General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Michael comes home to hear Starr, on the phone, telling her mother she’s ready to testify against Sonny. Michael says the evidence is circumstantial. He swears Sonny would admit if he killed a child. Starr asks if he’d accept it if it turned out Sonny was guilty. Michael asks if she’d accept it if he wasn’t.

Sonny runs into CarJohn at the restaurant. He wonders how Michael is dealing with them as a couple. Carly says she thought he would have already told Michael. However, Sonny says he has other issues to deal with, namely Johnny framing him. Sonny asks Carly if she’ll stand by her man when she finds out he caused the accident.

Kate’s worried that Connie is trying to ruin her life. She wonders if Connie had the gun and caused the accident. Ewen’s worried that Connie will take over for good and do something drastic. He’s thinks Connie will be dangerous. Kate says she’ll do anything. Ewen tells her she needs to tell Sonny the truth, then check herself into a mental institute. The idea horrifies Kate.

Olivia stops by to see Steven. Heather tells her to come back another time. Steve breaks things up. Olivia demands to know why she isn’t still at Ferncliff. Heather says she’s sane again and living with Steve. Steven explains to Olivia that it was a conditional release. He’s sure his mother has changed. Heather wants to make up for lost time. Steven tells his mother that Olivia is an important part of his life.

Sam tells Jason only part of the story Heather told her. She leaves the twin and Franco out. Jason says it’s over. He wonders why she’s still worried. Sam needs to make sure nothing can hurt them. Jason tells her to drop it.

Tracy wants everyone to shower her with birthday greetings. However, neither Monica nor Alice are willing. Tracy’s upset that no one has reached out to her, not even her boys. Luke shows up with a flower box. Tracy is thrilled he remembered, until she opens the box and finds a riding crop instead of flowers.

John returns to Anna’s and says he spoke with Sam. Anna tells him not to ruffle Jason’s feathers by going through his wife. The two talk about Kate possibly being the one who left the gun. John doesn’t believe Kate is capable of shooting out tires. He doesn’t understand why she’d frame Sonny. He assures Anna again that he’s not going to cross a line when it comes to Sonny. Anna comes across photos of Robin and starts to cry. John hugs her for comfort.

Johnny questions whether Carly still believes him. She knows he’s innocent. She’s more worried about Michael’s reaction. Johnny thinks since he and Michael get along, that Michael will be fine with them dating.

Starr reminds Michael what Anthony said he saw. Michael says Anthony is using her. Michael gets a call from Carly, to come and meet her. He asks Starr to come along, but she declines.

Anthony comes home with packages. Tracy thinks it’s her gift, but finds out he’s been charging stuff to her. Tracy asks again for him to sign the divorce papers. Anthony wonders why she’s so grumpy. Luke says it’s her birthday.

Tracy’s upset with Luke for giving her a whip. However, Luke says is a riding crop. He remembered her love for her childhood horse and found the descendent of that horse. Tracy is happily shocked that Luke got her a pony for her birthday.

Starr shows up at the mansion to talk to Anthony. He says the accident wasn’t his fault and swears he saw Sonny shoot out his tires. Starr tells him he has to testify. However, Anthony isn’t interested in that. Starr warns him that if he doesn’t show up in court, that she’ll get the DA to force him.

Michael shows up at the restaurant and tells Sonny that he’s being called to testify. Sonny says to tell the truth. Michael has decided that Sonny is innocent, which means more to Sonny than anything else. Sonny asks if Starr has made contact, but Michael says she hasn’t.

Michael heads over to CarJohn’s table and is shocked when they tell him their news. They are together. Johnny says Carly isn’t part of the business. Michael feels she’s taking risks, which isn’t good for Josslyn and Morgan. Michael says someone is framing Sonny, and the likely suspect is Johnny.

Jason wants Sam to rest, something she finds ironic since he’s back to work for Sonny. Jason tells her about his visit with Kate and how it was like he was talking to someone else. Sam’s angry to hear Sonny took Kate’s side over Jason’s. Jason says Sonny just doesn’t want to think his woman is lying. Sam gets a call from John, telling her that he got a sample. She should have an answer soon.

Kate says she’s not committing herself. She has a magazine to run and has to be by Sonny’s side for the trial. Ewen says they need to contain Connie or it will get worst. Kate gets a call from Sonny and heads out to meet him. Ewen calls someone and lets them know that he has a patient in crisis that will need to be committed against their will.

When Kate meets up with Sonny, he tells her that he spoke with Jason and set him straight for going off on her. Kate has no idea what he’s talking about.

Michael gets back to the apartment, just before Starr does. He asks where she was. She just says she went for a productive walk.

Heather explains her past to Olivia. She says she’s recovered now and offers Olivia some tea, which Olivia wisely refuses. When Heather leaves the room, Olivia tells Steve she doesn’t think this is a good idea. However, Steve says his mother is no longer dangerous. He has to do this for her. Steve goes to check on his mother and finds her gone.

Luke gets back to the hotel room and finds John comforting Anna. John leaves and later, Luke spots the photos that made Anna cry. He gets a knock on the door. It’s Heather.

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    How on earth would Heather have known where Luke was staying?

    I missed part of Heather’s original run on the show. how does she know Luke?

    Loving McBain more and more. He’s coming across as a very sweet guy.

    Hating Sam not telling JAson the truth. I can’t stand listening to him yelling at her about lying to him, round 987.

