Matt Lauer Sticks With The Today Show

As the morning show war heats up between The Today Show, CBS This Morning and Good Morning America, executives at NBC are probably breathing a bit easier now that Matt Lauer has signed a long-term deal to stay at Today. According to The New York Times,

“Matt always said he would only continue if he could be all-in,” he said. “The all-in factor was really key. This is demanding job with a demanding schedule. For him it was a question of lifestyle. As his family is getting older he wants to be able to spend more time with them.”

While the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, sources have told Newsday that Lauer will receive an estimated $25 million per year. 

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    25 million bucks/yr for morning TV? Good lord – that’s insulting. That makes him the most over-paid person in television IMO. I’m willing to bet there aren’t 2% of “Today Show” viewers who tune in because it’s Matt Lauer instead of some other name-your-TV-talking-head. There are local TV anchors who struggle to make $10/hr who are more watchable and better newspeople.

    Think about it – that salary puts him in the same league as Brad Pitt or A-Rod. The difference is the Yankees would not fill the seats or drive the TV revenue without A-Rod and the “movie blockbuster” wouldn’t be one without Brad. For every dollar those guys are paid – they generate $10 more for their bosses. There is no way in hell Matt Lauer (or any morning anchor) has anywhere near that kind of impact at the Today Show. No wonder NBC is in trouble – bad business decisions abound.

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    TV Gord

    Obviously NBC thinks he is worth the money, BloughMee, or they wouldn’t be paying him the money.

    Also, TMZ is reporting part of the deal means Ann Curry will be nudged out the door soon, because Matt doesn’t think she’s cutting it as a co-host. If that’s true, he clearly has a lot of power at NBC.

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    TV Gord

    Time to start panicking DAYS fans…

    TV Guide just released more details about Lauer’s deal, and it could have a direct impact on DAYS fans.

    Part of the deal involves Matt possibly producing a spinoff FIFTH hour of today involving the Today’s Professionals segment into a full hour, and there’s only one hour of network time left in NBC daytime: the DAYS timeslot.

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