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Kate’s reading a book about Llanview’s famous multiple personalities. She decides she needs to get rid of Connie, before she destroys everything.  Jason pops by to talk to Kate about the gun not belonging to Sonny.  Kate recounts that day. She tells him how Maxie wasn’t at her desk and how Olivia stopped by to see her.  Jason points out that Olivia was the first one in. Kate says Olivia didn’t plant the gun. 

Olivia doesn’t understand why Kate would have hit on Steve, saying it’s something Connie would have done.  Steven gets a call from Heather, asking to come and see her.  She says she needs him now and hangs up.  Steve wonders what she wants and heads out to see her. 

Sam’s wondering how to tell Jason what she’s found out.  Spinelli wonders why she’s upset. She asks about Maxie. He says he needs to help Maxie, by finding the real killer.  Sam tells him she’s fine; to go and help Maxie.  Sam sees the file Jason has on McBain and then heads out to see her mother. 

John shows Anna a restraining order that Sonny got against him.  He’s glad that he’s made Sonny nervous.  He mentions running into Kate and how she seemed to know more than she was saying. He thinks she’s covering for someone.  Anna asks if he thinks the gun was Kate’s. 

Alexis questions Sonny’s decision to get the restraining order. She says it implies he has something to hide.  Sonny just wants her to prove he’s innocent.  Sonny says Johnny planted the gun.  Alexis points out that, according to security, only Olivia, Kate and him were in the office after the accident.  Sonny says Johnny hired someone to pretend they were maintenance.  Alexis asks if there’s a chance the gun was Kate’s. 

Delores fights with her husband over the phone. She then explains to Dante and Lulu that he’s been working at the PC History Museum.  Shawn brings in Rinelle, who was jumped.  She says she thought the guy was gone, since there hasn’t been an attack in months.  Rinelle says she didn’t see him, but yanked off a badge from his neck.  Dante notices that it’s a visitor’s pass for the museum. He tells Lulu to log it into evidence and forensics.

Spinelli shows up at the PCPD and asks Lulu’s help in getting him Lisa’s murder file, for Maxie.  She gets him the file and tells him to help Maxie.  Spin assures her that he will find who the real killer is no matter what.  

Dante asks Delores about Eddie working at the museum and asks to speak to him, since he may have seen something.  Shawn decides to take Rinelle to the hospital. Dante tells Delores to go with them.   Lulu says they need to draw the guy out and that she needs to pose as a stripper.

Alexis asks if Sonny gave Kate a gun for protection, but he says he didn’t.  Alexis is worried about Kate being called as a witness and what she’ll say.  Sonny doesn’t want Kate to have to relive things during the trial. She’s been through so much already.  Alexis tells him to protect himself.  Sam shows up to talk to Alexis.  Sonny says he knows that she has doubts about his innocence.  Sam says she hopes he beats the charges.  After Sonny leaves, Sam says she wants to talk about the baby. However, Alexis gets a call to show up in court right now. Sam says she’ll stay until her mother gets back

John wonders who left the gun in the office, Kate or Sonny.  Anna says there may be a third party, going after Anthony and willing to frame Sonny.  She says Kate’s office has easy access. It’s the perfect set up.  John wonders then, why was Kate so upset.  Olivia stops by to give Anna her condolences.  After she walks away, John points out that she’s Kate’s cousin. Maybe they need to speak to her.  Anna says he needs to talk to Sonny. She gives John a federal investigative letter, allowing him access to Sonny.  John decides to pay Alexis a visit and tells Anna to get information from Olivia.  

Anna talks to Olivia about Kate.  Olivia mentions Kate’s name change and reinvention and that Connie was someone you didn’t mess with.  Anna asks if she thinks the gun was Kate’s.  Olivia says there is no way, although she could see Connie with one.

Heather’s thrilled to see that Steven came to see her. She’s says she’s better and can be released, so long as someone can take responsibility for her.  Steve says he can’t help her.  She mutters about writing him a letter. She grumbles how Sam was supposed to take it to him, but didn’t and asks him to read the letter to her, out loud.  Steven reads it. Heather basically wants him to forgive her and give her another chance.  Steven decides that everyone needs a second chance and agrees to be responsible for his mother.  She swears he won’t’ regret it.

Jason wonders if Kate remembers how things in the office looked. She says she didn’t see the gun. She asks if he’s implying the gun was hers.  She yells that he’s accusing her of owning the gun and of causing the accident that killed two people.  Kate transforms into Connie as Jason claims he never implied any of that.  Connie accuses Jason of calling her a liar.  

