EJ And Sami Have a Toxic Attraction on Days of Our Lives

EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) have an epic history fraught with back stabbing, scheming and more than a little sizzlin’ chemistry. This week on Days of Our Lives, Salem’s sexiest exes struggle with their toxic attraction. Watch the promo after the jump!



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    Ick! I hate them together. Lucas is the only guy that I’ve ever liked Sami with or Sami generally. As for EJ, while I hate how domineering he is with Nicole atm, they sizzle as couple.

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    I would have been able to be on board if it weren’t for how despicable Ej is, esp. to Sami. The writers really did a disservice to this couple’s potential when they had him rape Sami & purposefully knock her up so that he could somehow get some treatment for his dad (stem cells I think?)… I mean, the whole storyline was beyond bizarre and really sick. There could have been a really hot triangle between Lucas, Sami. and Ej… and they could have still ended up with the twins thing if TPTB just let their tryst happen organically (like Sami fighting her growing feelings for Ej over time, etc).

    However, I am a die-hard Lumi fan and they will always be end-game for me!!

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    YES! So happy that they’re playing with this pairing again. Alison Sweeney & James Scott have the most intense chemistry together on that show. I don’t hold EJ & Sami’s history against them because hack writers like Dena Higley have had an agenda to systematically destroy this pairing’s popularity by writing shit for them. Looking forward to their scenes in the next 3 months before the hacks start writing them OOC & destroying them again.

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    Purple Crayon

    When the writers write characters doing things they’d never do, when you can see the agenda behind the scenes on screen, then that’s an epic fail. Characters shouldn’t have to be destroyed to enhance the likeability of another. If the couple the fine folks behind the scenes prefer can’t gaih traction on their own, the the writers need to throw in the towel, swallow their pride and move to a couple who doesn’t need to change for them to work & that couple is EJami & the actors have the chemistry to overcome the most horrendous writing ever conceived for a non-couple.

    MarDar may not have been the greatest writers DAYS has ever had, but they were head and shoulders above the previous writing team, which Corday fired and now he’s bringing them back?

    I love my soap and I’m afraid, very afraid cuz they sucked their last time at bat.

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    Purple Crayon

    [quote=cheesehead91182]I love Sami and EJ, their Chemistry is off the charts. To me Sami and Lucas just don’t make a good couple. I like Lucas as Sami’s side kick rather than her lover.[/quote]
    I don’t know if it’s because they’re buddies off screen, but their friendship shows loud and clear in their scenes.

    Watching their attempt at romance is akin to watch a brother and sister go at it.

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