OUSTED Days of Our Lives Co-Head Writer Marlene McPherson: “NBC Never Let Us Tell Our Stories!”

Marlene McPherson is speaking out in the wake of her and co-head writer Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. being fired from Days of Our Lives after less than a year on the job. The talented scribe, who helped co-author Will Horton's (Chandler Massey) powerful coming out storyline—set to climax on the sudser next week—is blaming NBC for her and Thomas' dismissal! McPherson tweeted:

From the late Bill Bell to Agnes Nixon, this genre's greats always say the same thing when it comes to meddling execs — they help kill the genre! Why not just let writers do what you hire them to do? Then if they sink or swim, at least there will be no denying it was on their own merit.

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    People assume that writing a soap is a glamorous job…….but aside from the pay, it seems like you really don’t get any creative freedom. They edit, change, embellish and stifle you creatively, to the point that most of the time what you see onscreen is not even really your vision at all. And sadly, nobody seems to be doing any of this to Maria Bell, as she continues to get free reign to drag Y&R into the ground.

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    The network influence is so obvious with how the Re Boot just simmered out. It’s sad that the show had so much fire and it disappeared. I do thank the Dou for stabilizing this show from it’s previous Schizophrenia.

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    I’m glad she called NBC out on the “stopping us and changing direction.” My biggest gripe about the reboot has been them just dropping stories left and right and going in another direction. It’s been constant since the reboot. I commented sometime back I was hoping the show stabilized by February or March. Guess I know now why it didn’t. Meanwhile, the network thought Gina/Pawn was a good idea? Doom, dahling, doom!

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    That sucks, I’m actually enjoying the show and the stories the past few months. God, I hope this former team doesn’t make it unbearable. Is this because of the ratings or are they hoping to make the show unwatchable (like GH was) for an excuse to axe it?
    I’m so glad that so many old favorites are back, I’m scared that the new team will be letting people go.

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    Outside the Will story for me, all the rest sucks. Plus all the stories needed better pacing. Im sorry for them but ratings are down and at least when they are Days changes it up unlike ABC with AMC & GH before AMC’s cancelation.

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    Jamey Giddens

    To be fair that cause Deidre was in the only good story, Will’s coming out and it wa sgreat. But One great story & 3 duds dont keep you employed

    Okay, they get one year with one great story, and a couple of “eh” stories, but Dena Higley got years with a show full of shit?

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    To be fair that cause Deidre was in the only good story, Will’s coming out and it wa sgreat. But One great story & 3 duds dont keep you employed.

    Maybe thats another reason besides Chandler’s acting that all his co-starts are praising the coming out tale, its the best written on Days now & they probably wish they were all involved in it then the crap stories they have to play,

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    Jamey I never understand The Dena Thing. I think Corday felt loyal to her cause she had been part of Days since 1985. I agree she shouldnt have been there that long.
    This could also be SONY, given that the Ratings are down. They axed the writers. The production itself is under budget so they arent gonna change the Producers

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    [quote] Coming soon: Dena Higley’s re-instatement! [/quote]

    If Dreck Hackley makes her way back to DOOL? Pull out the coffin and let me rest in peace. I’m TOO THROUGH!

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    Me thinks SONY fired the wrong Head Writers at the wrong soap opera….!!

    These two talented writers are terminated, but hacks like Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner STILL have jobs?!?

    I’m confused to say the least…!!!

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    Seriously, besides writing a tremendous and heartfelt story of Will’s coming out … which I have praised over and over again on this blog … the writing on DOOL has been dull, if not downright boring. From the Stefano is EVIL again scenario to Billy is an ISA agent now fiasco to any number of EJ’s schemes that went unnoticed in a political campaign I just don’t enjoy DAYS unless I am guaranteed Marlena and Will!

    Yes, Sami’s story with Lucas could be good but we have heard enough about his fiance in Hong Kong, it’s time for her to show up and introduce herself and stake claim to her man. I just hope Lucas has told her about Sami. The dramatic payoff with Will coming out to Sami should be great but only if there is follow-thru on it and, sadly, as proven with John being in jail for embezzlement and Stefano getting out with Alice’s “get out of jail free” card is not the follow-thru anyone wants.

    The Will story proves one thing, that people will invest in a story if told right, written beautifully and thoughtfully, and is told at a proper pace. All too often soaps are written at break neck speeds that it’s not worth watching. Take B&B, one day liam is engaged to Hope and then Hope is late and he marries Steffy. Then he is devoted to her. Then he opts for Hope again and thinks he can get an annulment by close of business that day to get married the very next?!! All this within a story span of 4-5 months. UNREALISTIC and no time to invest in any of the characters or emotions.

