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Carly’s not worried about McBain. He’s out of his jurisdiction, but he threatens to hold her until PCPD show up, unless she answers questions for him.  Carly figures he has a grudge against Sonny and vice versa.  Sonny shows, up wondering what they’re doing in Kate’s office.  Carly says she needed a signature for something. John says he wanted to talk to Kate about the gun found in her office. 

Ewen asks what Connie wants with Kate.  Connie’s upset that Kate left her life behind, as though she was embarrassed, and she wants to make Kate remember. She says she wants to end things with Sonny, to protect Kate.  Ewen wonders how she plans on doing that. Connie doesn’t say.  Connie comes onto Ewen, who turns her down.  Ewen asks how the gun got in Kate’s office. 

Anna gets home. Liz explains that Patrick went to scatter the ashes.  Anna says it’s not right to outlive your children, something Liz knows all about.   Liz says it’s been a year and it doesn’t get easier.  Anna mentions Luke taking down the sign at the bar. It’s something Liz seems grateful for.  She says everything reminds her of Jake. She has to keep going for Cam and Aiden.  Anna agrees she needs to be there for Emma.  

Patrick holds the urn and says he doesn’t know how to say goodbye to Robin.  He feels he’ll see her again. If he reaches out, he’ll be able to touch her.  Patrick opens the urn, crying, but falls to the ground.  He gathers himself and dumps her ashes.  He says he’ll always love her, wherever she is.  He leaves the urn there. 

Robin wakes up, and wonders what’s going on and where she is.  She gets out of bed and weakly falls to the floor. She drags herself to the door, finds it locked and pounds on it.  A nurse opens the door and tells her to get back into bed.  Robin wants to know where Patrick and Emma are.  She wonders what happened. Did someone got her out before the explosion.  The nurse gives her a sedative. 

Ronnie overhears Lulu and Dante talking about Delores possibly tampering with evidence.  Dante goes over what happened with the photos. Ronnie thinks Delores may be protecting her husband.  Dante says they’ve never met the husband. Ronnie says it’s very similar to domestic violence cases, but Lulu doesn’t think Delores is the type.  Ronnie wonders if the husband is the stripper attacker. 

Johnny’s waiting for Connie to call him back when Delores shows up at his door.  She wants his help in finding her sister’s killer.  Johnny says he wants to know about Sonny’s case, if there is evidence or witnesses.  Delores mentions the gun found and promises to be in touch.   

Sonny tells McBain Kate had nothing to do with the gun and blames Johnny.  John asks if he has proof. Sonny says Johnny blames him for stuff. He hates his grandfather, shot out the tires and blamed Sonny.  John says he still wants to talk to Kate.  Sonny tells him to leave Port Charles or he’ll regret staying. 

After Sonny leaves, Carly tells John that Johnny was with her all night and couldn’t have been the shooter. She feels whoever caused the accident should pay.  Carly swears again that Johnny was with her.  John asks if Sonny has ever lied to her and if she thinks Sonny is lying now.  As he’s leaving, John gets a call from Blair that Starr is missing. 

Anna says she wishes Robert were here. Liz thinks it was too painful for him.  Anna says both she and Robert think they should have been able to save Robin, with all their experience.  She feels it would be easier if Robin were stuck somewhere. She could save her.  Liz says the death of a child doesn’t always bring the parents closer. She explains Lucky living his life in Ireland and how she’s moving on.  She mentions getting attention from both Matt and Ewen. However, Matt’s taken and she thinks of Ewen only as a friend.  When Patrick returns, Anna tells him that scattering the ashes at the site of the house, was a good idea. 

Connie says Kate doesn’t do guns. People who get around Sonny tend to get hurt.  Ewen asks her again if she knows anything about the gun.  Sonny shows up.  Ewen says they’re in the middle of a session.  Connie snaps back into Kate, who assures Sonny she’ll be done soon. 

Kate asks Ewen what happened. He tells her that Connie wants Sonny out of her life and that she has a plan.  Kate wonders why she doesn’t know what Connie is up to and wants to get rid of her.  Ewen offers to schedule another appointment for her and to send her a copy of the tape recording.   