    Anyone else notice, when Tracy and Anthony were fighting over the packages, JE fell sitting onto whatever was there, couch, table, and both LC and TG broke character and were laughing.

    Does Starr realize who’s she’s dealing with in Anthony?

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    Starr “freaking” Manning will put piranhas in AZ’s bath tub if he’s not careful! Seriously, AZ had better watch his back since Starr was raised by Momma Bear Blair Cramer Manning and Todd Mannning! She may look like a thirteen year old, but Starr busted her Daddy out of jail a few months ago.

    Way to go, Heather! Go on and give Olivia tea laced with LSD.

    Yes, Heather knows Luke. Heather was around back during the days of Luke, Laura, and Scotty Baldwin. Of course, Heather was with Scotty at one point as the two tried to steal Jason’s trust fund money when he was a baby. Heather was never into Luke, which made the scenes back in 2004 really dumb.

    Lawd. What’s up with Kate/Connie clown faces and red lips? :Sp She’s beginning to look like Baby Jane!

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    Olivia’s face at Heather’s little tea party was priceless. LOL I enjoyed those scenes … just don’t get how Heather found out so fast where Luke was living.
    I don’t know much about their history in the 80s, but back in 2004 wasn’t Luke somehow involved in her being tied to killing some police officer?

    Why was Luke acting like Anna’s boyfriend once again when he walked in on her and McBain?

    Sam lying to Jason is just beyond stupid. Great way to ruin your marriage … just keep lying a week after you saw how bad your last attempt ended. Comfort sex with McBain in the making. :P

    LOVED the scenes between Tracy and Luke.

    Once again found Starr very disturbing and very badly acted. The last scene with Michael was the worst!!!! And they really try to compare this actress to Kimberly McCullough somehow???? :O :X

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    2 questions.

    Why ISN’T Sam resting? After already losing a baby and being told she would NEVER have children, a normal person would be uber-cautious about every stage of pregnancy to the point of obsession. Instead, she’s running around giving absolutely no thought to whether or not she’s risking her baby’s life? I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt but I’m beginning to suspect what other people have been saying all along…I pity the child who is born to this woman. Scary. She’s the kind of mom who would leave her child home alone to go work the stripper pole, all the while saying she’s doing it to take care of her kid… :(

    Meanwhile, will someone please explain to me why she’s continuing to lie to Jason? I’ve heard him say that Robin’s drug protocol worked and he’s feeling fine…so, why? She’s his WIFE. The person he’s supposed to trust more than anyone else in the world. I don’t want to hear that she’s SCARED or PROTECTING HIM. That would put her in the same boat as Elizabeth, only Elizabeth was protecting a child from…oh yeah, people like Sam.

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    Wasn’t Heather kind of obsessed with Luke during her last run on the show? I was wondering how long it would take her to go find Luke. I can’t wait to see her and Tracey going a few rounds.

    Now, I loved Heather closing that door on Olivia today. Hilarious! I seriously hope Olivia gets whacked by Heather. Mama Pasta has no idea who she’s dealing with and I loved Heather telling her all about the LSD and then offering her tea! Hahahahahaa! If Olivia is okay with hanging with and banging gangsters and murderers, she should be okay with Steve giving his “rehabilitated” mother another shot.

    Can I sign up for a McBain hug? Seriously… Sam and Anna are lucky women in that department! That being said I have a small complaint about the lighting on the show now… we went from having the lighting being really dark to being almost overly bright, which is mostly working much better, but everytime ME bends down a little, his hair appears either greying or blue to me because of the way their lights hit it… if they want to make sure he keeps his hottie status, they need to work on the lighting not making his hair look older.

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    [quote=Perkie]How on earth would Heather have known where Luke was staying?[/quote]
    I wondered the exact same thing. I also wondered where she got such snazzy clothes, and how she got them so quickly, LOL.

  7. Profile photo of Carol2

    Very touching for Anna, who hasn’t been given scenes with her family in some time, to cry with McBain, the guy she’s been sharing scenes with for about a week. If they didn’t want people to see John as their big favorite, Anna would probably not even be onscreen. It’s just so contrived. He never cared about helping people grieve on OLTL (unless he could sleep with them).

    I hope we aren’t supposed to root for Olivia, who is so nasty to Heather when she forgives Sonny everything.

    Robin Mattson looked beautiful.

  8. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=mipeony]but everytime ME bends down a little, his hair appears either greying or blue to me because of the way their lights hit it… if they want to make sure he keeps his hottie status, they need to work on the lighting not making his hair look older.[/quote]
    Well, he’s made several comments to several characters about his greying hair, lol, so maybe it’s a point of pride for him, idk, LOL. I did notice how in today’s ep it seemed to be particularly grey.

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    I am annoyed that RC is giving Sam the same paternity “lie” story that he wrote for Natalie over on OLTL. Buchanan twins Natalie and Jessica end up having ONS with Brody and Ford which led to both women being pregnant. Jessica had mental issues at the time that she had her ONS with Ford and ended up coming out of it to sleep with the man that she loved named Brody the next day. Natalie wanted John who was still with Marty after Marty miscarried their baby. Marty pushed John to be with Natalie, but not before Natalie and Brody had their own ONS. John and Natalie ended up having sex the next day after they professed their love. Lawd. This sounds insane!… lol

    Because of Jessica’s DID and previous mental issues, Natalie didn’t want to tell Brody that he maybe was the baby Daddy and lied to Brody and John for a long time. Natalie even took a secret paternity test once Brody figured out that he could be the baby Daddy and never bothered to tell John. John thought for months that he had a second chance at being a Daddy, and it all fell apart on his double wedding day with Natalie, Jessica and Brody. Of course, we the fans all knew that John was the father since ME was a Frons pet and there was no way in hell that John was going to lose. Marty tampered with Natalie’s paternity test and made it look like Brody was the father. By the time OLTL started to wrap up the show, Natalie and John both found out that he was indeed Liam’s father.