    I hope it’s OUT with the old in with the new and better writing!!

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    I think the changing of the writers is a good thing. The writing has been mostly bad, with the exception of the Will storyline. I’m sick of the Gina/John storyline and I hope they NEVER revisit that again. That is what has been so frustrating about that storyline; I thought the book was closed on that one, oh about, ten years ago. Instead, we get a rehash. I guess I can look on the bright side though. It was done with hypnotism instead of brain chips this time. I have a feeling Christopher Whitesell and Gary Tomlin will be writing more realistic storylines, ones rooted in reality. It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of some of the extra people on Days either. Austin, Billie, Madison, Ian, and Gabi could leave. Of course, Lexie is already leaving. I think they need more focus on the show, and maybe bringing in the new writers will help.

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    The show was good after the reboot but then became a rehash of every storyline they’ve ever told. I stopped watching because it was like I had already watched what I was seeing.

    The exec’s need to keep their nose out of the writing and let the writers write. That’s what they hire them for.

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    I liked most of what they did except for the Austin/Abigail/Carrie/Rafe/Sami mashup! I did like how it ended though. Now we have Nicole/EJ/Rafe/Sami/Lucas and maybe Autum (I hope). Poor Brady is stuck with Madison who he can’t be with because of Ian. I will say that I like how they brought back the business aspect of the show and Sami was working and Kate has Countess W back in business.

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    Mark It Right

    What about the dropped storyline of Madison’s new offices at Horton Square? They even brought in Nate Burkas to design. I agree many things have just been dropped. With Marlene’s comments you now know why there was so many things left hanging. Yes no more Princess Gina & Pawn! I have not been a Marlena Evans fan in a while. I find most write her way to sweet, with no backbone. However, I have enjoyed her greatly with Will. If they would get rid of John, I might like her even more. They need to send John, Billie, Rafe, Austin, Jack, Kate, Ian, and for Heaven’s sake Daniel and John, John, John out of Salem. Also, they brought Dr. Kayla back to run the pub?

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    The writing besides a few storylines has been horrible. The build up for a lot of the story’s has been okay, but the ending to most of them have left me wanting more. Like the Austin/Carrie/Abbie storyline. They should have continued the story with Abbie faking a pregnancy and continued to make her cray-cray. I also agree the cast needs to be trimmed down and people that don’t bring anything to the show need to be given their walking papers.

    People like Gabi, Ian, Billie, Chad, Daniel and Abe. With Lexi leaving I think Abe is going to get lost in the shuffle, so why keep him on? I wish they would also bring Nathan back in replace of Chad. The chemistry between Nathan and Melanie is much better than Chad and Melanie.

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    Its the same ole’ song with all these shows on all these networks. I get that approval is a necessity to air stories but it seems its more than that they were not allowed to do their job then get fire for it.

    So they bring a new crew in & the cycle repeats….

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    The last 2 days on Days has been amazing with Will’s story.If the ousted writers were responsible for Chandler’s and Deidre’s scenes it is such a shame if they don’t get some kind of acknowledgement.

    Personal comment-This is not related but I don’t know where to post since this is older subject matter,but if you posted about Trayvon’s death,there is a series of comics strips you should really check out.The site is Candorville and is wriiten by Darrin Bell.He did a week of strips this week on Trayvon’s death and it is touching and thoughtful.Mr. Bell is a great writer,and his Candorville is one of the better comics around.Thank you for letting me post this.

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    The only thing I will miss with Carrie and Austin leaving is the all out brawls her and Sami have! I love it! Austin (PM) never could really act (sad but true)Ian is USELESS!!! He to me seems gay and to have sexual history with happy hooker Kate, well… umrealistic to say the least! There are so many age appropriate men they could have added to the show! He needs to go! Lisa Rinna needs to go too. I just can watch her talk and the rest of her face doesn’t move, it’s such a distraction! I do feel bad for Matthew Ashford, he really did get a raw deal. I read that Jen was too hard on Jack when he came back but if you watched Days way back, he has left her many times and she always took him back! She was just tired of it and was still in love with him, will to try again! I would never ans my phone if Days called again if I were him, Last 2x back were a disaster! As for the 100 other people that wrote comments, I agree Gabbie, Mel, Chad can go! I would LOVE to see Lucas’ Fiance come to town, jealous of his and Sami’s relationship and have cat fights with her! Always love Sami in a fight! Would love for her to meet her match!

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