Deadline is Hearing ABC is “Losing Faith” in The Revolution

Even the hottest entertainment blog around is weighing in on the utter ratings disaster that has been ABC Daytime's The Revolution. Deadline has a new post up detailing the talk show's record low ratings, and how said ratings, coupled with concerns about a proper lead-in for Katie, have General Hospital looking better in the network's eyes these days.

Of course readers who follow Marc Berman's TV Media Insights, Michael Logan's TV Guide coverage of soaps and/or this blog already knew all of that. However, it's nice to see Deadline summarizing what a mess ABC has made of its daypart.

Will The Revolution flopping, GH being on a creative upswing and the latter having spiked in the Nielsens a few weeks ago, be enough to keep ABC's last remaining sudser on the air for another year? We should know in a couple of weeks. 

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    The problem is that ABC still wants out of the soap opera business in Daytime. Like you said, Jamey … it would just buy the show another few months until ABC has develop some other stupid show.

    I hope that ABC decides to cancel THE REVOLUTION and gives GENERAL HOSPITAL maybe another half year or so … but at this point we’re are in for a disappointment either way.

    Of course this is good news and I’m happy about it. I just wish that ABC would respect all these long-time soap fans a little bit more and pick up GH for another year to see if ratings improve … and IF they improve that ABC keeps GH on the air.
    I’d like to see them realizing that there is an audience for this show out there. That the show is loved by millions and that it would hurt television if they cancel it.
    But just to have in mind that they want to get rid of their last soap no matter what feels just cruel and like I said sets us up for disappointment sooner or later…

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    Let’s hope The Revolution continues to tank. I don’t understand why ABC, if they want out of the soap business, doesn’t shop GH to another network, especially with Ron and Frank at the helm, ratings up and creativity up…even if it’s cable, like USA Network or someone. There are a million networks out there. If they were to be able to say, “Hey, there is life in this show but we don’t want to air soaps any longer…” there could be a chance. They’re just bent on destruction, it seems.

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    I think that fans who watched AMC AND OLTL probably watched GH also and ABC is only lucky that people continued to watch that. Also, with all the rumors swirling about bringing back the shows as a fan Ive been waiting and watching. But if I find out, and Im sure others will feel the same way, that GH is canceled I would not have a reason to watch ABC and no one else would and Katie will be watching herself. As for Katie, why in her right mind wait a year and a half for her new show when she knows they may cancel yet ANOTHER soap to accomadate her? I will feel sorry for the Revolution people cause they said they didnt know until 5 minutes before their show was announced that they were taking over a canceled soap. But I wont feel sorry for Katie cause–what…does she think she’s above it all and she will be the next Oprah at the expense of another canceled soap. I dont think so. She was on DWTS last night and my husband was trying to distract me so I wouldnt start flipping. Didnt work.

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    abc owns their soaps so I don’t see them making it easier for anyone to continue. It was tried with amc/oltl and it was a bigger proposition than the outfit bargained for. One word impossible.

    They want out of business like posted before. Even though I keep reading about higher ratings, I just don’t see it. They are still at numbers comparable to where GL was at years ago when it was dumped. The only two soaps higher are the top two. Even Days is not good. I remember reading that Days films quick and has long breaks. The definitely have small cast so I can see where they may survivie for awhile. GH is doomed. Look at the expensive actors they have, the steady filming, hugh overhead. They can’t stay with Sonny/Jason because they don’t have enough fans to keep GH on the air. They also cannot lose those fans or the shows sinks, so what is there to do? One million Jason/Sonny fans will not secure show. They should have mixed it up years ago which is why oltl was abc’s stellar soap.Iknow this new team will try but boy what a monumentous task to combine in order to expand fanbase of GH. GH has been on 3 in afternoon on abc for decades. I don’ think the Revolution has anything to do with the slide of GH. I think the same for Katie C. She has to bring the viewers in on her own merit and word of mouth.

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    Jamey Giddens

    ABC does want out of soaps in the daytime, that hasn’t changed. However, with a tremendously weakened daypart, thanks to Oprah, Reege, Susan Lucci and OLTL all being gone, they are in fact rethinking ditching GH this time around. I’ve been told it could still go either way and they would like to see The Rev succeed (That’s why Toni Braxton is co-hosting. They’re hoping fans of her reality show will spike numbers), but they realize GH is probably their best bet to still be on the air in Fall of 2012. They are still developing potential replacements for that 2 pm timeslot, but they have nothing worth going out with at this time.

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    If they are still developing potential replacements for the Rev to lead in Katie – if I were her I’d still have a fit. She’s gonna know soap fans are going to be balistic if they cancel the last standing soap. No-one is gonna watch her. NO ONE!!! These people have my stomach turning already. I wish they would cut their s***.

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    Echoing Alstonboy’s sentiments, :D :D :D :D :D !!!

    That’s what they get, hopefully they will keep GH, so that Katie can have a better lead-in, we’ll see what happens.

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    They should look at the chew also. Worst shows on TV. ABC used to be my favorite network for shows and now they only have crap and the worst of it. Take the crap off the air. We will never watch ABC again except of course GH which is on fire. I look forward to watching it everyday. What the hell is wrong with you people. You are out of touch with the viewers and we are united and strong. ABC had better do something positive finally before we drive them out of business.

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