Relive Will Coming Out to a Lady Gaga-Quoting Marlena on Days of Our Lives!

The most powerful, heartfelt, realistic and emotionally resonant storyline currently airing in daytime is happening on a soap that has been more closely associated with science fiction and the supernatural in recent decades. This past week, Will Horton (Chandler Massey) came out to his grandmother, Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), on Days of Our Lives.

While some of the other storylines on DAYS are hit-or-miss right now. Will's struggle to come to terms with his sexuality, with the beloved and iconic Marlena there to gently guide him through his conflicting feelings, is soap opera at its best. Relive the moment—complete with Doc referencing Lady Gaga— after the jump!

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    So excited for the coming out scenes to Marlena On April 4 and then to Sonny which I believe is the week of April 9th

    Also Greg In Hollywood hears that Jesse Kristofersen who played Neil the guy Will kissed in February will be back for three episodes. No airdate given though

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    @Jamey – Wasn’t it a great scene? I have saved that episode on my DVR because the Marlena/Will scenes were lovely and realistic. Love their relationship. Loved how Will stated to Marlena how he couldn’t believe his best friend was his grandma! IMO, Will’s coming out not only the current best storyline in soaps, but by far the best, most realized coming out story ever in soaps and general American television.

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    I saw this when I was working out at the gym, the treadmill that has the tv and the closed captioning I saw that Marlena mentioned Will played her that Lady Gaga song years ago and how excited he was about it. Then she said something about him being “born this way” lol.

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    Who would have thought DAYS would do such a sensitive portrayal of this subject, better than any of the soaps who have tried in the past. I love Chandler Massey and Deidre Hall is just magnificent. I just love DAYS!

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    I always thought that kid was great He will go on to bigger and better things in the future.

    Hopefully the stars will line up for him.

    He stands out in his scenes. There was another actor like that on Guiding Light and I am still waiting to see him on a primetime show. I am hoping the same for this guy. Some just have it from the minute the camera rolls.

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    Out Fest had a panel last night about Will coming out and here is a summary from William at TV Source (Soap Opera Source)

    ‏ @sourcewilliam

    The will/sonny coming out scenes are free of flaws. #IWillGoDownWithThisShip

    “you can expect Sami to have a typical Sami reaction” its not for months though

    Chandlers talking about how two friends came out to him in high school and how he asked them about it to play into will

    Lauren [Koslow, Kate] says the will thing changes Sami/Kate’s relationship

    Sami runs away when will tells her he’s gay. Literally. Gets up and leaves the room.

    Lucas has a good reaction and Sami turns to him

    Sami wonders if she caused this.

    Kate also turns to help Sami/Will

    Kate helps Sami with will then tells her it’s still game on.

    Chandler’s ex girlfriends mom sent him a bible. Oh my.

    Chandler said he never liked her lol

    EP at Days Greg said sponsors def question gay stories but days has NBC’s support 100%
    Greg said he can’t comment on will not being the only gay Horton out there in regards to the line marlena had about it.

    Chandler is speechless about EJ/Will

    “he’s a handsome guy” chandler on James.

    Greg said every character is not ok with will being gay.

    Ali is so proud of chandler. You can totally see it.

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    this was written beautifully, and brought tears to my eyes, and was very moving …. of course the background music moved me, but the performance was real….

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    I am glad that, during an election year no less, I haven’t come across any ant-gayish articles noting the destruction of Days via this storyline.

    I don’t watch Days, but I will watch the clip. I love when soaps tie coming out storylines to integral families, a la Bianca and Erica on AMC. My only criticism is that Bianca was such a wimpy character for the most part. The daughter of Erica should be fierce. There was one inkling of that post baby switch when Bianca had some awesome boots on and went to confront JR, but that was it. Listening to the podcast it sounds like Will is a hellion, so I may start watching because of that.

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    Chandler is good but Deidre Hall is KILLING it!

    Okay, I know I tend to go overboard with my Marlena worship but, honestly, Deidre is the best actress on the whole NBC network right now.