    All you have to do is remove Jessica/Ford from the equation and JaSam paternity story line is Jolie 2.0 accept that Natalie was never “maybe raped” by some psycho.

    One last thing, I don’t get why Sam’s lies since Jason already knows about Franco and the DVD.

  10. Profile photo of robertscorpio


    With Heather Weber being Heather Weber, she probably looked through the phone directory and called every hotel to see if she could locate Luke. LOL During Heather’s original run, her interaction was really with Luke, it was more with Scotty Baldwin. However, during her last stint when she was trying to take Edward for his money, she also developed an obsession with Luke leading her to actually try to kill Skye, who I believe she visualized as being Laura.

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I suppose its pointless to even remind everyone that sam is keeping this secret for a limited time – just long enough to do the test. This is NOTHING like Liz lying to jason and lucky for months (with the intention of lying FOR LIFE). McBain said he would get the sample and he did. How much time has passed – half a day, maybe a day – that sam has known. How long did jason know about francos dvd and not tell sam and nobody on this board said boo and he intended to keep that secret even after he died. How long did Liz keep the secret after she got aidens paternity results? (and she kept the secret all the time between suspecting and getting the results). And wow Sam lied about robin for again about half a day – we saw jason wake up (in tshirt and gelled hair) and she said hed been in and out of it for awhile but this was the first time he was conscious. Then a few hours later carly showed up. Geez how unreasonable that she didnt want to stress out her husband five minutes after he became conscious and before his OWN doctor could do a full evaluation.

    And I guess giving jason a free pass continues with respect to the baby. Sam went on an airplane to the other hospital, then she flew home and visited heather at ferncliff, right in PC. the flight couldnt have been far since she did it all in what amounted to maybe eight hours. She was upset and then drove to her mothers. Aside from going to her MOMS house, jason knew about the trip. If sam is endangering the baby what is jason doing when he let her go alone so he could stay for sonny? And did I miss the scene when her doctor told her she needed bed rest? Its interesting too that sam is this horrible mom but again do we remember carly ignoring ACTUAL doctors orders with Joss? Nobody bashed her and she risked her own life and her childs REPEATEDLY.

  12. Profile photo of kittyskisses

    Yeppers, Starr is so terrifying…not. If this actress doesn’t pull of grief very well how on earth are we supposed to believe she is a bad-ass?
    She’s awful! She was better when she was a kid on OLTL years ago. I hope she gets better,’cause she would be the only reason we would seen Blair and Todd and I looooove them.

  13. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=robertscorpio]With Heather Weber being Heather Weber, she probably looked through the phone directory and called every hotel to see if she could locate Luke. LOL During Heather’s original run, her interaction was really with Luke, it was more with Scotty Baldwin. However, during her last stint when she was trying to take Edward for his money, she also developed an obsession with Luke leading her to actually try to kill Skye, who I believe she visualized as being Laura.[/quote]

    I think they claimed that she and Luke had been together or she wanted him even back in the early 80’s, which hadn’t been true. It’s too bad that RC can’t keep some of the show’s history intact but does remember bad rewrites like this.

  14. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Ryan-Scott. ITA – Jane Elliott was fab in that riding outfit and her scenes were a delight.She’s great.

    Also,still loving Michael Easton and I don’t care if his hair’s greying- he just smoulders. Purrrrrrrrrr………… :* :*

  15. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; themustache]is Ewen the son of Jerry Jacks and Heather Webber??

    Ewen being Jerry’s son would be interesting….if either Jerry or Jax were still in town. Plus, isn’t Ewen too old to be JErry’s son? Ewen should be around 30 but Jerry would be what? Late 40s?

    [quote; mipeony]Can I sign up for a McBain hug?[/quote]

    I know, right!!

    [quote; robertscorpio]However, during her last stint when she was trying to take Edward for his money, she also developed an obsession with Luke leading her to actually try to kill Skye, who I believe she visualized as being Laura.[/quote]

    Thank you for the update. I was watching then, but I totally don’t remember this storyline. Clearly didn’t make much of an impression on me, good or bad.

    Wasn’t there someone else playing Steven in those days, who dated, or wanted to date TB’s Carly? Or is that a completely different story that I’m misremembering?!!

    [quote; EET]I suppose its pointless to even remind everyone that sam is keeping this secret for a limited time – just long enough to do the test[/quote]

    Which would make sense and be fine, for anyone else but Sam, because of the Jason factor. This won’t be about Sam protecting Jason it will be about Sam being wrong in JAson’s eyes, which apparently are the most important eyes EVAH.

    I hate when Sonny pulls out the betrayal card, but I hate it even more when JAson does. It gets very tiresome.

