The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki Ditches Victor and Turns to Jack!

Victor/Nikki/Jack/Genevieve: Stop me if you've heard this all before… Once again The Black Knight's shenanigans go too far for his lady love's liking. Nikki decides enough is enough. She gives Victor the boot when a dirty little secret of his is exposed. Nikki turns to Jack for comfort, while Genaura Genevieve attempts to give Victor a shoulder to lean on.

Jack/Genevieve: The two get ready for their trip down the aisle.

Ricky: The muckraker flips the script on Phyllis.

Victoria/Chelsea: The eldest Newman offspring learns exactly what Adam did with Chelsea and the baby. Victoria is shocked to say the least. She has to deal with what she's found out. Meanwhile, Chelsea starts to doubt her decision to let Billy and Victoria raise her baby.

Neil/Harmony: The two keep trying to fight the growing feelings they have for each other.

Daniel: The artist may lose little Lucy when tragedy strikes.

Daisy: The drip causes drama for Michael and Lauren.

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    The only two that take my interest these days are Nikki and Jack. This quad isn’t even good written with a dumb Genaura – who just needs to get off my screen – and the repeat of the week with one of Victor’s many, many (maybe too many) schemes reveled.
    Here’s hope that Nikki can stop Jack from getting married to Laura Webber…

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    Jack and Nikki are the only reason I pick my head up and watch Y&R during
    it’s time slot in my area. I’m still waiting for GF to detour back to GH. Fingers crossed… 0:)

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    Instead of having Nikki, once again, become fed up with Victor’s shenanigans and machinations and giving him the boot, why not allow Nikki (AND Victor) the opportunity to accept that they person they love – each other – is not perfect. Nikki and Victor have been around and around and around on this merry-go-round and the writers know it and the actors know and we the viewers know it – Nikki and Victor belong together and will always find their way back to each other. Hello? They have an epic love story that has played out for 30 years on this show and they are always the end game.

    A far better dynamic that would speak to character driven growth and motivation would be to have Nikki know/find out all that Victor does, but still stand by and accept him because she LOVES him. And vice versa with Victor in reference to Nikki. This dynamic would play much better with Jack and Ashley and others because Nikki would be torn about her friendships with Jack and the many people Victor betrays, but, because she loves Victor more than anything, she STANDS BY HIM. (Does Melania Trump kick Donald Trump to the curb every time he says or does something stupid, dumb and “ruthless”? No!)

    Anyway, I have always appreciated the dynamic between Jack and Nikki and I even enjoyed them as a couple… 20 years ago. (Nikki and Jack just really work better now as close/best friends. Jack belongs with Phyllis, but that is another post.) Nikki going back to Jack (and Jack taking her back) is a waste of time because we know that, once again, Jack will lose when Nikki returns to the love of her life, The Great Victor Newman.

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    I understand your point. We all know Victor and Nikki are the end game. At this point I’m tired of the breaking up and I think they should just be reunited and done with it, but the fan in me has been dying for Nikki/Jack ever since their divorce. Nikki/Jack were my first IT couple on Y&R. I loved them to death! So I can tolerate Nikki leaving Victor AGAIN for Jack.

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    *sigh* I was hoping Chelsea would die in childbirth but no such luck. Maybe if she hadn’t have drugged and raped Billy then it would be ok for her to have joint custody now that she might want to keep the baby. But what she did was the same as what Daisy did to Daniel so I hope Billy and Victoria get to keep the baby as planned.

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    Even though these are simply just soap characters I still don’t wish death on them for any reasons. Chelsea actually doesn’t even seem all that bad a girl to me … so give her a chance since she is probably going to end up with Adam anyway.

    Phyllis … why would any of you wish that creature on anyone?!?!?

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    Can’t this writing team develop any other scenarios or adventures for Nikki and Victor other than the breakup/makeup game?

    This should have been resolved in the 1990s. There should be no more surprises where character is concerned when a couple have known each other since the late 1970s!!! This is insulting to one’s intelligence…really! Both Victor & Nikki know what the other is about and who they are dealing with.
    Save the angst for the teenagers. The writers make them both look so stupid now. The writers should be writing scenarios and situations where Nikki and Victor taken on conflict as a united front.
    How long can you linger in a mid-age crisis??
    Give this couple some dignity…who are they…Sharon & Nick??? Simply ridiculous!

