Lorraine Broderick Joins Writing Team at Days of Our Lives!

This should make fans of cancelled ABC soaps All My Children and One Life to Live happy. Soap Opera Digest is reporting beloved scribe Lorraine Broderick has been tapped to join new co-head writers Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell as a breakdown writer on NBC's Days of Our Lives.

Broderick, who trained under the legendary Agnes Nixon at All My Children, and returned with Nixon to write a proper send off for the sudser, went on to write for OLTL during its final months. Here's hoping all these changes will help DAYS see a significant and sustained bump in the Nielsens!

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    Very happy about this considering I was ready to explode when I heard that Tomlin and Whitesell were heading back to DAYS. With the addition of Broderick DAYS now has at least 4 breakdown writers that are better than the new co-HWs.

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    So excited For this. The pacing at DAYS just improved. Her job will be taking Gary & Chris’ long stories and placing them in all the episodes and scenes than the scriptwriters write the dialogue

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    My Nephew Xavier was christened April 3rd last year and on April 2nd we heard that Lorraine was going back to AMC and we were all happy thinking this was going to be the big save. I remember this cause I thought X brough us good luck. I was saying all the next day X marked the spot for the soaps to be saved. I hope this isnt happing to Days., I never watched a lick of that show, but I hope this isnt a plot to cancel it cause that would be the next horror for soap fans. By the way, isnt there supposed to be some sort of announcement about GH fate?? Happy Holidays for all you guys.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey: She should be headwriter again. She held the position once for a short-time there. But left due to issues with Tom Langan about story. I guess Ken knows when it is time to get it going. Now if they could bring on Sally Sussman Morina to help with the show then you have a full team. Because sorry, Ron and Frank don’t have nothing on a Sally and Lorraine pairing.

    In the 5 weeks that Lorraine acted as transition writer at AMC she gave us the some of the most riveting drama in years. Including the infamous Anne and JR fallout at the Chandler mansion where they end up making love. And a 3 episode day confrontation when Tad found out that Liza had schemed to get his son away from Colby, by trying to set it up to look like Tad’s son had slept with her.


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    This just made my day! There is a lack of something w/the writing that i can’t quite put my finger on that i mentioned in another thread. This could definitely help! And if nothing else it shows that Corday cares about the show.

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    Wow wow wow! Who ever would have thought he day would come when the cream of the crop gets hired to work on our soaps? Looks like the days of the hacks are FINALLY OVER. Well except for Young and the Restless. Who would have thought that would be the one show in the most dire of straits???

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    Very cool! I feel better about the show having the writer change, but Lorraine there will help for sure!!! Can’t wait to see what she does with the show!

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    I’m not complaining, but why do these soaps need so many headwriters? Why not just have ONE headwriter and have Whitesell and Tomlin do breakdown writing or dialogue writing or one of the other writing duties? It would certainly save money, and in these dire times, that should be the goal of all the soaps, to save as much money as possible.

    Still, I have only heard good things about Broderick, and while her last headwriting stint on AMC was a mixed bag, she tried her best to drag the show up from the doldrums, and I think in the end she kinda succeeded.

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    Lorraine “gets” daytime and I am happy to hear she is joining the writing team. This gives me hope that Will’s coming out story and establishing himself as a gay man won’t get ruined. Lorraine wrote some great stuff at AMC featuring gay characters.

    I do not hate Whitesell/Tomlin. Both of these guys have been successful. I am disappointed NBC interfered with Marlene & Darrell’s vision for the soap. It will be interesting to see who is featured in the front burning storylines. I do think the current canvas of characters is one of the strongest ever on DOOL.

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    TV Gord

    I mentioned this over in the Matt Lauer story, but it fits here, too, because it could place Days’ future in jeopardy.

    TV Guide is reporting more details of Matt Lauer’s new deal with The Today Show and it could include a FIFTH hour of Today, spinning off his “Today’s Professionals” segment, which features Star Jones, Nancy Snyderman and others.

    If they do give him that show, there’s only one network timeslot left in NBC daytime that it could take, and that’s the one where DAYS is now.

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    Days had better not go off the air, it’s the only one I’m watching right now. First my fave Guiding Light goes off, then I go to OLTL then that goes off, if Days is next that will probably be my last unless Y&R or B&B get very watchable.

    And why does Today need 5 hours??? Days comes on at 1 pm here, not sure what time it comes on anywhere else.

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    Amen, snags.

    TVGord, this is very worrying news. The Today show appears to be the ony NBC product doing well right now; but if they overstretch it they risk hurting their brand.

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    They would be nuts to do a fifth hour. They are already worried about GMA ( even stunt casting Sarah Palin, who did little for the ratings). They have had problems expanding before – remember the Today with Florence Henderson about ten years ago? Of course NBC is good at making bad decisions.

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    Lorraine Broderick is a respected writer in the industry. If she can make Days better then I welcome the change. AMC was much more watchable towards the end thanks to her. She turns crap into sugar with that story about Jesse covering up the death of his child with Angie. I’m glad that Dena Higley is no longer the HW of the show and while the current HWs have done a valiant effort, I still find the show uneven. I know during Higley’s recent run, Christopher Whitesell was credited for the better stories (Grace’s death/the baby switch story) during that run so if he can bring that to the table along with Gary Tomlin then I welcome it. I really hope they just focus on the characters on the canvas and make the stories more meaningful. Aside from Will’s story line, the other stories don’t have enough of an emotional impact.

    And with the current canvas, I would like to see some characters brought into the spotlight some more: Justin, Adrienne, Victor, Maggie, Jack, Jennifer.

    The show could stand to get rid of some characters: Chad, Melanie, Daniel, Gabi.

    Oh, and give Marlena a story! Yes, she’s great with Will, but she needs her OWN story too! Why did they bring her back and not use her! She’s the STAR!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Game on GH fans! It’s about to be a Days vs GH with Lorraine named officially as part of the head writing team, Batten down the hatches, it’s war! Nothing like a little healthy competition to get things spinning in the right direction.

    Lela (Lorraine) Luke (Gary) and Han Solo (Chris) are here to restore order to force and bring balance to the soap galaxy.

    David46208: (Turns away and looks sadly at the TV Screen) Many bottoms had to die to get us here.

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    TV Gord

    Why does it have to be Days vs GH? I don’t get that. I mean, if they were in competing timeslots, I could see it, but with only four soaps left, I don’t think they need to be pitted against one another.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @TV Gord: A little competition is always good to see who can produce the best storylines. We vote on favorite couples, favorite daytime drama, they are also awarded this way. Heck everyone in TV and Film has a chance at it. So don’t let the fact that there are only four take away the fun from a little competition. This just means that everyone need be on their best game.

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    It is good news and I hope that she can bring Days around because it is a little stale and needs a pick me up. But I am hoping and praying for a EJ/Will pairing, sorry guys, but they have great chemistry and it would set DAys into stratosphere if they did it right.

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