ABC’s Plan to Use Katie Couric on GMA to Best NBC’s Today Falls Flat

Not even the perkiness of Katie Couric could help ABC's Good Morning America topple NBC's juggernaut Today in the Nielsens. While GMA, did manage to beat Today last Wednesday in total viewers, Couric's former morning chat hub still bested GMA in demos. For the week, Today averaged 5.1 million to GMA's 4.9 million.

According to Broadcasting & Cable,  in the key adults 25-54 demo, NBC lead with 2.14 million viewers over ABC's 1.83 million, a margin of 306,000 viewers. Season-to-date, the margin between GMA and Today is 501,000 total viewers and 437,000 viewers 25-54.

Considering Gawker's report that GMA's Robin Roberts and Elizabeth Vargas weren't exactly thrilled that Couric was picked to sub for Roberts, I wonder if it was even worth it?  

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    No wonder Robin Roberts looked so elated upon her return. I read in the NYTimes that GMA mentioned that they are considering Katie Couric again to fill in whenever Stephanopoulos goes away for vacation. They are determined to promote this woman relentlessly regardless, I guess.

    I heard Sarah Palin on NBC’s Today was a joke but perhaps news of Katie’s impending appearance on GMA drove some viewers (and many soap/GH fans, I bet) away from the TV when she was on that week. But naturally, ABC is determined to spin this.

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    Sooo tired of the media being the news! Get over yourselves and do some real reporting for a change. Stop reading press releases handed to, by the entity you are reporting on, do some investigating, research yourself.

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    Here’s what I don’t understand. Every other network passed on Katie BUT Abc…do they think that they know something the others don’t? Katie can’t raise the ratings for GMA so they’ll just continue to put her on television, heck lets give her a tv show.

    WTH! Normal everyday people wouldn’t pull this crap because they know it would be a bad idea so why are network executives so stupid?

  4. Profile photo of nmelman

    She will be the next to go down the tubes on the worst network in the history of TV. They have nothing but crap that they think us dummies will enjoy watching. ABC has no clue and never will. Bye Katie you are next.

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    ABC is flat. Flat by their own devices. Katie is probably a very nice person who should go back with Matt, who has accepted a job from Flat ABC, thinking she is above it all to replace soaps and people are going to love her and her show. What are they thinking??? How can she really believe that just because she is “Katie” who happens to be taking ABC 3:00 General Hospital time slot, that her show will suceed? I really dont understand their thinking. Her thinking especially. Why would she put herself in that situation. Where is she going to hide her face come Septembeer 10th at 3:00 when General Hospital is supposed to be on? Whats she thinking.

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    I do not get Katie at all. I find her “perkiness” off putting and fake and, although I like sarcasm, her attempts at humor just irritate me immensely. I rather liked her as a dry news reader and that’s it.

    I think people initially latched onto her because of the Jane Pauley/Deborah Norville mess and she’s been riding that for too long. The time to strike with a solo talk show was probably a decade ago.

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    Both ABC and Katie Couric are flaccid. No one gets hot and hard watching their shit. Neither watching the other dumb shit they programmed in AMC’s and OLTL’s place. Let them all sink like the Titanic.

    For me, Daytime TV is only:
    Young & the Restless
    Bold and the Beautiful
    Days of Our Lives

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    The last time Katie Couric had a strong following was about ten years ago. She has never been a success outside of morning news and now she isn’t even popular there.

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    I, too, have never understood Katie Couric’s appeal. Her voice is annoying especially first thing in the morning and the thought of a one-hour talk show just makes me numb. When she signed the multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with ABC, Anne Sweeney was quoted as saying that since the Today Show with Couric out-ranked GMA, they were excited that she would be coming to ABC. My question to TPTB at ABC, Couric has been gone from the Today Show for several years and the Today Show is still more popular than GMA so doesn’t that mean that it is something unique to the team at the Today Show and not Katie Couric who is responsible for the ratings?

    How utterly stupid are those people at ABC that they are putting all their eggs in a broken basket, one named Katie Couric.

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