DC #668: All My Children Nursing Home

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dive into the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless storylines and headlines, including:

The date for the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards has been announced.  Would it be smart for Oprah to air the 2012 Daytime Emmys on OWN?

The DC gang weighs in on what they liked or didn't like about The Bold and the Beautiful's 25th anniversary celebration. Has B&B lost sight of telling multi-layered storylines? Why is everyone so obsessed with Hope’s sex life?

Will’s coming out storyline on Days of Our Lives continues to be one of the best in daytime.  Carrie takes on Abby. John and Hope’s time in Alamania isn’t cutting it for the DC crew. Should DAYS spend more time on stories like Will’s coming out and less time trying to recreate the past?


General Hospital shocked fans with the revelation that Robin isn’t dead, but very much alive. Does GH need to avoid Johnny having sex with Kate. If they did have sex, would he suffer the same rape stigma that followed  DAYS’ EJ DiMera and OLTL’s Robert Ford?  Should GH consider creating a Jason/Sam/John McBain/Elizabeth quadrangle? 

The Young and the Restless’ ratings are falling fast. The show's terrible state has upset Jamey so much, he goes off on an epic rant. From Y&R’s double wedding to the Japanese cosmetics industry, he dissects everything that is wrong with the No. 1 rated soap.  Has it become an All My Children nursing home?

All this and much more on today’s show!




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26 Responses

  1. Profile photo of lindz3

    Remember back when everyone was saying Oprah should have taken over OLTL and AMC.. maybe that would’ve helped her ratings. Maybe she can bring them back from the dead .. I mean after all they are soap operas. They’re never really dead, are they?

  2. Profile photo of tamshanni

    Putting any show on OWN would be a huge error in judgement. Most families don’t even get OWN so viewership would be way down. Keep the soap awards on one of the traditional three networks.(ABC,CBS,NBC)

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but…

    The Emmys on OWN is a GREAT idea! It never even occurred to me, but if the show is going to be done for the web anyway, it might be inexpensive to put on Oprah’s struggling channel (it’s not REALLY a network, of course, but OWN sounds better than OWC) ;-). It might even smooth the ruffled feathers of the people who can’t get over her honest and fair assessment of the state of soaps today. And since none of the traditional networks want the show anymore, it’s probably the only viable option out there on TV.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    See with B&B I don’t care about them integrating the next generation but if that means all we are going to see are Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Eric and Stephanie just talking about the sex life of the new generation then I don’t want B&B turned into that, which in essence is what it has become. Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Eric and Stephanie should still have some story that doesn’t involve them worrying about the sex life of their kids. When Stephanie was obsessing over Ridge’s sex life that wasn’t just all she was doing. She had her own romances and stuff going on. That seems to be the problem the fans are having.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Jamey, thank you with everything you’ve said about Y&R. ITA with you on everything. I watched this double wedding episode and was totally shocked what this show has become. It was cartoonish and made no sense whatsoever.
    Phyllis rushing over there from the gym, Jill finding Jeff in the dumpster and then Katherine pronouncing these two couples to be married when Chelsea and yet another stupid American-Italian stereotype showed up. What needs to happen before Sony and CBS finally react to this??? This show is a mess. The ratings are bad … it’s time to do something. I can’t believe that this awful writer is having so much power over the people at Sony. Yeah she’s Bill Bell Jr.’s wife … but there has to be an end to all of this somewhere.

    I like GH these days. Don’t like every single storyline but I’m excited for watching it again. Robin in this hospital-like room was an awesome SHOCKER and it’s great to have Heather or let’s just say Robin Mattson back on our screens.
    I love every single scene Finola Hughes is in. Can’t believe it … she even warms me up to Luke again.
    Still feel that Lulu needs something to do though. This character seems completely lost. So seems Maxie with this “I murdered Lisa Niles”-crap.

    B&B used to feel like a primetime soap when it started back in 1987. Now it feels like a parody of the genre with no real storytelling. History doesn’t really count … and this focusing on a handful of people keeps hurting the show IMO.

    DAYS is at it’s best when Will and Marlena are on-screen. Great, great moments of television.
    But if they have to do crazy stuff again I’d rather see a possessed Marlena than Princess Gina and The Pawn. It’s awful!!!
    Gaby needs to go ASAP! Creepy weird girl who doesn’t know where she is in most of her scenes. -.-

  6. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Well Oprah, I think you need some original scripted dramas, and comedies; I doubt she’ll do it, but I think you need to turn OWN into the new SoapNet!!!! Purchase GH from ABC, air it on OWN; hell, she can even start creating some of her own scripted TV shows, air the sitcoms and soap operas during primetime, and keep the type of shows you originally wanted, but stronger versions on during the daytime!!!

