The Revolution’s EP: “I Didn’t Know This Was Going To Replace The Soaps”

The Revolution is working overtime to repair the damage its dismal ratings have caused ABC Daytime's lineup. The lifestyle show's executive producer JD Roth spoke with TV Guide to plead his show's case. Peep this snippet:

What's the worst thing anyone has said?
"I can't believe they took my favorite soap opera off the air for this." I want to change that and empower people to feel good about what they're doing. I know that sounds Pollyanna, but I really believe it.

What do you say to the soap fans?
I did not kill Erica Kane. I have a lot of respect for the art of the soap opera and the storytelling. But remember, I make TV shows, I don't program them. I didn't know this was going to replace the soaps until — and this is no exaggeration — five minutes before the press release went out.

Actually Roth is right. He didn't kill Erica Kane. He killed Viki Lord, but I digress. Soap fans get buck when it comes to their shows! 

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    This guy is full of (BLEEP!). He didn’t kill any soaps, but he’s laughing all the way to the bank. I can’t wait until this dreadful show is put out of its misery. Tim Gunn is a pretentious joke and the rest of them are just sticking around because they are desperate for a gig. There’s no way that any of them actually takes this crap seriously!

    He gets the #Bitchplease award of the day!!!!

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    Danny Ricci

    Hey everybody, guess what?


    This twisted excuse for a television program had been in development for months, and he didn’t once overhear that, hey, you’re gonna be pissing off a whole lot of people by doing this? Sorry, but I call complete and utter BS.

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    How can you be the producer of a show and not know it is replacing a soap until “5 minutes before the press release came out”? Who does he think he is kidding? There’s no way he wasn’t in on the time slot talks. It makes no perfect sense for him to say it. I wish I could find the sound bite he put out when this ridiculous show (which I have not seen) and the “Blew” premiered. It definitely had something to do with him not being the one to kill soaps, but at that point, he didn’t give them any praise. He didn’t diss them, but there was no love lost between him, his company and soaps.

    I watched AMC pretty religiously for the last 25 years; prior to that I was in school and watched it intermittently, but since my mother watched daily, I still had a huge connection to it. I know, even as a passionate viewer, that it totally sucked at times, but because I was so passionate, I stuck with it. Those characters were like my family. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way (which is pretty evident given the fan outrage). ABCD really dropped the ball on the soaps, which could have been a cash cow for them if they treated them with the respect they deserved. I haven’t had AMC for 6 months now, and I still miss it. I have found other things to watch in its place, however, I will never forget it and I will always talk about it. It was that important to me.

    So, J.D., maybe peruse the boards and these websites that are devoted to soaps and see what the viewers are saying about your show. Clearly, you are not doing enough to keep them watching and if you think ABCD cares whether your show will last, you are dead wrong. Hopefully, it does tank and GH can have the slot.

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    Jamey Giddens

    He isn’t lying about the scheduling. The Revolution was initially developed for syndication. At the last minute, Anne Sweeney told Frons she wanted two of the shows, which had been developed for syndication, as shows for ABC Daytime. His show sucks, but all he did was create a sucky show. Anne Sweeney put out the kill order on ABC Daytime soaps.

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    You know what. Whether they knew or not leave Erica Kanes name out of this. Whats that supposed to be some sort of Joke. Giogio is in no mood for these jerks today. And whats ahead of us.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Syndicated shows aren’t just developed for ABC. That’s the problem with both ABC’s sydication division and their daytime division being under Frons at the time. Frons knew he was developing potential soap replacements, but the showrunners thought their shows would be syndicated.

    There’s been tons of problems that resulted from Frons overseeing both of those divisions for ABC. Shows like Southern Belles and that reality show from the writer of He’s Just Not That Into You, were both supposed to be syndicated series. When know one wanted them, they just dumped them on SOAPnet.

    This is what happens when you don’t have a clear vision for any of the three entities under your stewardship.

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    Apparently Katie Couric knows enough about show dynamics and time-slots that she doesn’t want to P**-OFF more soap fans.
    What time exactly did he think the show would be on?? He had to know that he was replacing another show (whenever a show is a mid-season replacement, they always appear to know this).
    He appears to be adding INSULT (insulting people’s intelligence) to INJURY (cancellations in the first place) by feigning ignorance.

