The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Will Jack Accept Genevieve’s Indecent Proposal?

Adam/Chelsea/Billy/Victoria: The Newman black sheep attempts to save the gold digger and her meal ticket: Billy's baby. Adam's involvement with Chelsea and her baby will have huge ramifications for Billy and Victoria.

Jack/Genevieve: After realizing running her own cosmetics company isn't what she thought it would be, Genaura Genevieve heads off to see Jack. She makes him a tantalizing offer: she'll sell BON to Jack, if he decides to give their relationship another try! Will Jack take the bait?

Victor/Victoria: Mr. Mumbles learns Genevieve is starting to have second thoughts about running Beauty of Nature and starts to plot how to get it back. Victoria wants BON for herself, since she made the firm a success (Just like she did with Brash and Sassy!). Victor thinks his eldest wants to stake her claim on the cosmetics company to pay him back for his plots with Anita and Chelsea. Victoria shoots down Victor's theory and the two declare war. Afterwards, Michael gives Victor some bad news about BON — he can't afford it! Seems the lawsuit Victoria, Nick and Abby won against their father made a good bit of his liquid funds dry up. Michael also reminds Victor he is now accountable to a board of directors.

Nikki: The socialite discovers yet another explosive secret regarding Victor.

Sharon: She sets up a visit for Ashley and little Faith.

Paul/Cricket/Danny/Phyllis: Look for one of Phyllis' long ago crimes to soon come back to bite her in her hard drive!

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    Nothing here really excites me except maybe for some bad karhma return for Victor and Phyllis.And why does Sharon have to arrange a meeting for Ashley?Hasn’t Ashley watched Faith before?

    I’m in the middle of watching Mon’s episode and am really bored.The only good thing so far is Jack.Peter is just doing an amazing job.

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    I have no idea where the Writers are going with Laura Spencer’s head?

    5 weeks ago wasn’t she giving Cane the “I don’t need a Man” speech?

    No one panic. Nicki and Jack is the only way to roll…

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    What say what now? Genaura is going to sell the company back if Jack gives her another chance….ummmm can she just trade it for a one way flight to Port Charles?!?!

    How many “explosive” secrets does Victor have?

    They better quit teasing me and do this Nikki/Jack reunion! I been praying for this since 1994!

    Thanks for the spoilers Jillian!!!

  4. Profile photo of Bartman202


    Lame all around – leave it to MAB and her co-hacks to go back to the past (one that Bill Bell worked so hard to create) for a ‘fresh’ story that nobody wants, mainly because it will be so ill-conceived and contradictory!


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    [quote=hey mon]Why does this woman have to be on the screen every day?[/quote]

    Why?? Because Genevieve is one of the many ‘new, fresh & great’ characters that Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks created to fill the overly-crowded Genoa City canvas. She wants her ‘vision’ to take over the late Bill Bell’s show and it just isn’t happening – ratings are down; websites want MAB and her co-hacks replaced ASAP!!

    Bring back somebody from the Bill Bell days, PLEASE!! I’m already 10 minutes into Monday’s (4/2) episode on SOAPNET and I am already bored!!!

  6. Profile photo of pjc722

    Maria Bell you have wasted yet another “SOAP STAR”s turn on your father-in-law’s show. The list is endless right now. STOP JUMPING at the chance to see the ratings spike with the addition of other soap stars and jump into telling compelling storyline.

    GENUARA has been a waste ever since you and the writers decided to make her a wimp. She runs to Victor for advice but claims she’s her own woman. She loses a huge contract and then decides to sell to Victor and then to Jack with the ultimatum he marry her? Seriously?! I mean, come on?! Seriously.

    And poor Lucy is not even a year old and she is now on her third custody battle. It’s ridiculous!! Stop retreading the same story. FIrst, it was Billy and Victoria fighting to keep the child from children’s services and then Phyllis and now its Daisy vs Daniel? Seriously?! I mean, come on?! Seriously.

    I understand getting Daisy out of prison for the drama, but the girl with no money was able to get visitation and custody all within a day without Michael being present to argue against it YET Daniel, who may be poor but has a wealthy mom and 2 supposedly “AMAZING” attorneys and they can’t get these things done at the same time?! Also, WHY ISN”T ANYONE MENTIONING WHAT DAISY HAS DONE?! She was forced into what she did to Lauren but that doesn’t mean she makes a fit mother?!

    Maria, I BEG YOU. PLEASE look at the stories and hash them out before you start writing them and then airing them. They are dull and boring. PLEASE!

  7. Profile photo of soapjunkie88


    The only interesting thing right now is everything about Jack and Nikki. Other than that this show is complete crap.

    Genaura needs to get off our screens. Is there hope that Colin comes back to kill his ex-wife so Genie Francis finally can return to GH!?!?!?

    Does MAB actually remember that Phyllis isn’t a heroine or are we in for another stupid rewrite, where Phyllis ends up being completely innocent somehow…?

  8. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I think MAB reads all of these Forums, and is tired of her girl, Phyllis, being maligned as to trying to run over Christine and Paul. So now MAB is going to do a complete re-write, and have Phyllis be, presto change-o, completely innocent. It was really Colin or Angelo trying to run over Paul and Christine.

    Hopefully Gen and Tucker get together cause everyone says it worked on GH. Gen alone, being a semi-crazy woman, is not working on Y&R. Neither is Ashley and Tucker being so happily married. Sick of it.

  9. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Ok, I’m confused and frankly p*ssed that I even care….is Gen saying she will SELL Jack the company if he marries her? If so, I can see her angle, because she’s probably figuring she’ll lose the lawsuit. If she’s GIVING it to him, I’m lost. Why does she want Jack that badly? She didn’t seem to have any problem getting over him.

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    I think Genevieve does love Jack and Jack still loves Genevieve. He should accept her proposal even if he does return the betrayal favour after all is signed and sealed.

    Not sure I’m liking this quite yet but if it happens it could be spark inducing just like the spoiler hints at … will Adam fall for Chelsea and make her his new betrothed?

    Of course the best of this batch of spoilers hints at a possible Phyllis downfall. Victor as well but I just can’t remember or think just what new explosive discovery could come to light about him.

  11. Profile photo of BloughMee

    Favorite storyline — I forget the root story but it was a black guy made up as a white guy for months – working an undercover mob sting that Paul Williams’ agency was involved in. It went on for weeks and then finally blew wide open on the last minutes of a Friday show. This would have been in the early ’80s. Everyone stopped what they were doing at lunchtime and found TVs in stores and bars to watch the show. I also liked the pop/rock band storyline that Danny and Lauren were involved in – same time period.

  12. Profile photo of tedew

    Yes … that was Tyrone Jackson portrayed by Phil Morris (aka Jerry Seinfeld’s TV lawyer). They infiltrated Joseph Anthony’s empire where Tyrone now as the caucasian Robert pretends to fall in love with and then marries the mob daughter Alana as part of his ruse. Tyrone was also the younger brother of Jazz Jackson. In the end the mob boss is killed, Tyrone is saved by Kong (who morphed in Nathan Hastings) and the marriage is annulled.

  13. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]Yes … that was Tyrone Jackson portrayed by Phil Morris (aka Jerry Seinfeld’s TV lawyer). They infiltrated Joseph Anthony’s empire where Tyrone now as the caucasian Robert pretends to fall in love with and then marries the mob daughter Alana as part of his ruse. Tyrone was also the younger brother of Jazz Jackson. In the end the mob boss is killed, Tyrone is saved by Kong (who morphed in Nathan Hastings) and the marriage is annulled.[/quote]


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