Oprah on OWN: “Had I Known That It Was This Difficult, I Might Have Done Something Else”

Is The Mighty O starting to rethink starting her OWN network? Oprah Winfrey chatted with Charlie Rose and her BFF Gayle King on CBS This Morning, and revealed how tough it's been to launch her network. Winfrey shared if she was given a change to do it all again, she might not have embarked on OWN! Stated Winfrey:

The idea of creating a network was something that I wanted to do. Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else.

To see Winfrey's stunning revelation, watch the video here!


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    I have no doubt that OWN will become the Anti Soap Net.

    Soapnet came out of the gates Blazing….all the shows we did (and once) loved, Soaptalk, “One Day with”…then, seemingly overnight it became “What the fuckville”

    Oprah’s got equitty in the Bank. I’d rather she take the time to fix it than rush through her Networks Legacy (Soapnot) leaving her fans feeling let down and sad.

  2. Profile photo of gjr1969

    O may want to think about launching a soap in the future. I think AMC and OLTL are pretty much dead as much as I love them. But the fact is, you’d need around 100 million investment or more for each show to keep them going for a year. Instead, she could do a show with say 2 13 year seasons, have a smaller casr etc. It would be a niche she could fill. I think a smaller-scale soap could help her line-up.

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I still believe the traditional Television model is becoming outmoded.

    Why didn’t she take OWN online? Partner with Google to create her own Google channel?

    Or do what Larry King did and partner with Carlos Slim and create an ad sponsored online TV network?

    If you’re going to take that big of a risk, why not take an entirely novel and unorthodox approach?

    I don’t know how long her deal with Discovery is on for– but when that deal expires (if it’s not terminated first), I still say, TAKE OWN ONLINE!

  4. Profile photo of thecourt99

    It seems that I have become an Oprah apologist as of late. I agree with her that she should have waited for her show to end before the channel launched. She underestimated how big of a venture it would be (but I would have thought that she would have chatted with some of her friends in the business, like the owner of TVOne, Cathy Hughes).

    Anyway…let’s see if she can fix it.

  5. Profile photo of giogio

    I just watched the interview and I wish I could still try and get tickets and fly out to her show. I miss her, she was good to us for a very long time and people need to stop putting her down. She’s hurting about that and she does not deserve it. I understand now why she just couldnt pick up the soaps. She is very loved in my heart and my family and the press needs to chill the hell out.

  6. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @missmuffett41: Are you eating your curds and wades? Because if Owned invested in an Amerivela (american traditional soap style) telenovela i’m sure she could get it poppin!

    But I have also said and will state it again, Oprah should turn Own into an African American themed network since she gets her highest ratings when she airs programming where the featured guest or cast are mostly African American. So she need not run from it. Just embrace it.

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    The whole concept was doomed before it even went out of the gate. First, we have Lifetime and Oxygen. The market for women’s entertainment television is not that big and OWN has nothing unique to it. Very dumb move. It doesn’t take an Einstein to have figured this one out.

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    I have no doubt OW’s friends in the network owning business told her how difficult starting your own network will be in the short run.But knowing OW as we all do,from her show,she is never in doubt of her ‘supernatural abilities through god or whomever to get things done’. She has an humoungous ego. So I’m sure she did not believe the difficulties would apply to ‘her majesty’. She is so full of herself she deserves to come down to earth with the rest of us mortals. Humility never hurt anyone.

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