Connie tells him to take his accusations and stick them.  Jason wonders what’s wrong with her.  Connie says he’s trying to score points with Sonny, but that neither he nor Sonny can tell her what to do. She asks if he knows who he’s talking to.  Jason wonders why she’s so angry. He just wants to clear Sonny.  Connie says she’s the woman that Sonny loves, which makes her number one, not Jason.  Jason leaves, but not before Connie tells him not to cross her again or he’ll regret it. 

Connie’s muttering to herself about not taking crap from anyone, when Sonny shows up and wonders what she’s talking about. 

When Jason gets back to the penthouse, Spinelli tells him that Sam is anxious to speak to him.

John shows up at Alexis’ house.  Sam is upset and wants him to leave. He says he won’t.  Sam says he wants to work her for information.  John tells her it will help if she tells someone what’s bothering her. 

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    There’s not much that I like about JAson, but that look of utter confusion that SBu’s pulls off makes me giggle every time. “Crazy lady yelling at me. Can’t compute”

    Love the chemistry between John and Anna (and I don’t mean sexual). The ease that Michael and Finola have is great.

    So many anvils falling on my head that the gun could possibly be KateConnie’s. Eeesh.

    Ah Steven, you are in for a world of hurt now.

    So glad to see Sam show up to talk to her mother about what happened. So annoyed that Alexis got called away. Slightly more annoyed that John showed up and that she’ll likely confide in him.

    Love the annoyance Sam seesm to be feeling for Sonny and the fact that he cant’ seem to say or do anything to steer her back into his corner.

    So Lulu’s going to pose as a stripper? Because there aren’t any female cops on the force who would be better equiped for a job like that? Because we all saw how her whorehouse event worked out.

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    My disdain for Kate/Connie is pretty well-known on this board, but today, I actually found her to be extremely funny—creepy, but funny–in her interactions with Jason. And Jason had that “this bitch is crazy” look plastered on his face toward the end. Good stuff.

    The interactions between Steven and Heather were somewhat refreshing….and Robin Mattson and Scott Reeves have great chemistry together. Can’t wait for Heather to get released and start wreaking havoc in Olivia and Steven’s relationship.

    This show is on a major upswing………just get rid of Starr and all the constant whining and histrionics by characters like Maxie and Kate/Connie, which leave me reaching for earplugs.

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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that Kate was reading “The Unauthorized Biography of Victoria Lord Buchanan” YES! I had to rewind it just to make sure and I laughed out loud.

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    Someone in the prop dept. needs to brush up on their OLTL history. “NICKI” was mispelled and should have been “Niki” on the jacket cover and the photo of “Jess” was actually “Tess” and vice versa.

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    [quote=Perkie]So Lulu’s going to pose as a stripper? Because there aren’t any female cops on the force who would be better equiped for a job like that? Because we all saw how her whorehouse event worked out.[/quote]

    Hee…hee…hee…. Perkie, you rock!

    I was so happy to see Sam show up at Alexis’s to talk… and I was so sad to see Alexis get called away just moments later. Sigh…. I so want Sam to tell her mother everything, starting with what happened on her honeymoon to what’s going on right now. What is wrong with these writers that they won’t let Sam’s family comfort her???? I miss the Davis girls.

    I could care less about Kate/Connie, Sonny, and Olivia. Give me more Alexis, Anna, Liz, Sam, Tracey, and Heather! I liked Connie yelling at Jason, even though us viewers know she’s coo-coo for cocoa puffs. He does have a tendency to give the attitude that everyone but Sonny is to blame for Sonny’s problems, so I don’t care if he gets it thrown back at him once in a while, whether she’s guilty or not. And how stupid was Olivia not realizing that Anna was working her for info on Kate?

    I seriously hope Delores’s husband is a red herring. I guess if Lulu can give Spinelli evidence, than I have absolutely no problem with Delores giving Johnny info on Sonny.

    What exactly did John do that would warrant Sonny actually receiving a restraining order against him? As far as I can see, he’s never threatened Sonny’s life, he saved him from Todd shooting him, and he’s mostly been questioning other people. None of that warrants a restraining order, I’m so glad Anna worked her magic so that John can investigate.

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    I was totally anticipating Sam finally confiding in Alexis and of course she has to called away for some matter pertaining to Sonny :( the TPTB are reaaaaaaaally trying to push McBam with the random meetings but hey I really don’t mind, KeMo and ME have better chemistry than she and SBu have by a mile.

