Tom Pelphrey and Ron Raines Reunite at End of The Rainbow’s Opening Night

Former Guiding Light stars Tom Pelphrey and Ron Raines reunited at the opening night of Pelphrey’s new play, End of the Rainbow. Pelphrey portrays the young fiancé of Judy Garland (Tracie Bennett), Mickey Deans. In a glowing review of the production, The New York Times applauded Bennett’s performance, calling it an “electrifying interpretation of Garland.”

What Ms. Bennett is doing, though, transcends impersonation. Yes, she has the nervy body language and linguistic tics down pat. And when she sings, she matches Garland’s late-career vocal stylings tremolo for tremolo.

The NYT also weighed in on Pelphrey’s role:

Certainly the other characters in “Rainbow” feel that heat. Chief among them are Mickey Deans (a perfectly cast Tom Pelphrey), Garland’s manager and much younger husband-to-be (her fifth), and Anthony (a wonderful Michael Cumpsty), her pianist on this trip. (Jay Russell plays an assortment of other roles.) To these men falls the assignment of keeping Garland sober and making sure she shows up for her performances at the club, the Talk of the Town.

Read the entire review of End of the Rainbow at The New York Times. Visit the End of the Rainbow's official website for ticket information. Check out photos from the opening night after the jump!

Jay Russell, Tom Pelphrey and Tracie Bennett


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Tom Pelphrey needs to be on the big screen! He's got twice as much talent as the Robert Pattinsons and Zac Efrons of the world! In a perfect world, he'd be battling it out with the likes of Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Chris Hensworth for movie roles.

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3 March 2009
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So happy for Tom! He totally deserves it! I miss seeing him on Guiding Light as Jonathan, he and Kim Zimmer killed it!
So great that Ron Raines showed up, great to see "Jonathan" and "Alan" together again lol.
And Lisa Lampanelli showed up? LOL

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Go, Tom, Go. You're The Bomb--Yay! Love Love

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Love Tom! How cool to see him and Ron together!

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Tom Phelphry should've had a bigger career after all of his buzz on & post Guiding Light.


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He is a real talent. I do remember him saying in interviews that he loves the theater. (also East Coast).

I thought for sure he would end up in primetime. He is still young so it could still happen.

I have to add that I am so glad he did not end up on GH. Way back it was rumored. He can add that to his "good decision" list. I think he is better off just having the legacy of "Jonathan" from GL on his resume. It was a limited but so very unique role.

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Yes, Tom Pelphrey deserves to be on the big stage! He also has a movie
coming out called Excuse Me For Living.
I, for selfish reasons would love to see him everyday, or weekly!
But for him, Wishing nothing but the BIG TIME!