    [quote; EET]Geez how unreasonable that she didnt want to stress out her husband five minutes after he became conscious and before his OWN doctor could do a full evaluation. [/quote]

    But I think there is a difference between not telling, and not telling when someoen specifically asks the question. If Jason had woken up from the surgery like a normal person (bandaid on head, hospital gown on, drowsy, spaced out, drugged out), not asking about Robin, then fine, Sam doesn’t say anything until he’s stronger. But they clearly showed him jump out of that bed like he was ready to party and specifically asked about Robin and wanting to see/talk to Robin, going so far as to borrow Alexis’ phone to call Robin and leave her a message. In that moment, Sam should have told him.

    [quote; EET]carly ignoring ACTUAL doctors orders with Joss? Nobody bashed her and she risked her own life and her childs REPEATEDLY.[/quote]

    Oh, come on now. Carly got called out on her crap plenty. She still does. Where is Josslyn while she’s running around town with Johnny?

    Bottom line is, this will not end well for Sam, and she has enough experience with Jason that she should know this and just tell the truth right now.

  16. Profile photo of wasabi

    [quote=mipeony] That being said I have a small complaint about the lighting on the show now… we went from having the lighting being really dark to being almost overly bright, which is mostly working much better, but everytime ME bends down a little, his hair appears either greying or blue to me because of the way their lights hit it… [/quote]

    I’ve noticed the past few weeks that many scenes have weird yellow light streaks falling across the actors faces that make them look jaundiced. I think it’s meant to look like sun streaming through windows, but it’s not working. And yesterday, going in the opposite direction, the dark, dungeon-like lighting in Steve’s apartment was really bad. I hope they find a happy medium somewhere.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Perkie wrote “Bottom line is, this will not end well for Sam, and she has enough experience with Jason that she should know this and just tell the truth right now.”

    This is the gospel for me in regards to Sam not telling Jason. In the end you know how he feels about being lied or “Handled” and not just a week earlier you were terrified of losing him over the Robin lie so what do you do, conceal more from him.

    I also agree about the baby stuff. For me, as a viewer, who has seen Sam’s ups and downs I don’t need to see a doctor on screen tell her to take it easy. It should come natural for someone who had such issues getting pregnant. I am not saying she can’t do some things but running around trying to find out stuff on a very stressful topic (Franco) is too much. I also blame Jason he has lost so much you would think he would tell Sam to just relax. I mean it’s not like she’s not used to being pregnant and lying around Jason’s couch (sorry had to throw in the snide remark)

  18. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    As for the lighting – Sam literally disappeared into Jason’s closet. It was very strange.

    As for Sam and her history, she was in her mother’s home confiding and hugging up on a married man and all I was thinking of was Rik Lansing and wondered if perhaps Natalie will develop cancer and that is how she will be offed. It would make sam’s story a full circle thing.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Sam didnt seek out that hug and she did nothing to elicit said hug. John has a girlfriend not a wife, but he offered the hug as a comfort. there was absolutely nothing sexual in that moment which I thought was obvious, not only because of the way it was shown on screen but because of the topic being discussed.

    I dont think this will play out well for sam with jason but at the same time I dont think she is in the wrong. He may not want to “be handled” but this is her information to tell and waiting a few days is not exactly keeping him in the dark – its a big difference between natalie intending to lie for her childs entire life and waiting a few days. Its less akin to say Liz lying about jake vs. her not coming forward about aiden in the wake of jakes death. I sympathize with Sam’s position because she doesnt want to see him looking at her the way I imagine she fears he would look at her – with disappointment about the baby and with perhaps disgust at the thought of raising francos child. Maybe if he had stepped up when she was initially preggers and said I can do this instead of leaving it on her. Maybe if he had controlled his anger over franco long enough to help sam through her rape and not just basically say honey, I solved it, now its done for US. maybe, but he didnt. You guys are acting like this is some normal paternity secret. The woman believes she was RAPED and I for one can understand why she might not want to open the “my rapist might be the father of my child” can of worms again if she doesnt have to.

    As for robin, Im going to say again, jason was often “fine” even when he wasnt and his episodes were triggered by high stress. Until a doctor did a stress test on him in a controlled environment, stressors should have been kept to a minimum, which in my mind means everything from carly to sonny to robins death. This was a lie that gained sam absolutely nothing but she told it knowing jason would be furious because she was protecting him. Liz and even my beloved carly – they lie as pattern – if they told me it was raining out, I would still have to open a window and put my hand out, but the robin lie was the first time sam has lied in I cant remember how long and she did so with absolutely no selfishness to it.

  20. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    EET Wrote ” but this is her information to tell and waiting a few days is not exactly keeping him in the dark ”

    HUH??? – Come on EET this is not HER information. Franco is Jason’s brother, not hers..this baby is theirs…not just hers….so Jason should be privvy to her taking another paternity test. And it should not matter how long a lie (or an act of omission) is kept its still a lie.

    But why even fret over it…It’s not like RC/FV are going to write Jason the way he used to be so he will forgive this as well.

  21. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Also, what if the baby is Franco’s “what then” – sometimes leaving a can of worms closed is best for all invovled. Her desire to have a baby should outweigh all even who the Daddy may be.

    Also maybe if she shot Franco in her apartment way back when we wouldn’t be here today (sorry snarky girl coming out again)

  22. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    if she shot franco in her apartment she would be in jail, but thats what the haters want.

