DC #669: It’s All Coming Back on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Jillian Bowe join Larry Flick and Keith Price on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick to dish soaps and pop culture.

From Robin’s “death” on General Hospital to the state of The Young and the Restless, they debate the latest headlines and news.

During the second half of the DC gang’s visit the topic changes to primetime TV, music and the latest big screen films. Will Larry be successful in getting Luke to follow in Jamey’s footsteps and sing on the show?

All this and much more on today’s show!

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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Dueler312

    If they think AMC’s replacement is a win, they can think again. Not getting any ads support for the soaps, I hardly doubt that there. Both of the shows that ABC replaced AMC and OLTL with are a mess, and shouldn’t be on at all. AMC and OLTL should still be on. Not even merging those two replacement shows would help at all. If you want to watch a cooking or a lifestyle show, go watch that on a cable network, and let us soap fans watch our shows. The soaps are not killing themselves. People are killing them.

    Days did start off great and there are still a good few stories, but the other stories that were on were really draggin it down.

    I like John and Starr being on GH there, but I don’t like the way Starr is heading. And just like with Robin, I want the same thing to happen with Cole and Hope.

    I don’t think Viki is coming because she still have to keep an eye on Clint.

    I agree about what they just did with Cole and Hope, especially with the “death” of Robin that happened just a few episodes before that. Also really not feeling anything with Starr and Michael.

    And putting Starr with Patrick, Ewww. No way.And I don’t want Starr to be something like a stripper. I rather have Starr to be the same way she has been, a young caring woman.

    And also, I don;t think they are going to do that with John and Sam, because he still has a girl back in Llanview, Natalie and Liam.

    The young teen storylines that I loved is Belle and Shawn. I did though not like the Austin and Abby storyline. It really didn’t hook me at all.

    Sami a mass murderer, No way! and a lot of people do not want EJ and Sami together. I rather have Sami with either Lucas or Rafe.

  2. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Taraji P. Henson is firmly entrenched on PERSON OF INTEREST, CBS’ hit drama in one of the show’s most popular roles and I would not wish her to be cursed with being attached to Scandal in any way, shape, form or fashion. LOL

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Kerry Washington is the TRUTH. I am not really familiar with her work, but I was telling some people on Twitter that she plays “bitchy” much better than Vanessa Williams. But the first episode of “Scandal” was kind of a mess. Fast, frenetic, people talking too fast, sharp, quick camera angles……..it made my head spin. Gonna give it a 2nd chance, though. :)

  4. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=alstonboy4315]SoapArmaggedon-But the first episode of “Scandal” was kind of a mess. Fast, frenetic, people talking too fast, sharp, quick camera angles……..it made my head spin. Gonna give it a 2nd chance, though. :)[/quote]

    I’m with you on this, SoapArmaggedon. I wouldn’t have minded if only the Olivia Pope character talked in this rapid fire manner but it is too much of the same-o for everyone in the firm to speak in this same manner, one of the many reasons why I got annoyed w/Grey’s Anatomy. Speaking of Grey’s…

    Who the heck was that Meredith Grey-esque newbie character and why is she there? The writing should’ve focused on establishing the Olivia Pope character and how her firm, associates and personal demons revolve around her personality (or cult of personality). Sticking this Grey-esque girl, only gives me the impression that Rhimes may not trust that the audience will relate enough to a Black woman in charge, so they stick this new hire in the story immediately to be some sort of conduit for the audience into this world high powered PR.

    Jamey made a great point about how dated some of the subject matter was. The constant reference to Lewinsky and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, gave the overall impression that Scandal may have been a script dusted off from a decade ago (perhaps before Grey’s?).
    I found the entire cast to be engaging and with some re-tooling, this could be a good show.
    I have only seen this one episode so I am hoping that somehow, it will be written that the new girl was temporary and not made permanent. That most of Olivia’s associates will take a breath and have their own distinct speech, personalities (e.g. which one is the ‘laid back’ one?)and not be Olivia Pope clones.
    My quibble is mainly with the technical aspects of this show like the writing and the intercut camera techniques which ring overly slick.