Sonny apologizes for walking in on the session.  Kate wonders how he knew where she was. Sonny mentions Carly and McBain being in her office.  Kate’s not happy with that and calls to have her locks changed. 

Carly shows up at Johnny’s and he claims she’s the one person he wanted to see, and they start to kiss.

Patrick’s watching video of Robin and Emma from Christmas.  He says he can still feel her and hopes she’ll always be with him.

Someone shows up at Robin’s door and the nurse lets them know that Robin was asking questions, but that she doesn’t know that “they” are behind this. 

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    I swear to dog, if Jason Thompson doesn’t get an Emmy for this storyline, there’s something wrong with the system.

    Why do I always want to laugh when John Mcbain says something? I like the way ME is playing this.

    Colour me surprised that we got follow up on Robin. I was expecting there to be a draught after yesterday’s shocker. Who’s putting money on the kidnapper? Faison? Why would he care after so many years? Helena? What would she want with a Scorpio?

    Looks like I was wrong in thinking Johnny had called someone other than Connie. Which is weird, because woudlnt’ Kate wonder why Johnny’s calling her.

    Loved all the shots of Robert’s Koala bear, behind everyone in the Scrubs house.

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    TV Gord

    soapfan14, her name is Mary-Pat Green. She’s been on dozens of prime time shows going back decades, but most recently she has had a recurring role on The Middle as the principal of the high school.

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    Anna lost her baby on AMC, right? Love seeing Sonny standing next to all these tall men. Little mini me mobster for real!

    I was so ready for Robin to karate chop that amazon nurse. I really really hope Jake is in the next room of that place.

    I really hope they aren’t chem testing Carly with all the OLTL men. I really don’t want to see number 21452 of Sonny v his enemy/Carly. I had to endure (the white hot) Carly/Lorenzo v Sonny then Carly/Jax v Sonny. It’s boring and has been done to death.

    Loved seeing Anna and Liz talking today. It was refreshing. I didn’t have to endure Maxie’s bugged out eyes yelling about how she’s killing everyone.

    I freakin love McBain. I stopped watching him after he broke up with Evangline. Now I love him again. Please let him stay but away from Carly!

    Why is it these past 2 weeks I have been finding Ewen super boring. Something about him has been off. His convo with Liz the other day he seemed not that into it and today it just seemed annoyed.

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    TV Gord

    Anna didn’t miscarry, though. The baby, Leora, was born and died either during or right after her father, David Heyward, performed a very sensitive and risky surgery on her.

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    [quote=TV Gord]soapfan14, her name is Mary-Pat Green. She’s been on dozens of prime time shows going back decades, but most recently she has had a recurring role on The Middle as the principal of the high school.[/quote]

    I would have sworn it is the same actress that plays Alice!

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    Great show. I can see why they would play this as Anna experiencing something she never has before even though she went through a baby dying. I think it’s a completely different experience to lose a baby. I’m not saying the pain is any less than when you lose an older child, it’s just different. When you lose an older child or an adult child you have so many memories and the child has been a part of your life for so long that it affects you in a different way. It’s similar, but again not the same, to how Liz had a couple of miscarriages and then Jake died. She never said that this was like her miscarriages because it’s not the same. I wouldn’t compare Sam losing Baby Girl McCall to Liz losing Jake because it’s different. I’m not saying either character’s pain would be more than the other’s, it’s just different. So, I didn’t have a problem with Anna asking Liz how to deal with a child dying.

    I never realized how talented JT was until this story. He is just amazing and has become my absolute favorite male character and male actor. Love him!

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    I kept having the same thought about the nurse being Alice’s portrayer in disguise, lol. Jason Thompson is just killing me in this story, he just is. I hurt in my heart just looking at him.

    I am so glad they are giving John McBain a personality again, I am thoroughly enjoying him. As for Carly and her men, every man ends up being Sonny’s enemy so it’s always going to play that way.

    Crazy Connie is a hoot and this was the first time I enjoyed any of Ewen’s scenes. Although…he doesn’t know about integration? Really? Even I know about that. Or is it different when the alter is actually the original personality and was shoved away when someone reinvented themselves?

