Will Caroline’s Namesake Niece Bring Up Bittersweet Memories For Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

It may be hard for soap fans, forever locked in the Brooke and Ridge vs. Brooke and Taylor debate, to recall there was once another great love of the Forrestor fashion scion's life. When The Bold and the Beautiful began 25 years ago, Ridge Forrester (Ron Moss) only had eyes for publishing princess Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). Okay, his eyes may have belonged to Caroline, but he was perfectly okay to share other body parts with nubile young fashion models, which resulted in Caroline passing out on the way  to the altar and later taking up with his baby brother Thorne (then Clayton Norcross)!

While Ridge and Caroline eventually found their way back together—despite the best efforts of Thorne, Caroline's dad Bill Spencer (Jim Storm) and a caterer's daughter named Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)— their happiness was short-lived. Caroline succumbed to leukemia in 1990, her dying wish being that her frenemy Brooke end up with Ridge. Too bad Caroline's physician Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), nor Ridge's meddling mama Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) got the memo!

Caroline's death set the stage for the central triangle that drove B&B for well over two decades. Now the soap is in the process of passing the torch onto a new generation of Forresters, Spencers and Logans. It's only fitting that a young, blonde woman named Caroline be apart of that process.

This past week, Joanna Johnson reprised the role of Caroline's twin sister Karen, who brought her daughter, also named Caroline (Linsey Godfrey), to town to apply for a position with Forrester Creations. Will this Caroline drive Ridge's son Thomas (Adam Gregory) and his stepbrother Rick (Jacob Young) to fits of jealousy similar to the ones Caroline 1.0 inspired in Thorne and Ridge? If so, someone better make sure to lock the Forrester family gun cabinet!

Look for Caroline, Jr. and Ridge to bond over her aunt next week on B&B. Are you excited about a new addition with a familiar moniker arriving in town? Sound off in the comments!

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    Kim Mattula (Hope) is a dead ringer for Joanna Johnson’s Caroline Spencer. This one has that toothpaste ad look for some reason she reminds of a Pepsodent commercial. I was a huge Caroline fan I stopped watching for a very long time after Joanna left…no one yes even the great Brooke Logan can match the on screen presence of Caroline Spencer she made Ridge tolerable.

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    All the memories of Caroline do is remind me of just how hollow most of the characters are now. Thomas has chased after every woman on the show and still seems like he’d be more at home with Sergei. Rick just seems ill at ease and slightly constipated.

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    Sorry, but that episode was CHEESIER than……well, there are no words for how cheesy it was. If there are, I can’t think of them right now.

    I sincerely hope that they were written that way on purpose, as a way of intentionally being humorous. If not, I just don’t know…….

    lol. :D

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    I agree with the sentiments expressed by the posters above. I do think it’s great that they are honoring Caroline’s legacy this way. Hopefully we’ll see lots of flashbacks. I also like the idea of Rick and Thomas fighting over Caroline, Jr. and how it parallels to the rivalry between Ridge and Thorne over Caroline, Sr. I just don’t trust Brad to write it with the kind of depth and complexity that made the original so compelling. Nevertheless, this new character and storyline feel like a breath of fresh air after months of the monotonous Hope/Liam/Steffy show.

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    She’s supposed to be adopted, right? She kinds of looks a little like Joanna Johnson, although she sounds more like her.

    Amber’s next story should be about getting rid of her bangs.

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    alstonboy4315 I think they are writing it in a very light cheesy way to give contrast to the Dark, Depressing Hope pill popping story, and the over exposed intensity of the Hope/Liam/Steffy story.

    I like this new half of Beverly Hills particularly because of Brooke vs. Amber. I think that Brooke v. Amber is the gem of the story. I like Hope v Steffy but they need to slow down and back burn for a little. Overall I’m enjoying B&B the most these days.

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    I enjoyed the introduction of Caroline2.0 but I’m not sure if it was because I was so relieved to see these folks talking about something else besides Hope’s sex life.

    I can see potential with the character but the highlight for me this week has been Brooke vs. Amber…..I loved when Amber called Brooke Stephanie…because that is exactly who Brooke is turning into.

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    I think this is a great way to honour B&B’s 25th anniversary. I really hope the actors have chemistry and the storyline is a success. So far I am very interested.

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    Caroline Jr. and Hope look way too much alike – even similar hairstyles. And Hope does look like the original Caroline. Can’t stand to watch Hope because her touching the hair on her forehead every 2 seconds drives me nuts. Can’t someone tll her to stop this? Caroline Jr. looks like a good addition to the cast. Hate the way Brooke is trying to manipulate everything and her cruel treatment of Amber, not that Amber is an angel. Anything to get away from seeing Hope and Liam everyday will be an improvement, though.

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    Am I suppose to be excited about this storyline? It’s not enough to be stuck on Hope/Liam/Steffy stupid trio but now I am forced to endure the unbelivably boring new triangle Thomas/Caroline/Rick? At least the first group has a little bit of chemistry between them.

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    soapy opie

    Well, knowing how hung up Ridge was on (the original) Caroline,
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him develop some sort of
    “attraction” to Caroline 2.0. Despite the age difference (gross!!)
    & his past history with her aunt.

    It would definitely fits in with the sort of “kinky & incestuous”
    sexuality that has always prevailed on B&B. Brooke sleeping with
    all of her daughter’s boyfriends/husbands, Ridge kissing Bridget,
    Eric marring the woman (Brooke, again!) who has been married to both
    his sons, Stephanie’s (unstated) desire for her own son, Ridge, etc…

    Hilary Bailey Smith’s sex therapist is certainly going to have
    her hands full treating those frisky Forrester’s. That is until
    the INEVITABLE: Despite her Hippocratic Oath, the Sex Doc will
    most certainly fall for one (or more) of her male patients!!

    After all, medical professionalism never stopped Dr. Taylor,
    now did it?? lol

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