    Im sorry, but I believe its her information because its her rape and her taking a day or two to gather the FULL information before telling jason is not some huge character flaw – Im sure jason will see it that way and again the haters will cheer, but if that were my spouse I would understand the emotions shes weighing. (but then again, if that were my spouse I wouldnt make her rape all about me – which isnt really jason true to character in that instance either) And while I think she will still love and want the baby because its hers (assuming they write her true to character) are you seriously saying you cant understand why it may be difficult for her to handle the concept that the child shes carrying was fathered by a RAPIST? I mean, isnt the horror of having to carry a baby fathered by ones attacker the reason why even most hard core pro-lifers still allow for exemptions for life incest and RAPE? I dont think she would have aborted – not saying that before people pounce on me – but I can see why any woman would consider that option under those circumstances. Would I be disappointed my spouse didnt own up immediately, sure, but would I feel betrayed? Not at all. I would probably say I wish you trusted my love for you more, and im hurt but I get that this is hard for YOU because of what you had to endure.

    As for jason not forgiving being true to his nature – seriously who hasnt he forgiven aside from robin re: the michael paternity issue? He forgives carly a million times a day for her nonsense. He forgives sonny for not taking his word before hes even had a chance to leave the penthouse, not to mention all the harm hes caused to michael that jason has taken in stride (didnt sonny just bring up that jason was mad that sonny going to the warehouse without guards and then protecting kate first instinctually made jason mad and yet he got over that within weeks) He forgave liz for keeping her paternity secret for MONTHS and he forgave her for losing track of jake on four separate occasions. Given that hes forgiven all the others, and given that sam was half out of her mind when all the jake nonsense went down and given that jason himself was partially responsible for how everything played out and given that she risked her life for jake and given how many times she risked her life for jason and given how many times she apologized to him for her behavior during her breakdown, dont you think a guy in love would forgive? And I still think jason would have forgiven robin (as he eventually did) if she didnt run away – he stayed angry because they never got to work through all of it. Once she was back, he totally forgave her virtually instantaneously. That leaves his list of the unforgiven as basically AJ and Franco – not exactly a long list.

  23. Profile photo of Miry

    …this lie kinda sounds like the lie that Liz told to “save” Lucky from remaining a drug addict when she told him that Jake was his. It was a pretty selfless lie as well (b/c she wanted Jason & she could have easily had him). Seems like there is another thing that I can add to my growing list of “Liz & Sam are a lot alike” list. ;)

    And I gotta disagree with you EET here: this secret is NOT Sam’s to keep. Jason is her husband & he has a right to know… but even above that marriage thing, it is JASON’S business to know that he has a twin brother & he is Franco. I understand her reasoning, but just like this isn’t a normal paternity secret, Jason isn’t a normal “you can lie to me & I will easily forgive you” man. She should tell her husband everything that she knows and let HIM be there for HER. And if she can’t trust that he will do that then why the hell do ya’ll want him with your girl?? They shouldn’t be together if Jason can’t help her through her maybe rape & maybe rapebaby situation. Jason LOVES other ppl’s kids, of course he would raise this baby & any other stray that comes knocking on his door.

  24. Profile photo of liason4real

    Sam had her gun pointed at Franco when the man showed up in Jason’s penthouse right before Aiden was kidnapped and then let him walk out the door without putting a bullet in his head. Franco was a wanted for several murders when he showed up at the PH and Sam let him go since he was the reason that Jason was let out of prison.

    I don’t understand why Sam didn’t simply tell Jason what she found out from Heather and Franco’s mother.

  25. Profile photo of Miry

    @Ravennite: haha, you beat me to it!! Wonderfully stated.

    @EET: She wouldn’t have been in jail, lol, she could have easily claimed self-defense.
    And we’ll have to agree to disagree, b/c while the rape itself is hers to deal with, the twin thing & paternity thing is not. And its not like Jason doesn’t know about the rape, he knows, so as I said above, she should trust her husband enough to be there for her (& if he won’t, hellooo McBam!).

  26. Profile photo of Kazy24

    Wait…how did Liz get dragged into an argument about Sam’s bad choices? Liz has made some really stupid choices, no doubt about it. But her choices have nothing to do with the way Sam is acting right now. There is no excuse for Sam ONCE AGAIN lying to Jason, especially after the ridiculous drama that happened as a result of the last time she lied to him. Also, length of the lie doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that she is knowingly lying to Jason yet again. She saw how upset he was at her the last time she lied. Yet she decides it is a good idea to do so again? And on top of the lie, she told John about all the baby Franco crap (after saying she shouldn’t be talking to him about it). SHE is choosing to keep something from Jason that he has the right to know since this concerns his brother and child. Sam has created this mess herself and hopefully she will actually have to deal with the consequences of her lies and then Jasam will be through and McBam will be on!

    Luke needs to buy a one way ticket out of PC and disappear. He still irritates me.

    I don’t think I will ever get used to Starr. I never really liked her on OLTL though so chances of me liking her on GH at all are slim.

  27. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    All of the Sam is allowed to lie rational is making me laugh. So, Liz was always this really bad person because she lied to Lucky for her haters but Sam is allowed to lie because she is Sam? Oh, OK!!! So funny!! EET is correct about one thing. I am loving that these writers are writing Sam as the lying liar who lies and mainly because I love the back pedaling and the excuses I expect to read here.

    Too much entertainment!!!

  28. Profile photo of liason4real

    Sam was not half out of her mind back in 2007. She was not half out of her mind when she kept running off while pregnant with Sonny’s baby. She was not half out of her mind after her baby died and she wanted Jason to kill Hope’s grandmother. She wasn’t half out of her mind in trying to buy a baby on the black market. Jeez. Let Sam own her sh*t like Heather Webber and be done with it. Sam lashed out at Alexis, Jason, Liz, Cam and Jake and didn’t care who she hurt as long as she got her way.