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    Seriously, how HOT did Johnny look wearing that blue t-shirt and with his hair still wet from his shower when he opened the door for Carly. YUMMY-YUMMY!!! :love: :love: :love: :love:

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    I realize Dr Ewen must not have an office yet, but it irritated me to no end that Sonny just barged in there like he owned the place… can this man please get knocked down a few rungs? I did like Ewen asking him to leave until the session is over. I’m so sick of Sonny and his arrogance that I can barely watch the show anymore. It has tainted my enjoyment of a show I have loved for decades.

    Did anyone else notice just how quickly Ronnie jumped on board with Dante and Lulu about Delores’s husband…. I still think Ronnie’s the attacker. He was too quick to jump on that other suspect too, the one that wasn’t guilty and Michael found dead. I like Delores, and if she starts working for Johnny, oh well. Dante is not an objective cop, we saw Ronnie working for Franco and try to frame someone… Hell, she fits right in.

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    I would love for Faison and Helena to be behind Robin’s abduction but I think we are going to be in for a swerve and Robin Williams (aka Mork) will be revealed as the culprit prompting the return of Casey to save Robin.

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    I wasn’t expecting to see more of Robin. I still expect that Faison has her. Other than him would make no sense.

    Enjoyed the scenes Anna and Liz had together. Who would have thought that somebody is finally able to write for Rebecca Herbst… LOVED those scenes.

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    I’m with you Perkie. I truly thought Monday’s episode would be it for seeing Robin for a long while, so I was surprised and interested in what was going on. Just watching Kimberly McCullough on the floor made me wish she was one of the show’s leads. She’s a real talent. I hope Dr. David Hayward is somehow involved.

    @js3557: I agree and disagree with you. I agree that the loss of one child can never compare to the loss of another, particularly given age and I appreciated your examples for reasoning. Where I disagree is that I watched AMC when Anna was on the death of Baby Leora was her major storyline. I think Finola Hughes was nominated for a Lead Actress Emmy that year. Granted, the story took place in the early 2000’s but I think it would have gone a long way for viewers who are familiar with that story for it to have been mentioned. I mean Tracy’s minute-marriage to Gino Soleito is mentioned and far less people are familiar to that story on The City in 1995! And Llanview ain’t the only town in Pennsylvania!

    I adore Rebecca Herbst and Finola Hughes and there bonding moments are grounded and heartfelt. Still, I did not like when their conversation turned to Liz’s romantic life and she gushed about damned Ewen. The writers are laying it on thick. I really do not like Ewen or the actor. I have been willing to give him a try only because I find him so attractive but his line delivery is painful and he makes the least convincing therapist alive. Perhaps if he were shown in lighter moments he could grow on me. I dunno.

    The problem with the DID s/l is that no one cares about Kate or Kate/Sonny. Even Megan Ward could not salvage this mess. Right now, the only thing that differentiates Kate and Connie is a Brooklyn accent. Connie needs to raise her game and just go BSC, trying to kill Sonny, harming the people in her way. That, I might want to watch. On OLTL, Viki’s alters like Jean Randolph, Tommy or even Nikki Smith were dangerous. Heck, even Jessica’s alters (Tess and Bess) were lethal! Most importantly, OLTL viewers cared about Viki and Jessica.

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    I said this when Robin died and I’m saying it now- the writers arent only bringing OLTL to GH, they are also bringing im AMC. David is using his orpheus (spelling?) on Robin, his former step-daughter. Maybe David has gotten out of jail and Cara convinced him to leave Pine Valley behind. They were at General Hospital for a job interview for Cara. They were in the area amd David recognozed that It was Robin in the room. He and Cara got her out but it was Cara who was in the room when it exploded. Though David promised never to use his project again, but since he couldn’t save his daughter Babe, he is determined to save his former step-daughter and the sister of Leora.

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    [quote=john2124]Just a thought, what if Kate is the personality and Connie is who she really is?[/quote]

    This would be fantastic!!!! I love Connie.

