Entire Run of Orignal Dark Shadows Goes On Sale Today!

Anyone wanting to see what was so special about Dan Curtis' original Dark Shadows, it made fan boys Tim Burton and Johnny Depp want to turn it into a feature film some 40 plus years after the supernatural sudser ended its run, is in luck! Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition) went on sale today. For $539.99 smackers, you can purchase the collection, featuring all 1,225 episodes of the 1966-71 ABC daytime drama. The big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows hits theaters May 11.  


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I never watched Dark Shadows so don't know anything about the show, but I saw the movie trailer this weekend and was surprised that the movie appears to be a comedy. Nothing wrong with that, and it looks like it might be fun, but I was expecting a drama.

And Johnny Depp is almost unrecognizable which may not be a good thing since I watch Johnny Depp movies to "see" Johnny Depp!

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Ah, my first soap. DS will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Oh man...this was my second soap (All My Chidren being the first). I think I might just plunk down the cash for such a collection. My favorite story arcs include:

(1)The hand of Count Petofi (a severed evil magical hand, lol!)
(2)The Leviathan (Creepy cultists)
(3)A Mate for Adam (Literally the bride frankenstein story!)

Such a great series. I started watching DS in the early 80's when it re-ran on PBS/NJ Network because it had Louis Edmonds (Langley Wallingford All My Children). I always loved Sci-Fi and horror, so it was a perfect blend of Soap and Horror.

Next to Jem and the Holograms collection, I think Dark Shadows collection is the only series I would pay all this money for!

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10 December 2009
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$540? lol please

Its online for free on torrent sites.
So if you prefer to have cover boxes go
ahead and toss $540 in the toilet.

Whats next 20000 AMC episodes for 10k?

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I threw my money down the toilet and gladly flushed, but in a world where people purchase 2 hour movies for $20 then 612 hours for ~$400 (via Amazon) isn't that bad. But then again I joined the Columbia House VHS club for SOAP in college and lord knows how much I ultimately paid for all those tapes, which I still have. The DVDs ultimately cut some stuff out.

I got hooked on the 90's Dark Shadows prime time show and I was so mad it was canceled. I stumbled onto SciFi and they just started the Barnabas storyline and I was shocked that they took the 1795 storyline from it. I laugh now when people complain about actors playing different characters on the same soap because their heads would have exploded watching Dark Shadows. Actors played 4 - 6 characters over the course of the 5 - 6 year run. Guess what? Not confusing at all. Just like it isn't confusing now. It's all make believe.

Angierblackman, I also purchased that Jem set. That was great.

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Old co-workers Mom was on this show. She had an excellent memory and when I asked how she did it...she said it was from helping her Mom run lines when she was a kid. I'll have to see if she knows it's available.

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After seeing the trailer for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, I hope the movie fails! I was hoping that he would go the same route as he did with Sleepy Hollow, but instead.. this movie looks more like The Addams Family. What the fuck was he thinking???