  29. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    liason – Thank you!!!! So much!!! Everything Sam does get swiped under the rug with this really handy broom loaded with crap about being out of her mind by all of her apologists. Geez louise!! She isn’t very sturdy mentally is she? Jason dumped her so she got to hurt little kids? What crap!!

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    This is not the first time its been said that sam wanted jason to kill hopes grandmother – I dont remember that at all – doesnt mean it didnt happen, just that I dont remember it and cant find it on you tube. I remember that sam wanted him to fight for the baby and took the position that Jason lied and threatened and blackmailed for power and for sonny but not for her baby. Jason said to sonny that he would have done that except that the great grandmother was a decent person and he felt like that would be stealing the baby from her and that no court would give the baby to them legally if hope and the grandmother opposed it. He said if he didnt feel she was good he would have had no problems using intimidation. Im not sure from a moral perspective that makes one any better or any worse than the other but sam is a skank and jason is the guy you all want YOUR girl with. HMMM

    I think that trying to buy a baby on the black market was wrong and not done because she was mentally breaking down – I never said that about any period in her life OTHER than the summer of sleaze – but I dont think its an unforgivable thing. They didnt show her thinking through all of the ways a baby might get on the black market, only her single minded desire for a child.

    And running off with sonny’s baby – she was upset, he was playing push pull with the relationship and had concerns about leaving carly and the boys, and she wasnt sure if she wanted to exercise her legal right to control her own body – but ultimately she couldnt go through with it. She then ran off to put the baby up for adoption and even the nun didnt think she could go through with it. “shes thinking about whats best for the baby” says the nun to jason – yeah that sam, what a terrible person.

    As for todays situation, I cant believe that people dont see the difference between saying Im not going to tell all until I know all and Im never going to tell. I get brain damaged jason being black and white but that some viewers dont see that distinction is surprising. I equate it to the difference between Liz sitting on the truth with aiden and sitting on the truth with cam and jake. I totally understand why a grieving woman might not want to blow lives apart even further five minutes after she lost her son and why she might want some time to digest, but there was no altruism with the cam and jake lies and those were lies she intended to tell forever. Sam isnt saying she wants to hide the truth forever, she is saying she wants time to digest and to wait for the paternity results to come in. If she gets those results back and a week goes by and she still hasnt told jason then yeah, I wont be happy with the character.

  31. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I’m not saying Sam could never change but if they want to give the character a modicum of credibility they need to get her away from the lowlifes of Port Charles. As it is…the character is like a junkyard dog. Sam could be likeable if we weren’t constantly reminded that she is one failed trick away from the welfare line. If we have to see her on our screens 5 days a week, then I wish the writers would do her a HUGE favor and get her away from Jason & Sonny. She’s not good at being good, she’s not good being bad…she’s. just. there.

    Sam & Jason don’t work for me for (so many) reasons I’d rather not hash out again for the kabillionth time. Jason was always one of my favorite characters. He became a beloved character in part because of the women he chose to love and be with who lent a huge amount of credibility to his tarnished reputation with their decency,the possible exception being Carly who has sinced redeemed herself as much as she’s been willing to and has since become a well-loved if not overexposed mainstay on the canvas. We could see Jason’s good side (Sonny’s too, for that matter) because good people thought he was worthy of love. It would be really nice if they would do that for Sam.

    Some actors have this thing with each other that cannot be explained…love or hate the pairing – it’s undeniable. They bring out the best in each other. I think the characters of John McBain & Sam McCall have that something.

    Putting all other prejudices aside…they are starting them out right. First of all they have undeniable chemistry. Second, the writers are actually creating building blocks for a CREDIBLE relationship. Sam has told him her most (recent) hidden secrets and he didn’t reject her…he tried to help her. I could see her being completely & at times, painfully, honest with him and him seeing past her mistakes and falling for her anyway.

    As for John & Sam’s current pairings…I’ve never liked Natalie, so kicking her to the curb would be no hardship for me. I’m not overly concerned about Jason. At this point I can barely stand him so I’ll leave my comments about that one on the backburner for now. Suffice it to say, there is no excuse for him being with Sam after what she did. She may be redeemable but he’s gone past the point of no return, in many eyes, because of that decision.

    Guess we’ll see what happens! At least the show is interesting enough to talk about!

  32. Profile photo of Miry

    @EET: I am pretty sure that no one is saying that they do not understand the difference between lying for a few days and lying forever. You seem to be the only one fixated on that. What ppl are saying is that a lie, for how ever long, is still a lie. Correct? Yes, one might be considered a “worse” lie than the other, but it is still a lie.
    Plus, its not like Sam doesn’t know how this will play out or how Jason feels about lies. It’s not like she has to rack her brain to remember these things. B/c she JUST LIED TO HIM like A WEEK AGO! LoL. I think that is where the real problem is. Sam must be stupid (or crazy) to keep another lie from her husband a freakin’ WEEK after she told a lie that she was worried would end her marriage.
    @GHvetfan: I am still waiting for the answer to that question, lol.
    @doodleynoodle: ITA! McBam is it! I have NEVER liked Sam more.

