Brooke to Amber on Today’s Bold and Beautiful: “You Are NOT a Forrester and You Will NEVER Be Welcome Here!”

One of my fave feuds from The Bold and the Beautiful's 25-year history is heating back up! In the episode airing today, sex kitten Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) tells her one-time daughter-in-law Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) that the jig—and Amber's gig at glitzy, fashion house Forrester Creations— are up! 

I always saw Brooke vs. Amber, over Brooke's first born son Rick (Jacob Young), as the next generation of Stephanie vs. Brooke's battles over La Forrester's beloved spawn Ridge (Ron Moss). I'm happy to see B&B revisit this particular rivalry; especially if it means everyone will have more to talk about in Los Angeles than Hope's (Kimberly Matula) sex life.

Watch a teaser clip of Brooke telling Amber how the designer stitched the hem, as well as more scene snippets from today's B&B, after the jump!

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    The writers need to show that Rick and Amber matured. Stop hooking them up with B&B’s teen set. Anyway Brooke and Amber’s feud was always fun to see. Just because it showed – back in the day – that Brooke never would like her own son to have a woman like herself as his wife.

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    I absolutely LOVE this story and the passing of the torch from Eric/Stephanie to Brooke/Ridge as the heads of the Forrester family. AF is great. And, I just love it when Amber tells Brooke she is treating her the same as Stephanie did when she wanted to be with Ridge. Amber can be a great, fun character because she is direct and doesn’t dance around stuff – like when she saw Rick/Steffy – she marched right in and confronted Steffy instead of sulking and speculating. I am, however, a bit disappointed in her involvement with the Hope s/l, but it will definitely keep things interesting. (And, after what Brooke has done to her with Caroline, I guess not really THAT out of character. LOL)

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    Moustache-you are so right.I know soaps play fast & loose with ages,but Amber and Deacon’s ‘Little D’ should be older than Hope.Little D was the replacement baby Amber tried to give Rick when they were first married.

    It always amazed me on Y&R when she talked about Little D as if he were a toddler.The writer’s do need to show her maturing atleast a little.

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    The problem is that Amber became a somewhat likeable character on Y&R. All thats gone to hell since she came back on Bold and the Beautiful. Shes done a complete 180 on her character from Y&R.

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    I’ve always liked Amber & I have been somewhat disappointed with how she has been written on B/B. I agree she wasn’t recognizable when she returned from how she had grown on Y/R. It was no explanation its like she was an entirely different character.

    I totally agree she has been misused she’s been plopped in the wrong age group.

    Marcus/Daisy getting married? I must have missed too many eppys I know it seems like they just belong together but the actors together are just dull. Maybe seeing more of them might help.

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