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    Phyllis doesn’t deserve Jack. If she wants to admit it or not, she has a very sick attraction to Nick that will always suck her right back in. And this is maybe the only thing where Phyllis is still in character … she’s a crazy person! First going after Danny, wanting to even kill Chris at one point and later she finds another obsession in Nick, wanting to get rid of Sharon in every possible way.
    Jack doesn’t deserve a woman like that. I’d rather see him with Nikki for the time being. I think the viewers need to have a break from Victor/Nikki for a long while. It really just is the same old, same old with them. And with Jack, I have the feeling there is Victor’s biggest competition like Ashley was once for Nikki.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Sounds like a redo of a redo. Jack and Nikki bore the shit out of me. I’ve been watching their endless speeches to one another for the last month and finally I just FF their scenes. Nikki’s silly antics with Victor have become tiresome. What he ever saw in this harpy is beyond me. Jack must have said “Beauty of Nature” a thousand times now in his dialogue. Enough already. Genevieve is too dumb to even comment on.

    I hope MM’s Adam just kicks VH’s Victoria in the guts. She’s been so shitty to her little brother for so long that I can’t believe that she might really eat crow and “thank” him for saving Chelsea’s baby. If she does, that would be sweet. You know a custody fight is coming. It’s a matter of time.

    Neil is an ass, who cares?

    All things Baldwin/Fisher have become tedious. It’s FF time.

    Ricky will expose Phyllis as the hit-and-run driver of his Dad and The Bug, which if written properly, could be good soapy drama. But this is MAB we’re talking about, so they’ll probably blow it.

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    I’m liking the overall scope of the stories on Y&R right now but I have to say for Vicki to go from being a strong willed women standing TOE TO TOE to her father, Victor in one scene and then in the next whining she needs help finding Chelsea in the next is quite simply, ridiculous! She’s worth a 1/2 billion dollars and is friends will Paul WIlliams. WHY DOES SHE KEEP GOING BACK TO HER FATHER, for crying out loud?!!!! Either have them as enemies or have them as father and daughter but don’t do this Monday Wednesday Friday “battling Newmans” and then TUESDAY THURSDAY “daddy’s lil gil newmans”

    I am tired of the Ricky/Daisy characters. Can we please ship them off?!!!

    Daniel fighting half heartedly for a baby he doesnt want and Phyllis pining over for the child as if it was hers and NOT her grandchild is a bit dull. She stole the child from Vicki, brought Daisy back to town and has DULLED UP THE STORY on the show ever since. Phyllis, where’s your other kid?!!

    Neil and Harmony are nice together. But I wish we saw this chick doing more than just always drinking coffee. She’s a little tooooooooo on edge for me and only one pipe away from being a crack whore again. I wish they would address the health issues of her being an addict for so long. She has to have HIV and it would be a great way to take on the mantle left empty by RObin on GH if the show portrayed that. Its sweet that she only has parttime work here and there but how about struggle so that Neil just isn’t being a creep since he sort of forced Sophia (who should be on the bus will Daisy and Ricky out of town) into marriage. (Yes, he didnt shot gun her but did make it seem that it was more).

    I like Nikki with Jack. I think that she could deal with the battle with Victor and him better as Jack’s wife and let’s see Genaura driving that bus out of town with the others. Genaura is just an older Vicki. A strong woman until she realizes she lost and then whines.

    Cane, on the other hand, is being awfully unfair to her. With all the multiple lies he has told hating Genaura for lying to Jack really was dumb since it just seems he is doing it to be on the right side of the argument. He’s proud arguments to his mother ring truly hollow.

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    [quote=pjc722]Neil and Harmony are nice together. But I wish we saw this chick doing more than just always drinking coffee. She’s a little tooooooooo on edge for me and only one pipe away from being a crack whore again. I wish they would address the health issues of her being an addict for so long. She has to have HIV and it would be a great way to take on the mantle left empty by RObin on GH if the show portrayed that./quote]

    Oh please, no! In the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties, there were quite a few major storylines surrounding HIV, Jessica Abbott, Cricket’s Mother died of AIDS, then Keisha, Nathan’s mistress, who almost infected him, which would’ve infected Olivia, also died of AIDS. Yet another retread of a story that was done better 25, 30 years ago.

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    Except for Daisy I really do think that there is much potential in all the current story lines; no matter who is involved. Of course the writing along with some reality check concerns is the main problem here.

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