    @ all the people who want some AMC characters coming to Port Chuck:
    This isn’t the time to make it happen. We already got three former OLTL people on contract. The show needs to continue to find it’s way and build on GH history – not yet involve another soap.
    Anyway, AMC’s Orpheus storyline was favored by fans. It was only accepted because it brought back some old fan favorites to the show’s end. There is NO need bringing this story over to GH. And there is no reason for Anna’s ex-husband to keep her daughter hidden. It would make much more sense if this story is build on actual GH history and if Faison, an old enemy of the Scorpios, is behind it all.
    So in all of this, it would be nice if people would start to think logical. ;)

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    I think that there is something off with Ewan. As some have said, at first I liked him, but right now he almost seems like an imposter. The whole seeing Kate/Connie in an exam room ( what was that about?). The weirdness of treating Cassandra at Wyndemere before he came to GH, yeah, I would say that something is off.

    Where did they dig Ronnie up from? Maybe he is Delores husband, and they are keeping it quiet. That way if he turns out to be the killer, we kill two birds with one stone and get rid of Ronnie, Deolores and the stupid stripper beater at the same time.

    Not that I care, but did Shyawn and TJ leave town, and I missed it?

    I so love that Robin is alive, but I think they jumped the shark a bit. I love what Jason Thompson is doing with Patrick’s grief, and I want to see him finally come to terms with Robins’ death and start to heal emotionally.

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    There is a reason if ROBERT is behind all of this and he has David Hayward fixing up Robin because he has heard of Project Orpheus and knows the miracles that David can work. That is pretty out of left field, but David could still have feelings for Anna and be using Robert to get off of some of the charges he’s facing. Robert would do anything to save Robin, even if it meant doing this. Also pretty much every move Robert makes in life hurts Anna so this would be in character.

    I don’t expect that. I fully expect it to be Faison, possibly working with Helena and also having a Quartermaine or 2. Robin is definitely not alone in that building and I expect to find out sooner or later there’s someone next to her. Just like when Dixie was next to Erica Kane on AMC.

    Faison is SO obvious, but I love that character and I love the actor. Obvious isn’t always a bad thing. I just think they have to throw some kind of curveball in there. Ron Carlivati doesn’t do simple. I’m up for anything really. I have like 20 scenarios in my head and I’m sure none will be completely right, but I am fine with anything.

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    Why is Kate/Connie now taking over this freaking show? Under Guza’s watch, people complained that Jason and Sonny were monopolizing the screen, but now that Ron C is taking over, he’s turning Kate into his own version of “Messica Buchanan”……….and just like Bree Williamson was only good in small doses, Kelly Sullivan is only good in small doses. I don’t need—–or want—-her shoved down my throat 10 days a week!

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    I am anti -Kate and Connie. That is too much like Jess and Tess. It might be different in the hands of a better actress. The same with Ewan. I have more respect for the little tyke playing Emma than I do those two.

    I love all of the play Liz is getting. It is about time. RH has put in the time and is a damn good actress. She has a huge fanbase. She has been so underused for the last few years. Yay!! Liz !!

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    mipeony its business as usual I keep hearing how great GH is but its “still SaSon centric” that will never change it behooves me no matter the regime producer, headwriter, team, these two rule the roost … never mind that ratings are still in the toilet losing viewers Sonny/and/or Jason dominates storylines, in every promo Hey writers this is what has tanked the show but what is it now?

    Example: Franco is still stinkin’ up storylines….& being leeched to Heather Webber’s return it just doesn’t matter this storyline has tanked four times they are determine for someone reason to make his stint a hit so they carry on.

    Why is Kate taking over the show?
    Answer: Sonny & I’m sick of scenes where he just walks in no knocking, ringing a doorbell…nothing

    On a negative note: I intensely dislike multiple personality storylines. I don’t care that Kate has another personality with a terrible Benshonhorst accent. I can see why she’s ashamed of you. On a positive note: I am looking forward to how Ron writes the characters e.g. Sonny, Carly finding out about the dual personality & their scenes with Kate’s alter Connie.

    I’m hoping its a GH villain an old WSB enemy (or descendant) that has Robin. I’m still hoping Ron puts Anna in superspy mode…I’m getting some anvils her talking about her skills. I am loving her scenes this is such a well written comeback for her… I was wondering why Patrick didn’t include Anna in scattering the ashes.