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    Chandler Massey & Deidre Hall bring new meaning to the classic soap term “super couple” in an entirely different way. They are incredible together & are a joy to watch each & every time they are on-screen together. Kudos also to the writers for wonderfully written, natural dialogue as Will’s coming story evolves. BRAVO!!!

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    Does anyone on this board actually have a Grandmother THAT cool? My Grandma wears curlers in her hair and would tell me I’m going straight to Hell if I ever came out to her. :Sp

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    [quote=pumpkin]He stands out in his scenes. There was another actor like that on Guiding Light and I am still waiting to see him on a primetime show. I am hoping the same for this guy. Some just have it from the minute the camera rolls.[/quote]

    Are you thinking of the guy who played Reva’s son Jonathan? I agree on that, he’s too good not to be a big star now.

    And I agree about Will and Marlena being a “supercouple”, just the people/characters you love to see act together, doesn’t mean they have to be romantically involved. I loved all the scenes between Guiding Light’s Cynthia Watros’ Annie with Reva and Wendy Moniz’s Dinah with Cassie.

    Will and Marlena have the best chemistry as grandmother and grandson. Wasn’t Deidre the one who had the “granny clause”? Cause I heard Will call her grandmom lol.

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    Blakeb and Pumpkin,

    You guys are referring to the ever-so-talented, hunky and magnetic Tom Pelprhey! And while Chandler is good, I don’t think he’s on Tom’s level…….yet. But he’s got potential.

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    As a guy who is just coming out myself this is being done to the greatest acting ive ever seen.I was terrified when i read they were gonna have Will become gay but its been awesome.

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    [quote=blake3b]Will and Marlena have the best chemistry as grandmother and grandson. Wasn’t Deidre the one who had the “granny clause”? Cause I heard Will call her grandmom lol.[/quote]

    Actually, that was Eileen Fulton, who played Lisa Gramaldi on As The World Turns. I do know she did have the “granny clause” in her contract.

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    I know the ratings aren’t reflecting it, but Days is in such a better place these days. It is not perfect, no show on television is, but the right characters are being featured. Deidre Hall and Chandler Massey have a great chemistry and the young actor should be proud of how hard he is working.

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    hey mon

    It is very nice. I am surprised that it is taking such a long time, but real-life experiences must be that way, too. Compared to the rest of the show (Alamainia), Marlena and Will are on target. Is it too much to ask, though, to see Billie get dressed, or maybe semi-naked in front of a mirror? Bring back ED on Days, too, if MAB is not going to use very much in GC.

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    ^^ Billie Reed semi-naked…ewww. Lisa Rinna looks like Carol Channing.

    It does seem that Will’s coming-out story is being written by completely different writers than the rest of the show. I am being serious. Perhaps, the writing team is grouped into smaller teams by storyline. I refuse to believe that the same person(s) writes Will’s story as the same people who write the Princess Gina/Pawn redux!

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    soapbaby-I have to agree with you about the writing.I FF thru pg & the pawn,it is just so cartoonish.Yet,everyone involved with Will’s story has great dialogue,from Marlena to Will to Sonny.Plus Kate and Lucas have been good also.

    I’m looking forward to this coming week.I just hope the writer’s,whoever they are,keep up the great work.

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    I just watched 3 interviews on NBC Days web and they were pretty good.They did Chandler,Freddie,and Bryan talking about Will’s story.Give alook if you are interested on the actor’s takes.

    That said,their weekly tag video was Gina/pawn.How ridculous that they have this great human story,and they use the most boring story to promote.

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    I loved these scenes. I actually watched them about five times in a row. The chemistry between CM and DH is unbelievable. My son asked me why I watched the scenes over and over, and I told him that it was a beautiful moment showing what family should be. The love, understanding and acceptance was so amazing. I can’t imagine the fear that goes through someone when they are in the process of “coming out”, but I wish that each and every person going through it could be met with love and acceptance.

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    js3557-I’ve watched this and the following day’s scenes also over and over.I went on youtube and added them as my faves.It is amazing the chemistry between them.I love watching Will’s expressions while Marlena is talking.

    As for the grandma posts,awhile back Marlena joked with Will about calling her grandma in public.I really think it was a joke,and she dosen’t mind.I don’t think Deidre is that age concerned.

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