    One final note on the PodCast:
    Tis’ truly a pity that there had not been more opportunities for wider array of writers to have apprenticed with the Soap greats. Then soaphiles might not have to suffer with the same head writers that have been fired from other soaps coming to their shows. Daytime Drama needs a bigger pool of writing talent that really know the history of each show and have the classic sense of what makes good soap. Times and mores may change but the basic criteria of good drama is as classic as Greek drama.

  5. Profile photo of thecourt99


    I actually loved Scandal. To be honest, I am surprised that I seem to be in the minority. I loved the rapid fire speech and approach. It keeps me on my toes. I love the soapy overarching story and I love the fact that she is into the Pres. She seems like the kinda chick that needs a powerful partner.

    As far as the newbie chick…I feel that her presence was needed in order to introduce the show to the audience. Someone has to say how powerful this woman is…she can’t say it herself or she will look too full of herself. I get the feeling that we are walking into something that is already in progress, and through the eyes of the new girl, we are in as much awe as she is in.

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Court I agree with you, but I see some of the points Agent made. That said, the fast speech is actually pretty reflective of washington – you only get so much time with people and they expect you to spit it out so to speak.

    Lewinsky doesnt surprise me and didnt feel dated to me – the mentioned rielle hunter too but the hunter/edwards scandal just doesnt have the same notoriety. Plus I think the point was to show what happens to someone even when they are telling the truth. Hunter seems to have done okay on that front in terms of surviving the scandal and by the time it really came out, edwards had no cache to go after her (he bore the brunt of the public ire IMHO) but lewinsky was destroyed on all fronts.

  7. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Just caught the first episode of Scandal and, generally, I had a good first impression.

    It has much less of an ensemble feel than Shonda Rhimes’ other shows. Kerry was in virtually every scene. Obviousy, I’m a huge fan; but I feel they should have focussed on certain aspects (power-broker; Washington insider) of the character instead of trying to get everything into this first episode.

    I think they should have left us wondering about the nature of her relationship with the president and reveal that gradually over a few episodes.

  8. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Classic GH: Lucky was revealed alive in the next frame when he was presumed killed in the fire.

    BB: I agree that the entire cast is about Hope’s sex life it may be classic but its been going on for a very long time (years) not just this particular storyline this is only a 19 minute show I’m glad some other stories are playing out now. IA the casts needed something else.

    Days: I liked Abby going after Austin as well but I got whiplash re: her being a bad girl. I liked (the dialog)how Will came out to Marlena.

    I agree to tell some stories…blow it up!

    OK saw the first eppy of Scandal “Sweet baby” good stories a few twists turns for me first impression its reminiscent of Damages with a bit of The Good Wife vibe…& fast dialog. I’ll check out eppy 2

  9. Profile photo of soapster

    I watched the first two episodes of Scandal and I loved it, Kerry’s Olivia and the President are terrific together and I can’t get enough. I actually like the fast speed that is how things are done in Washington but maybe its the New Yorker in me.

    Different strokes for different strokes but the fact that Olivia is that powerful is a turn on for me.

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    soapster I’m now watching the 2nd eppy; I was coming back to say the “exact same thing” I’m likin’ Olivia’s relationship w/the President these actors have good chemistry…& was glad he was back on…I’m getting a feel for the cast of characters now so it takes time to get the lay of the land LoL it seems the stories are on-going running into the next eppys e.g. like Damages she must be a Condoleeza Rice type chick.

    Thus far I’m giving it a Thumbs up…Until I get use to the speed

    (EETwin) thanks I had no idea this is how they talk in Washington LoL…it made a difference for me I’m getting the rhythm. I’ve been watching close caption because the dialog is fast starting off.

    Liked the ending esp with them rounding up the Johns in the Madam storyline it was funny … but just wanna know what happened “exactly” between Olivia & the President it seems they are in love I get that. I got he’s married of course & the first Lady & Liv are friends. But just wondering how it all went down.

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