    Why is LuLu at the police station working? That dame has had more jobs the one at Crimson came out of left field (like this one).

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Why is Kate/Connie now taking over this freaking show? Under Guza’s watch, people complained that Jason and Sonny were monopolizing the screen, but now that Ron C is taking over, he’s turning Kate into his own version of “Messica Buchanan”……….and just like Bree Williamson was only good in small doses, Kelly Sullivan is only good in small doses. I don’t need—–or want—-her shoved down my throat 10 days a week![/quote]

    I’m assuming she is on all the time is because she is cheap! Sadly we can’t have all of our favorites on everyday for budget reasons. Look at Peter Reckell at Days, He’s in a coma because they have used up his contract days already. We have had some great scenes with Anna, Luke etc the past few weeks and the main players inthat s/l aren’t cheap. HOnestly I’ll take a few days of Connie if it means we will see GH for a few more years because Frank can keep the show on budget.

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    Have I missed Sonny’s bodyguards? He walks around – no protection – no Milo or Max…and his barging into the session was the STUPIDEST thing ever…out of all the doors, he just happen to pick the right one????

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    Unfortunately for the fans, a lot of the actors have contract minimums which mean we will continue to see Sonny, Jason, Carly and Sam shoved down our throats four to five days a week.

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    [quote=sweetiepie]Not that I care, but did Shyawn and TJ leave town, and I missed it?[/quote]
    Ron (or Frank, I can’t recall at the moment which one it was, LOL) tweeted that Sean Blakemore (Shawn) took a leave from the show, b/c he scored a role in Star Trek 2.

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    Soapjunkie and mipeony totally agree with your posts.

    soapbaby I am sort of with you in that i too agree and disagree with js. I agree that you cant compare sams late term miscarriage to losing a four year old child – both are very sad but in very different ways and I agree about the memories aspect in that Sam came home and had to deal with grieving all the things she imagined experiencing with lila, but Liz had to deal with actually remembering jake laughing on the deck. pain is pain and you cant weigh that, but yes, they are different. Where you lose me is when you then say that anna would have to ask liz questions because leora was so little and robin and jake were older – Im not sure I agree there. Leora was like 3-4 months old so Anna definitely had memories of things like bathing her, how she smelled, how she giggled, what toys she liked, feeding her and ultimately grieving her. I like the chemistry and bonding between anna and liz so thats not my complaint, but I think they should acknowledge that anna has lost a child already and just let their bonding be over the unique experience of losing a child. In fact, as I said in the forums, I think anna and liz getting along is a potentially nice set up to her backing a piz pairing (I can see anna saying I want patrick to be happy, I want to know emma has a mom, youve been good for them, robin would have wanted this etc.) and then robin returning just as patrick and liz have acknowledged and acted upon the feelings anna encouraged. I find that very organic. My only liz complaint so far is I wish she would stop sliding in to baby talk with emma. I find that so darn annoying, but otherwise, I think shes been good in this story line. working with jt and fh has for whatever reason upped her game I think.

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Where you lose me is when you then say that anna would have to ask liz questions because leora was so little and robin and jake were older – Im not sure I agree there.[/quote]

    I never said that Anna had to ask questions of Liz on how to deal with loss of a child. Perhaps, my wording was confusing. I watched the AMC story and thought it could at least be mentioned. The Liz/Anna scenes would have still made sense.

    I think Liz would be skewered on these boards if there were a Patrick/Liz pairing. There’s nothing but friendship there and I like my soaps to have some friendships. Liz has had chemistry with her screen partners and could be paired off rather easily.

  26. Profile photo of mipeony

    I think it would be great soapy drama for Liz and Patrick to slowly get together romantically and then have Robin come back…. that would be drama, drama, drama. I like both women the same, and I’m not sure who’s side I would end up on in that situation because both women are worth rooting for… I’ve always wanted to see Liz with a daughter…. maybe she could be pregnant with a little girl when Robin comes back… Patrick wouldn’t know which end was up if that happened!