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    Come on people
    get a life… he just makes the tv shows, he doesnt do the programming as he stated… You cannot blame anyone on these shows, cause they replaced the soaps… the soaps were replaced cause the audience was dwindling, and this was recognized… TIVO and SOAPNET didnt help I guess.. However that being said , they are pricey to produce as well, and the salaries to give out, costs alot, not to mention the sets, costumes, marketing, etc. Think of it this way , MAXIE on GH the actress is getting flack, cause she replaced Kirsten Storms… Come on, she is an actress, got called in for this role, and they like her, and they have kept her on, the audience doesnt like her cause she isnt KIRSTEN… what if STARR was re-cast, the audience would go crazy .. You see them day in and day out , and its not their fault they replaced something or someone … you adapt, instead of complaining too much .. Remember everyone has their own unique way to a role, its never going to be the same, unless they were twins, and even then they would have some contrast to the way the role was played. REVOLUTION is no doubt going to be cancelled, and GH will live on , its that simple, once something else is in developement, then GH will go … I believe SOAPS in daytime are on their way out the door , the writing is on the wall. Times are changing … so everything does change .

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    Scott Novick

    Like Jamey said, he didn’t know what time his show would be on because it was created for syndication, which means it could air in many different time slots in different cities. He could be on 10 AM in one city, 4 PM in another and even at midnight someplace else. It wasn’t until Sweeney told Frons to forget syndication and put it in OLTL’s spot that it caused OLTL’s demise.

    Katie Couric is also syndicated, but in her case, ABC Daytime has said it’s giving back the 3PM – 4PM where GH airs now to the affiliates, in the hopes the affiliates would use that hour to air Katie. So it’s out there from the get-go: one of the 4 hours of ABC daytime programming will go away the day her show debuts. So she rightfully is scared of the backlash if GH is the show that goes when that hour goes away.

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    It’s a byllshyt excuse from someone who is backpeddling for his professional life. Funny thing ABC, you thought the soaps were outdated and daytime needed a shot in the arm.maybe if you took a closer look you would have seen how devoted fans are to their soaps. We grew up with them, you a$$es! Of course we will retaliate.

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    GH is going nowhere …..

    Stop blaming this other guy, he is merely the one brought in to replace, he did not know , and if he did , he needs work too….

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    Why would we want to boost the ratings of a show to enable it to kill the only ABC soap left. There is no reason to make me watch this sorry excuse of a replacement for OLTL.

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    Excuse me,do they think we Soap fans are idiots! The Revolution and Katie Couric they all new and could care less. They are the Idiots and we will not watch either show,they are A-holes!!!

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    He must be desperate to give a plea like that but his empty words makes no difference the Revolution is a peace of garbage and I’m all SMILES to see it flop. I hope the fans stick together and make what ever show they put on during the soaps time slots to continue to bite the dust. He should me fired and who ever else with him who decided to cancel the soaps. I’m still LAUGHING!!!!! I will only watch General Hospital on ABC and if my chance they lost their minds and took General Hospital off I would be finished with ABC never to watch another show with them again.


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    Frons was developing shows that was part of his job description to develop new programming so lets say Toth didn’t know but the head of daytime did; how many shows were in the daytime lineup? If a producer puts a show together wouldn’t they know what time it is to air? Come on now …. help me out here.. it ain’t that hard to count to know something has to be replaced it wasn’t going to be the View. I rarely believe Disney press releases re: this kind of thing..sorry..Maybe he never heard of soaps LoL he has now.


    The syndication thing (OK Jamey I got it) I never knew that Frons was running of that part too .. WoW dude was a powerful so & so.

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    You know I kind of get The Chew. Its a cooking show with entertainment although I would’ve cancelled All My Children for it, thats for sure.

    I dont know what The Revolution is. From what I’ve seen, it seems like just a boring show. I dont really see why you would want to watch this show. The Chew may have a guest I like but the Revolution is a show that I really cant see people connecting with.

    Roth is full of it. He didnt know, yeah right. He wants to empower people. Yeah, because there are no shows out there that do that, right?

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Ever since Survivor came on the air a lot of these executives in television think thats what people like, reality tv, and you know what, they couldn’t be more wrong.

