAB does. And she ruins all the strong characters by making them whiny wimps. Look what she has done to all the strong women on Y&R. They are pathetic.

  19. Profile photo of tedew

    First of all … Cane/Genevieve: The newbie cosmetic’s queen isn’t trying to hear any more of her apologies.
    There appears to be two shes in that spoiler. Is Jillian trying to tell us something we don’t know about Cane?

    All in all these spoilers do seem like much more of the same and I completely agree with comment #24 from For Whom the Bells Toll.

    I also agree with Mets82’s comments in post #22 concerning Genevieve. She is not really all that bad of a character and has done no more than any of her male counterparts would have done. Also, the solution was/is very simple … Genevieve could have simply claimed she bought the company as a wedding gift for Jack and his Noble Family. Since there has not yet been a marriage, Jack has had ample opportunity to rectify that to his gain.

    Regarding the New Jersey Mob Family leaving … Angelina was kind of growing on me but that whole thing was stupid and really did take up a lot of space on my DVR and therefore out of my viewing pleasure.

  20. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    tedew — I hope there is no more to find out about Cane. He has been re-written too many times as it is, and I can’t take what I already know. Twin brother Caleb shot instead, not Phil Chancellor the 3rd, you name it. I will say one more time — Hook him up with Ashley!

  21. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Why is Genie Francis still on this show? The character sucks and the actress is DREADFUL. Get her off my screen. Y&R most likely only has a few years left. I want to see my favorites–not rejects from other soaps. She needs to leave and take Stephen Nichols (his Tucker is nothing more than a watered-down Victor) with her.

  22. Profile photo of tedew

    Well at least if Cane connects with Ashley there is always potential that she could add another tick to her dead husband list.

    I am one who enjoys Genevieve (within limits) and her possibilities. I also do not think that Genie Francis is dreadful nor a reject from another soap.

    However … your comment on Tucker may just be apropos.

  23. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    If I remember correctly, the character of Tucker was created during Eric Braeden’s protracted contract renewal negotiations. It was intended to remind him that Victor was completely replaceable as the town billionaire/strongman.

    The idea of making him Kay’s son was probably an afterthought.

    IMO, that is why the character, like most Y&R characters created in the past three years, has never really worked. Very little long or even medium-term planning.

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