  27. Profile photo of JasamForever

    No offense, but I can’t believe we are talking about a potential pairing for Patrick. He JUST lost his wife. And apparently he loved her very much. Patrick is not Sonny and can not just hop into bed with someone the next day. I personally don’t even want to think of a romantic pairing for Patrick. Who even knows how long GH will be on the air? I would much rather Patrick be single until a) he realizes Robin is still alive or b) he realizes she really is dead and decides to raise Emma as a single dad. I know this is a soap but realistically, it sometimes takes years and years once a spouse dies for the other person to get over it or even be open to going out on a date or being with another person.

  28. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Jasamforever -I am with you. I love Liz and I want her to have a pairing but not with Patrick. The man just lost his wife. I cannot believe people want Liz and him to get together. Robin wanted Patrick to have someone in theory when she thought she would die of Aids but I doubt she thought it would happen within a month of her death. PLease leave it at the friendship.

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    TV Gord

    Jasamforever, count me in, too. On AMC, when Ryan reacted to his beloved Gillian’s death by having a grief-boink with Liza, a lot of fans never forgave him. There are some things you can’t come back from.

    I think it’s even worse for Patrick, now that we know Robin is alive. Fans will never accept anyone else in his life.

    I’m starting to wonder if all the reports of KM wanting to leave GH were a big hoax, and she’s not going anywhere…

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Im not talking now or even a month from now because I dont think kimberly is going to do a return any time soon. Im talking letting it start maybe as stupid matts imagined jealousy and then when matt is finally handled, anna says you know if there were feelings there that wouldnt be unthinkable and then maybe it starts to build where six months from now – which in soap terms is years – he sees her as a romantic partner. Lets not forget, zac and kendall were seemingly irreplaceable on AMC. they were as much a supercouple (if that term is even applicable these days anymore) as robin and patrick and folks said with Thorsten Kaye gone amc would have no way of ever pairing kendall successfully again. When griffin showed up, fans didnt much care for him (esp. since he was new where becky, as liz fans love to shout, has this built in fan base) but tptb took it slow, he was her doc, she was the misbehaving patient that had to find her husbands killer. She wasnt over zach and her budding feelings for griff seemed horrific to her given that she still thought constantly about zach but then finally she realized that she really had fallen for griff. by the end I think there was a sizable contingency that really was rooting for her to choose her new suitor instead of taking back her not dead hubby. Had the soap gone on, I think they had a bonafide triangle where both sides were entirely rootable because kendall never did anything to disrespect what she had with zach it was just that she believed for a really long time that he was gone. (and it was nothing like kendalls grief romp with aiden or ryans grief romp with liza both of which fans found disgusting, including me).

    Soapbaby Im not saying Anna SHOULD ask liz those questions, Im saying shes saying things and asking questions of liz and liz is responding to her like the voice of experience when anna has a similar experience to liz’s (basically Im agreeing with you). If the writers respected history they would have her mention her daughter to liz. Its odd that annas talking like she has never been through anything like this.

  31. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @TV Gord-Yeah. Not sure what is going on with Kmc. I am very confused. Did she tape these scenes ahead of time or did she have a change of heart? Are TPTB trying to gain back those lost viewers by bringing Robin back or showing her taped scenes sooner than expected?

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    It’s Thursday…starting to savor aspects of the new regime…not all…

    He catches her. But Carly is impervious to his part mocking, part serious observation. “Not your office, not your file cabinet.” “Not your business.” She’s astute on McBain’s reason for being in PC: “…more than…the…accident…you have a grudge…he doesn’t like you much, either.” Her eyes shift, her voice cuts off. On cue he appears, no knock, wandering in, Kate’s office just another part of the bully’s kingdom. I think Carly has a mixture of admiration for the smooth way McBain handles him combined with a guarded ease, liking him but wary at the same time. Throughout their “meeting” she tests him, coyly trying to coax information from him, not giving too much from her end. He files away that “passionate defense” of John next to the bully’s pitiful “I blame Johnny” routine. McBain takes a chance asking her if she thinks the bully is being truthful. I find it telling she didn’t answer. I get the feeling she
    doesn’t want to say because she’s really not sure…