    OK, I had a moment, I’m done; I can dream can’t I??? all I gotta say is Oprah better do something quick, or call Tyler Perry because I’m hearing she may lose $100 million if OWN continues to fail!!!

  7. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I’ve got about 30 minutes left on this podcast, but thus far it is FIYAH! You guys are firing on all cylinders and are hilarious. Luke killed me with the “Pose” reference during the B&B portion. Jamey put Y&R on the toast today, and I don’t blame him. As a long time Y&R viewer, I totally relate to anyone frustrated with this show right now. You aren’t being hard on Y&R, the number one soap should be a lot better, and it just is not. The only reason I watch is not the stories, it’s to support the actors who mostly are doing the best they possibly can with crap material (there are of course some glaring exceptions). The truth is, as much as Lynn Marie Latham has been called a hack, the ratings were higher when she was a consultant and later head writer/EP of this show, even though she never had the ratings that Alden/Smith had and definitely not what Bill Bell had. I know so many people who have flat out quit watching, and these are long time viewers who watched for a decade or longer. Also, the show has been unable to capture the ratings from former GL, ATWT, AMC and OLTL viewers. That’s just the truth.

    You guys touched on a whole lot of points for what’s wrong with not just Y&R, but daytime serialized dramas in general:
    1) Corporate storylines are sorely lacking. One day trips to Japan? No sir/ no ma’am

    2) Soaps need to transition older characters (by that I mean those with grown children) beyond love triangles but keep them dynamic. Brooke Logan should NEVAH be only hand-ringing over Brooke’s virtue (or lack thereof). Rachel Cory was a great example of how to transition a mature character without putting them out to pasture.

    3) Soaps all need younger writers for these younger characters. The younger characters are needed, because the love triangles and other repeated arcs with the same characters of the 90s are two decades old now; but these stories for them are seriously outdated. Chance, a war vet, was a virgin on Y&R for no reason. Hope is all crazy because she boinked Liam? We live in the world of sex tapes and teen moms getting paid on reality shows. These young 20something women are not all pining over “the one”. Not to say everyone needs to be a hoe-cake, but this aint the 50s/60s. In real life, people are getting married later (if at all) and not everyone wants kids. I think Y&R has had a wedding and or a surprise pregnancy every 13 week cycle. Not the reality, not even close.

    4) Soaps need to learn to work with the budgets they have. Stop setting storylines in exotic remote locales that basically look like Crimson Lights, Jimmy’s or the GCAC with new window dressings and decorations. Days (or DOOL) was the king of location shoots, but the days of Alamainia (or whatever it’s called) are over. Calling some garden in LA “France” or some park near the set Rio or Ja-fake-a just aint cutting it. And I think I might stroke out like Kay Chancellor if I see another where citizens of Genoa City go somewhere in Asia or the Pacific Islands. In less than a year arcs have taken characters to Hawaii, Thailand, and Japan. I don’t why MAB is stuck on Japan. The growing markets in Asia are India, China and South Korea. While Japan is not exactly a 3rd world country, it’s not the big buzz word anymore.

    5) Writers have got to learn to balance these different stories. People will get bored/are already bored with seeing the same 5 characters all the time, but you can’t have a show with only the “C” cast either. They’ve got to mix it up both in terms of level of characters and types of story arcs. Don’t just have a bunch of court battles and people in jail (looking at you, Y&R!), or a bunch of love triangles, or just family in-fighting. It’s not impossible

    Whew, long winded today! Excellent podcast so far.

    Oh, BTW- Katherine married Daniel and Amber a few years ago. She actually is an ordained minister. Granted, it was one of LML’s plot points, but it did happen. One of the few times this writing regime got something from the past right without just retconning to death

  8. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I think Oprah should seriously consider airing the Daytime Emmys. While I understand why she might not want to make her network a soap network (to many “soap” is a dirty word because much of Hollywood really thinks soaps are over – even though primetime and the cable networks are FULL of them); she might want to considered some award shows and scripted dramas and comedies. Her network needs a huge ratings draw.

    GH managed to pull off the unthinkable – to surprise soap fans. I think the Robin reveal shocked everyone! In this age of soap previews at the close of episodes (B&B smartly stays away from this), and leaks and spoilers all over the place, I think the element of surprise is really lost in this genre. I think showrunners really need to rethink how much they reveal prior to airing. Many soap mag covers (I’ll never forget SOD years ago revealing Marlena as the Salem Stalker), “this week” ad spots, and previews at the end of the episode have given away really juicy beats that would have been better off as surprises.