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    The only reason this gentleman didn’t know (supposedly) that his show was replacing one of the soaps, is that his head was up his (or someone else’s) a**. And from what I read in this article, his head is still parked there. Sorry. This type of thing makes me cranky. :| No one has the decency to be honest any more… 0:)

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    JD Roth I remember was the host of a little syndicated game show called “Fun House”…which was sort a distant cousin to Double Dare and Finders, Keepers. So I believe Roth knows a thing or two about syndication because he’s had decent success in that area. He is also familiar with soap operas, because I remember he played like a bit part on MELROSE PLACE in the 90’s as Jo’s (Daphne Zuniga) photographer assistant. Now I wasn’t expecting to see him involved with the Revolution, this is the first time I have heard he was affiliated with it…I thought that was Gordon Elliot? But he’s responsible for the Chew? And I remember Gordon Elliot saying some really blunt insensative statements about soaps being over and making way for this new type of programming the Chew and the Revolution provided. I could either way on JD’s statement…I mean it’s five minutes before the press release went out vs. five minutes before OLTL left the airwaves.

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    He was also involved with Jennifer Guthrie, the last and only popular Dawn on GH (Monica’s dead daughter who is never mentioned).

    I don’t really blame these people for killing soaps unless they antagonize soap fans (as Mario Batalli did). But The Revolution just sucks. They were having big problems backstage, which was one of the reasons OLTL wasn’t ended as soon as AMC was. ABC clearly thought they could just throw generic “lifestyle” programs on the air, at low cost, and that the morons at home would lap it up.

    This mindset is why ABC is sinking like a stone in the ratings.

  20. Profile photo of soapfan616

    More ABC spin. Does anyone believe anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone employed by ABC?

    And I’m so sick of the “I didn’t kill Erica” line that I want to scream. To me, it’s condescension at worst, to be pleading for viewers for your tacky ass show and then insulting viewers with a comment like that.

    You didn’t kill Erica. You just killed what’s left of good taste on ABC daytime.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]He isn’t lying about the scheduling. The Revolution was initially developed for syndication. At the last minute, Anne Sweeney told Frons she wanted two of the shows, which had been developed for syndication, as shows for ABC Daytime. His show sucks, but all he did was create a sucky show. Anne Sweeney put out the kill order on ABC Daytime soaps.[/quote]

    Thank you for being the voice of reason. The man was asked to develop a lifestyle show for ABC’s syndication arm and only much later did it get bumped up into contention as a soap replacement. By then, months of work had gone into it. His show isn’t good but people are acting like he’s a serial killer or terrorist. The Revolution sucks, there’s no denying that, but no one who works on it has done anything wrong. I hope they do pull things together and bring the ratings up, wishing unemployment on dozens of people because of a situation they had nothing to do with is kinda nuts.

    People do realize that The Revolution getting canceled won’t bring OLTL back, right? It probably won’t even keep GH on the air, certainly not for longer than a year. When the Revolution ends, it’ll get replaced with something even cheaper, perhaps a direct feed of the pre-existing ABC News Now and giving the affiliates the ability to opt out and run syndication at 2PM.

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    Restless Vixen

    You know, it really doesn’t matter to me if JD Roth knew or didn’t know The Revolution was going to help cancel two soaps. The bottom line is that it wasn’t his decision either way. The man is a TV executive producer and he develops show for more than one network (he’s also the co-creator and producer of NBC’s juggernaut The Biggest Loser); in fact, he has produced shows for both traditional networks and cable. ABC Daytime wanted to get rid of soaps and that’s what they did. This producer was asked to develop a show – that’s what he is paid to do, and that’s what he did. Who’s to say he knew if it would be daytime or primetime? It was up to ABC as to where this show was going to go, and that network seems to have had a boner over dropping soaps for some time. I’m all for fans being angry about their soap/soaps being cancelled, but I’m about placing the blame where it belongs: on ABC.

    I don’t even think this man is an ABC employee. He runs his own company. And it makes sense he would have thought his show was developed to be a syndicated show. Doesn’t syndication mean more $$$$ because you aren’t limited to specific time slots? I think you may not even be limited to one network with some syndication deals (like Oprah being on NBC versus ABC in several markets).

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