    “What do you want with Kate Howard?” “I don’t want nothin’ to do with that d**n high and mighty princess…I’m the real one…” Give Ewan credit for pulling the alter out without a lot of struggle. Looks like “Connie” was never really into the bully and had no real desire for him to follow her out of Bensonhurst. She’s a combination of determination and desperation:
    “I’m gonna put an end to their romance…” and “All I care about is that we’ll be safe from (him).” As long as he’s convicted, it’s all good. The thing that bothers me is she has no sympathy when Ewan mentions the two deaths from the accident. Collateral damage doesn’t register or she purposely ignores it. For his part, Ewan goes along for the ride and admirably thwarts her agressive advances on him. The raspberry she blew
    was amusing if cartoonish. KSul can be given props for mastering the amount of dialogue here. I don’t care about her character though…

    Leave it to the bully to bring this chapter of “Kate and DID” to a close. Barging in, no respect, no class. Just the “thug in a silk suit” that he’s always been :|

    I’m disappointed in Padilla. I want to believe she’s disappointed in herself for going this route with John, but there’s just enough of that desperation factor (like “Connie”), to cause her to do what she needs to to get what she wants. John’s quid pro quo is distasteful for her (RM’s face was good here), but in the end she’s probably thinking it’s the lesser of two evils. The bigger one being who killed her sister. I think she knows who did it. John’s info may confirm it. Her info for him? Sure, it’ll help put the screws to the bully, but who else is gonna be affected?…

    They’re both concerned about Maxie and know she’s not guilty of either death. Questions a-plenty. “How do we prove she’s lying?” “Evidence. Provided it doesn’t disappear and someone doesn’t delete it.” Even though she opened the door, L doesn’t want to believe Padilla “…would tamper
    with evidence.” That Ronnie hears their discussion and throws shade on her isn’t surprising. The puzzle for all three is that she’s a victim herself and she’s possibly covering for someone. The husband angle comes up (quickly), from Ronnie (curious). Where he says it’s do mestic violence, L isn’t so sure. “No..Delores doesn’t seem like the type.” D can’t be sure one way or the other. “We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.”
    They’re both troubled by Ronnie’s jump to Eddie being the actual suspect in the assaults. “Fighting with your wife’s a long reach from beating her serial attacker.” “…Hope your right…” “…doubts?” If either
    thought that “…something’s not right…”, Padilla’s clicking in, terse exchange, and quick exit only confirms those doubts. Nothing like another layer added. Maybe she’s not a “cop” per se, but I’m liking L in this capacity…

    I loved the warmth and cammaraderie between FH and RH. I think a lot has to do with how both pay attention to minute details making these two women
    “alive”. Seeing Anna weepy and “lost” while strange (her being a spy and all), is oddly comforting. Yeah, it’s not all about crime fighting, it’s her being “normal”. “…not right for parents to outlive their children…”
    Liz dovetailing with her because she knows the same pain and los. (I can’t speak to Anna’s time with Leora as I don’t remember a lot of details). I can understand her sentiments about the head knowing it was an accident vs the heart wishing it could have done something to save Robin. The dovetailing of their respective parenting without their male partners segues to Liz shyly opening up about life beyond Lucky. Liz doesn’t have a female sounding board. I’m glad Anna’s there to be one…

    If I was JT and had to pick a reel of work to submit to the Emmy judges, there are so many outstanding examples. Maybe it was the koala bears, who’ve become silent witnesses to this entire tragedy that got to me. Watching Patrick sitting on the couch, a study in numbed disconsolation in front of the Christmas video is to see total despair. That mama koala at his shoulder looks just as sad…

    Her disorientation is palpable. You can see her survival instincts kick in as she scrambles, half staggering, half tumbling as she escapes the confines of the bed. Crawling to the door, shaking the handle, finding it locked-just like the lab. A shadow through the frosted glas window, the door opening. No recognition, just queries. Pills, a syringe. Back to

    A faceless overseer. “…asking questions…agitated…sedative…She has no idea you’re the one behind this.” It’s not just why is Robin here but who has orchestrated this living nightmare…

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