  33. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Here is an idea. Sam doesn’t remember her maybe rape. Jason didn’t really witness it. franco is dead. The child is on the way. Why can’t she simply choose to accept the baby as an innocent? Why is it necessary to know the paternity? Will she choose to abort? Too late!!! Does she want to know the paternity for Jason? That is just stupid. All Sam needs to do is tell Jason that she has always wanted a baby. She is now pregnant. She doesn’t care whether Jason or Franco is the father because she will love HER baby either way so he needs to get on board or she and her baby will move on. Is there something in Jason’s history with her or anyone else that tells her he is unwilling to accept someone elses’ child? Her Sonny seed? Michael? He has taken responsibility for Morgan, Joss, Kristina, and Molly. The only child he hasn’t really stepped up for Jake. She has a better chance if the kid turns out to be Franco’s. Jason only turns his back on his own flesh and blood.

  34. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I think Sam is holding back on Jason because she wants to get the paternity results before telling him.he tells him now, then she is probably afraid that it will affect his attitude towards the baby. Remember that when they realized that the baby might be Francos’ and had the first paternity test, Jason wasn’t all that cozy. Granted, he had a brain tumor, but still…..

    All she needs to do is tell him she thought it best to wait until she had confirmation before telling him. The big question, however is where they got Francos /DNA to test. That is where the real problems will come from, once she has to tell Jason about McBain securing a sample from the FBI. I mean, really, calling in a favor from the FBI is huge!! Of course, St. JAson will automatically think that he is working Sam against Sonny. Btw, I saw the look on Sams face when Jason was telling her about Kate, she wasn’t loving Sonny just then.

    Okay, I get that Steve didn’t paint Heather in the best light when he was telling Liv about her, but seriously Olivia could have treated her boyfriends mother better.

  35. Profile photo of soapster

    My gosh, maybe Sam is doing this for her, maybe she wants to know without a doubt if she is carrying her rapist child or not. For all those claiming that Jason has a right to know he does but right now the main person in this equation is Sam, the most important info right now is if Franco is or isn’t the father of her child not Jason finding out that dead Franco is his brother. If Sam wants to sit on that information until she finds out for certain then that her call she’s not lieing to Jason since he isn’t asking her about it and if he gets upset so freaking what its nothing he hasn’t done to her.

    I could care less about the Sam/Liz war, Sam war raped by Franco or at the very least violated she is going through her own trauma and she believes that she maybe carry her rapist child she has earned the right to deal with this as she pleases if she takes her time confiding in Jason that doesn’t damn her to hell.

  36. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    soapster – I am all for women’s rights first. But, is Sam keeping this secret because she doesn’t trust Jason to be supportive? When has he ever not bent over backward for a victim? Why would you marry a man you do not trust to confide in? The child is a fact of life. I wonder was it important for her to have a child or for her to have Jason’s child? At this point, wouldn’t it be better for her relationship with her child to simply accept the child and not to find out the paternity? Is she going to give the baby up if it isn’t Jason’s? If the baby turns out to be Franco’s, will she continue to lie? How good a relationship does she have or did she have without trust and respect?

  37. Profile photo of liason4real

    GHvet…. IMO a pregnant Sam figured out rather quickly that Jason and not Sonny would always be there for her and the baby. Sam told Jason that they were NOT going to make it back in 2007 unless they had HIS child. The Jason/Sam scene took place not long after Amelia spilled the beans about Sam’s past and her knowledge that Jake was his son.

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soapster and sweetie AMEN!!

    Miry that was the point – it may be a lie but its not some huge lie IMHO because she only intends to keep it until she gets the results of the paternity. To me there is a huge difference between that and some ongoing lie til the end of time. If jason gets mad, and Im sure he will, so be it, its HER body and either way that child is hers. I just think its funny that some of the people freaking out about her lying to jason had zero problem with others who have lied to him in an ONGOING fashion. Im just imagining the person I love telling me listen I wanted to spare you some pain and myself some pain if I could, so I waited a few days vs. the person I loved telling me yeah I lied to you and I intended to lie to you forever. (and I think she might consider that for all of two seconds and then tell the truth) I also agree with sweetie – I think his bigger issue is going to be the mcbain angle and honestly I think that is something he would be way more justified being angry about (though again I may not agree with her talking to mcbain, I can understand her torment given that the franco paternity issue stirred up her still unresolved issues about her rape – and I agree with whoever said they are building up the mcbam part of the triangle quite well.)

    Vet I think there is a big difference between jason accepting michael and morgan and joss vs. accepting the child of your wifes RAPIST. I think he would ultimately accept that baby but I dont think it would be as simple as you are making it out. Look at the relationship between Alan, who was mostly a decent guy, and AJ. Even Alan admitted that his relationship with aj was never quite right because he started off believing the baby was the product of an affair between monica and rick. the fact that he eventually found out the baby was his helped but it never totally repaired the damage.

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Vet what Im saying to you is I think she appreciates the monumental thing she is asking the man to accept – the child of her rapist. She trusts Jason to stay with her, but she may not believe hes capable of just ignoring the paternity. Theres a difference between staying and honoring his commitment vs. doing so with acceptance in his heart.