  9. Profile photo of Dueler312

    You guys should mention about how none of this Alamania storyline doesn’t seem to be connected with what Alice had on Stefano on Days.

    I was also pretty shocked when they showed that Robin was still alive on GH. Gives me hope that Cole and Hope are still alive as well and that they will be reunited with Starr, and the same with Robin being reunited with Emma and Patrick.

    Speaking of Starr, I really don’t like Starr heading down this dark path, and I hope she can get out of it.

  10. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Best Podcast This Year!

    My partner and our dog both looked at me as if I had gone insane because I actually stood and cheered during Jamey’s tirade on Y&R. I had to quit watching this show in order to preserve my own peace of mind but my feelings about it continue to run the gamut from indifference to sadness to utter rage.

    I continue to think you guys shoud do a “Fix Y&R podcast”. It probaby won’t change things but it sure woud be cathartic for fans like me who are completely frustrated with what the show has become.

  11. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    LOL @ david! I’m not paying any extra for OWN, but I was hooked on The Gayle King Show before she left and I also loved The Rosie Show, but it’s gone now, so I’m not watching anything on the channel right now. Anyway, I like watching stuff outside my demo (when my girlfriend isn’t hogging the remote to watch Spike! ;-))

  12. Profile photo of bonobochick

    There’s nothing good in Nicole/Rafe on Days of Our Lives AFAIC. |( Beyond the fact that it’s pretty much a redux of Rafe/Sami a few years ago when she was pregnant with EJ’s child and Rafe wanted to play protector, I hate the writing for Nicole. She’s a HBIC schemer and can solve her own problems so why is she being written as so weak so that Rafe has to swoop in to save her? Ugh. :Sp

    I hate the character of Rafe in general but even moreso in this recycled storyline. He still has no depth other than a tool who wants to steal EJ’s babies from him (is his own sperm too slow to find an egg of its own??) and be a self-righteous hypocrite. And I say this as someone who doesn’t like Nicole but enjoys the actress who plays her. AZ deserves better than for her character to be turned into some sniveling damsel in distress so that Rafe can play the white knight to save her.

  13. Profile photo of

    I agree that OWN would be a great spot for the Emmys but let all get real Oprah doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit for herself. Oprah a businesswoman and she all about making money. Those soaps would of cost Oprah some dollars, and she barely can keep up with the high demands of her OWN cable network.

    DC Crew this podcast was Emmy award winning podcast; don’t get me wrong I love every podcast, but this podcast took the cake…Better yet it took the bakery!

    Jamey you deserve all the praise, the honor and podcast Emmy awards; because you went in on MAB and it was nothing but the truth. I had to listen to over again, because it made my day. :) As a long time Y&R fan who grew up with this show. It gone from being the best to being laughable if that!

    My wish is that MAB or somebody over there at Y&R will play this podcast and let Maria hear it, and hopefully she can come to terms she about to be the next show killer!

  14. Profile photo of luverica

    Jamey, BRAVO on your Y&R rant. I tried to watch this show for the first time in quite a while and it was absolutely painful. Hell, even the Brooks sisters (and I still love and miss my Jamie Lynn Bauer) stuff from way back was better than this.

  15. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I agree with the DC crews’ assessment of Y&R. Jamey has the energy to express what I’m now too exasperated to say myself about how low this once top drawer drama has sunk.
    I stopped watching 2 years ago, only taking time to watch 2 episodes online since and nothing I saw on those 2 episodes makes me want to revisit this show now. Thank goodness for You Tube memories because I cannot deal with this recent/current incarnation of Y&R.
    As ratings continue to plummet, I am left to continually wonder whether there is some entity with Y&R that wishes to tank this show so that some producers (okay, Sony) can begin to extricate themselves from the soaps, in the manner of P&G. And today’s announcement of Days’ creative moves doesn’t do anything to alleviate this feeling.

  16. Profile photo of liason4real

    Great podcast!

    Natalie for the win! I can still see Natalie fighting Mitch and then popping a bullet in his head! Sam wouldn’t stand a chance against Natalie. :party:

    I’ve seen comments from other sites that Helena grabbed Robin as insurance in case Luke/Holly lied about Ethan’s paternity.

  17. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    Amazing podcast as usual. I loved the fiery debate about Natalie and the hilarious fantasy about Marty taking out Sonny. Listening to Jamie “testify” about Y&R should be required listening at the next Sony pow-wow. Fingers crossed that GH makes it past the April deadline…

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