    The Jason/Connie scene was hilarious, for once Jason actually looked kinda scared, I thought for a second that she was going to hit on him, but the way she sorta told him off was much better.

    I love how Sam had to take a flight to go see Heather, but Steven arrives there in a 3 minute commercial break..oh the joys of daytime teleportation lol

    I’m still wondering why Sam hasn’t gone to see Maxie since Robin died, I was under the impression with KStorm’s Maxie that the two were close friends, but still no scenes between them since Jen took over.

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    No big time/space continuum issues with Sam and Steve’s visits to Heather. Sam had to catch a flight to see Heather because she’d first flown to New York to get the hospital information. Then she had to fly back to Port Charles, since that’s where Ferncliff is.

    Olivia needs to die, and as soon as possible. Maybe Connie can kill her and frame Sonny by drowning her in a vat of his special recipe marinara sauce.

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    [quote; mipeony]I seriously hope Delores’s husband is a red herring[/quote]

    I hope it is the husband so this non story can end already. Although, having be Ronnie would be even better.

    [quote]. I guess if Lulu can give Spinelli evidence [/quote]

    Interesting that I haven’t really heard anyone complain about a file clerk handing over a confidential file to a mobster, yet if that had been Liz (or Sam), the boards would have lit up like the fourth of July.

    [quote]I’m so glad Anna worked her magic so that John can investigate.[/quote]

    Doesn’t it make you want to see an Anna versus Alexis showdown.

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    [quote=nysam]Someone in the prop dept. needs to brush up on their OLTL history. “NICKI” was mispelled and should have been “Niki” on the jacket cover and the photo of “Jess” was actually “Tess” and vice versa.[/quote]

    Viki was misspelled too.

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    I like

    – seeing Anna moving round the canvas Guza kept her somewhat contained (Fiona looks so good younger than some of the youngies) she’s interacting with everyone … Thanks Ron.

    – seeing a nice mix in settings; enjoyed Connie w/Jason scene

    Good seeing Shawn, Alexis again I’ve always liked her in scenes w/Sonny.

    – great scene w/Heather & Steven Lars poor Steve he’s thinking about his self & what he did with his patients so he’ll be responsible for his Mom…she’s going to make a fool out of him.

    More of Olivia’s tales of “Connie from the Hood” Pt 59 I’m tired of it..

    LuLu as a stripper? LuLu at the whorehouse revisited? I just don’t get her working at the PCPD but whatever…

    Sorry but there is still a lot of stuff about GH that is the same ole’ thing that tuned me out of the show…the over the top browbeating of an agenda in the script writing (Dialog)is so soap 101…Writers “grow up” please just try a new style something new….but again…many of old writing team is still there e.g. Korte & Wolf (I can tell). Trying to hold on until Carlivati’s writers he replaced material airs.

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    Early Good Friday Morning-catching up (again!) with Wednesday…much to see
    in PC…off we go…

    It’s poetic justice that Olivia has no clue about Kate and her alter. That she recognizes “Connie’s” hit on Steve as something her cousin would do back in Bensonhurst is probably the deepest she’ll think about the situation. Having had my opinion of her take a nose dive with her asking the bully to get John to back off of Steve, I’m thinking let her worry about getting Heather to back off of her. It’s gonna happen… :~

    He’d rather be having a root canal than waiting for his mother. She, in contrast, is thrilled he’s shown up. Steve’s avoidence of her embrace is telling of the deep distrust that’s been damped down over his lifetime. That gesture of rejection causes her face to collapse in disappointment
    but she quickly covers. “Why’d you insist on seeing me?” “I can finally be released…with your help.” Uhh…He’s the one who’s gonna need help if Heather gets loose. I loved the nod to history as he started reading the letter: “I go by Steve now.” “Like your grandfather.”(RIP John Bernadino.) I also liked the conflict playing over SR’s face, swinging from stiff resistance to a gradual thaw, seeing his defenses being worn down. For him redemption, for her, relief, happiness and a bit of looking forward to going after someone. Maybe Sam for not taking the letter?…

    I know they’ve tweaked history, made up backstory to create “viable” reasons for McBain and Anna to have known each other. But I’m so enjoying
    their “pairing”. They’re fresh and witty and I like how, ever the mentor, she wisely uses her experience to remind him of the line he shouldn’t cross. “…he’s not walking away from this one.” “..If he’s guilty.” Talk turns to Kate and his brief exchange with her. ” She seemed a little agitated…has something to hide…” “You think she’s covering for him?…
    gun belongs to her?” Their looks are speculative, minds puzzle solving. Olivia floats by, McBain’s radar goes up, causing him to urge Anna to to chat up Kate’s cousin. Then he can take Anna’s gift of the FIA to conduct his own chat with Alexis (I’m so looking forward to that), and then on to the bully himself. As McBain said “Sweet…”…

