Go Behind-The-Scenes of Will’s Coming Out With Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey, Bryan Datillo and Freddie Smith!

The actors who play the three essential dudes in Will Horton's (Chandler Massey) coming out storyline on Days of Our Lives have sat down for a series of revealing, behind-the-scenes interviews for NBC.com. Check out what Bryan Datillo, who plays Will's dad Lucas Horton; Freddie Smith (Will's gay friend Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis) and of course Massey himself, had to say about the powerful storyline after the jump!

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    I watched these on Monday,and posted how good they were.I also don’t understand why their tag video is about Gina/Pawn for this week.I am now FF thru any of Gina/Pawn scenes,and the rest of the show is much better.

    Can’t wait for Wed when we get back to Will’s story.Deidre Hall has said in several interviews that the best is yet to come in the next 3 months.She also praised Chandler for his “ability to express such profound turmoil”.Deidre also credits writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr for Marlena’s and Will’s relationship.

    Just a great job all around.

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    Love how long the story has been playing out, and I love that Will is coming out to everyone now. I can’t wait for his scenes with coming out to Marlena tomorrow and the ones with Sami!!!!

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    I have to say that this storyline has been one of the best representations of COMING OUT that any soap has done in years. I’ve seen it on ATWT, OLTL, and several other soaps. I just think that the presentation is just so much more real than any other time. It has been very emotional for me to watch. It was so real how Will came out to his grandmother and her acceptance of his admission. I look forward to his coming out to Lucas and truly look forward to Sami hearing it.

    I hope that it’s Sami who finds it extremely hard to accept. I think it’s important to show a parent rejecting it and seeing how they come around through proper discussion with Marlena, Lucas or other people on the show. i think it’s important to depict that drama to tell the “REAL” story of coming out.

    The emotional pay-off will be amazing and truly heartfelt.

    I wish the rest of the show was written with such care. I think more people would watch DAYS and love it. I am one person who doesn’t believe that SPEED in telling a story is necessarily what the audience wants. It’s real storytelling that we crave.

    KUDOS to DAYS on this one specific story.

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    This story has been so beautifully written and acted, and it is SO realistic. Days has hit it out of the ballpark. I hope that Sami has a bad reaction when she finds out Will is gay, because she is a very reactionary character and, as many characters have pointed out to her over the last few months, everything is always about her. So, when Will tells her he is gay, for Sami, it won’t be about what Will has and is experiencing, but instead will probably be all about Sami and how she feels.

    I wish that Days would get more credit for how good it is–I have watched Days since 1981, and since the reboot this past September, it has been great. I love everyone who has come back (with the exception of Lisa Rinna, becasue she doen’t play Billie–she IS Lisa Rinna), and I love all of the ties to and mentions of Alice and Tom Horton. I wish people wouldn’t complain about stories like the pawn/princess Gina–yes, it’s unrealistic, but also kind of fun to see John and Hope together like that and acting like that. There is so much crap on the other 3 remaining soaps and so much that is great on Days, including the acting. sorry for going on so long! :)

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    I completely agree about the speed of this story line. The slow progression (and sometimes regression) of Will’s realization has, for me, been spot on (and fascinating). One of the few luxuries that this genre has had over other entertainment formats is the everyday broadcast, which enables them to hit many more emotional beats…and for the first time in a long time, I think DAYS has correctly used that to their advantage.

    I have also tried to avoid comparisons between other soaps when viewing this story line. However, I feel as though DAYS has really explored the idea of coming out to oneself more than any other previous soap. Coming out to others can be exceptionally difficult, but I think coming out to oneself and accepting oneself can be just as tough, perhaps even tougher for some people. And by focusing on the idea of self-acceptance, I think this story is, in some ways, also relatable to those who do not identify as LGBT. Self-acceptance comes in many forms.

    Bravo, DAYS!

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    @ lostfan, i couldn’t agree more re: Days being judged unfairly, i know what’s going on on the other soaps and Days gets a bad rap. But i have to majorly disagree re: Lisa Rinna, i actually DO recognize Billie for the first time in 15-20 years (!!), the only disappointment thus far is the lack of chemistry betw she and James Scott. I’m glad they’re showing us Billie as a cop/agent again. I’d much rather see more of her and less of the Pawn/Gina story tho i’m enjoying the story the latter creates back home in Salem, which is what good storytelling’s supposed to do!

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