  40. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    He was certainly capable of accepting Sonny’s kids as his own. He has proven himself capable of ignoring her attacks on his own child. What I am saying is she shouldn’t have married the man if she believes he is incapable of getting past her non-rape. SHe has not dealt with her experience with Franco. Why is that? Is it because she doesn’t trust Jason to get past that? How can you marry a man who you don’t trust to be supportive of you when you have been victimized? Jason has proven himself through his dealings with Robin and Elizabeth and every child on the show. He is a natural caregiver. Sam clearly refuses to him that way. She would rather cuddle with the new cop in town and confide in him. If Sam can’t even mention the rape to Jason, what does that say about how much she knows and trusts him? A woman should be able to say to her husband that this is what I am dealing with and this is what I need from you. Right this minute you need to set aside all of Sonny and Carly’s problems and help me deal with my emotions and we will deal with yours later. Rape isn’t about him and if Sam doesn’t trust Jason to know that, she should not have married him.

    Beyond the maybe rape, Sam is also hiding Jason’s relationship with Franco and her own growing relationship with McPain a man who has referred to Natalie as his wife. McPain is a man who has been open about his love for his family at home. There is Sam cuddling up to him in a church and hugging up on him five feet from where she crawled all over her own step-father. Sam and Jason can not be in it to win it since she has already broken her wedding vow of honoring him several times.

  41. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Monday on Thursday…competition season…costuming…backtracking…oy!
    To review…or not…

    Olivia should A) Never eat or drink anything over at Steve’s as long as Heather is around and B) Learn to sleep with one eye open. Interesting that
    they used one of the most beautiful duets in the opera repertory and serving tea as part of these scenes. Gorgeous music to underscore a less
    than “attractive” character (in terms of motivation), performing one of the normal “…rituals of everyday life.” Heather is anything but normal.
    Irony front and center…

    I got such a chuckle watching Bergen Williams’ Alice just beaming when Mr.
    Luke shows up at the Q’s. Funny how re-gifting got woven into the script as did the “thriftiness on the part of a cheerfully devilish Papa Z. Toting those parcels into the sitting room , Tracy’s delighted exclamations turning sour upon learning none are for her. “…marriage is about give and take.” “…exactly. And by putting it on the charge I saved us ten percent.” “There is no us!” I roared. Even with LC’s Monica’s too bitter snarking,these were my favorite scenes. Ensemble at it’s best with JE getting special mention for the wide range of emotions she rolled through. Hopeful expectancy, crestfallen upon learning her birthday was a les than celebratory affair, annoyance at both “rogues” in her life. And
    finally the shock at the real reason for Luke’s “re-gift”: “…Son of
    Skittles.” ” You got me a pony for my birthday?!!” AG countered with a sincere warmth and generosity. At that moment, I actually liked him. Kudos to wardrobe for oufitting JE impeccably. She looked stunning… :)

    I liked how Anna and McBain’s initial irony about his visit to alexis with the FIA segued into a no nonsense “business meeting”. McBain’s continued
    determination to not “cross the line” between justice and revenge, balanced with her suggestionto go back over the evidence. I wasn’t prepared for her reaction to pictures of Robin sliping from the shuffled
    papers. So true to life. Keeping a still festering sorrow under a band-aid
    of work, One nick and the wound opens. As with Sam, McBain is there for “comfort”. (Goodness. The guy’s got the market cornered on hugs.) Curious about what Luke thinks when he arrives back from the Q’s. And curious to find out what he thinks when Heather shows up. “…Long time no see.” Gulp…

    Kate having another mini-meltdown doesn’t bode well for either running
    Crimson or this upcoming trial. “You have to fix this…” As if Ewan has a microwave solution for this DID affliction. And his idea that she should tell the bully and check herself into a “mental facility”? Not surprising she balks. Ewan is no nonsense: “What do you propose to do to keep “Connie”
    at bay?” “I have to be stronger than that..” Right. Shoud be a fun contest…

    I know he’s not a “real” person. And yet the bully makes my skin crawl. I
    have to admit I was surprised he didn’t run to Jr. with the news of that Carly and John are a couple. I’m tired of the constant goading with the two men. To his advantage, John has always seemed to listen to an inner common sense when dealing with this vile man. He’s managed to walk away more often than not. Carly may be able to help him hang on to that quality
    as it’s being sorely tested. As for letting Jr. in on their current status: “I wanna talk about me and Johnny.” “…your mom and I are…”
    “Together.” Well, at least they were up front with him. The less than encouraging “That went well.” speaks volumes…

    I’m not on board with Starr and Jr. Not yet. And it’s not because I have reservations about acting choices, especially from KA’s end. Anyway, I love
    that Jr. appears to be pushing back at the shroud that is his father’s influence, asking Starr to join him for dinner with his mother. “…Your
    dad asked you to stay away from me…” “…It’s okay. I don’t care.” Whoa! Knock me over with a feather. I can get behind just about anything that pulls him from the bully’s orbit. as for these two going romantic? Nah, not for a while…

    She let a golden opportunity to come clean slip away. “I spoke with Heather..” And with the information Sam’s got, coupled with McBain’s “outside help”, I can understand maybe her wanting to “line it up,
    “ducks in a row” fashion before she spills. Jason’s totally down with sweeping the whole DVD episode into the dustbin of bad memories. “I need to
    be sure that there’s nothing that can hurt us.” “Just let it be over.” This entire “secret” will hurt, no matter if she tells him now or later. This “later” scenario comes up when their talk turns to Kate and the bully’s choosing to believe Kate over Jason. “The last thing a man wants to believe is that the woman he loves is lying to him.” Whether it’s a lie of omission or a deliberate distortion of the truth. For me, I’d rather get it over with and out in the open. Then deal with it together, going forward. Of course now that McBain’s “involved”. Ah, what tangled webs we weave…

    Till my next (delayed) chat…
    Swan! 0:)

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