    Her chat with Olivia? Anna picked her bones clean…

    Her meeting with Heather is playing on a continual loop. “How do I tell Jason?” It was funny and jarring to see Spinelli bouncing down the stairs-
    does he have a key to their penthouse? Nice little touch of reciprocity here. He’s sensitive to her being “off”. “Are you sure nothing else is wrong?” focusing on the baby. Sam, despite her upset, “How’s everything with Maxie?” I almost wished she might’ve confided in him, but the possibility of hysterics on his part would be a bit much to handle. And he’s gotta go clear Maxie. As for Sam, she really needs a face to face with her husband. She spies the dossier and thumbs it open. “You again.”
    Weary exasperation seeing McBain face. She gets her coat, leaves him behind. Or does she?…

    You can tell she’s getting itchy for more involvement than just cataloguing evidence. It’s her natural curiosity and her quick intelligence along with the buzz that is PCPD. Her husband is smack dab in the middle of it and L’s more than ready to make her own way to join him. Queries about Eddie, listening on the fringes to Padilla and D talking about his job on night crew. All three around Rinelle and Shawn (back from MIA land), going over the latest attack. D has her log in a visitors pass torn from the perps neck then gets around his suspicions about Eddie asking Padilla about the people he works with. She doesn’t bite. Dead end…

    She’s collared by Spinelli, asking her to filch the Niles murder file. “I have it.”, leary. “I trust you’re able to cover your tracks?…” I admit on the face of it, I don’t like to see her in essence “break the law”.
    More often than not, it comes back to bite one the a**. But on the flip side, L’s A) got Spencer DNA working for her, B) Maxie’s her best friend and C) I like seeing her touch base with Spinelli. When she gets back she finds Padilla gone with Rinelle and Shawn to GH, and D offering Eddie is looking “…more viable” “…bring him in?” “I don’t wanna tip Padilla off…” And she sails in proposing she “work the inside…pose as a stripper.” He knows exactly where she’s going “No…don’t even…”I can do it.” “…not an option…no, you can’t.” Uhh, don’t tell her she can’t do something. When she’s determined, she’s like a rottweiler who’s jaw is clamped down on your arm. And it doesn’t let go…

    I loved how Alexis ticked off the “strikes” against him, flat out saying
    she doesn’t have a lot to prove him innocent. The restraining order “…
    implies that you have something to hide, right?” I’m pretty sure the bully
    hasn’t told her about McBain’s sister but why would he because he’ll say
    her death wasn’t his fault. Ironic that he’s worried about Kate. If she gets charged and convicted, she’ll be sent away, another woman he just couldn’t hang on to because of his life’s business…

    Funny and touching at the same time, the “shout out” for the OLTL fans tuning in, having Kate reading the bio of Victoria Lord and Jessica Buchanan and their adventures with DID. Funny in a different way was the enforcers’ visit to the Crimson offices. I can’t blame her for getting
    short and cross with him. After all she is Kate Howard. ;) But then
    “Connie” decides she’s gonna get a piece of him. SBu’s face was priceless, having the look of “Lady, you are on crack.” KSul gets my laugh line of the day: “Is your brain too scrambled to understand the phrase ‘get he freak out’?” If nothing else, I appreciate the intensity and commitment to what she’s doing with this role. I’m not even gonna try to guess what
    “Connie’s” gonna say to the bully when he shows up…

    Out of the blue here. Are they going to bring Kristina back? I guess I thought of her because I also thought it would be really nice if Sam could just talk with her mom. You know, that thing we call “family”? “I don’t even know where to start…” It’s at times like this that the bully and Maxie are nuisances and Alexis has to rush off, beholden to her end of the justice system. And Sam’s left alone, soaking in emotional misery, suddenly a little girl set adrift on an ocean of tears. With McBain’s
    footsteps on the porch, ironically there to see her mother, will he offer her something to hang on to?…

    Whew!…lots happening…till next time…
    Swan! 0:)

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    Okay, the only thing I want to comment on here is the conversation between “Connie” and Jason. She practically tore him a new one, and I almost felt sorry for Jason cause he had the serious “WTF” look on his face. I loved the line ” It’s my bed he sleeps in, not yours”.

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