Alec Baldwin BLASTS NBC's Today For "Stalking"; Says He's Leaving The Network!

The Today Show may be celebrating fending off former anchor Katie Couric in the Nielsens, during Couric's recent stint on ABC's Good Morning America, but now the morning show has a new foe — fellow NBC'er Alec Baldwin! In a series of tweets, the 30 Rock star accused Today of "stalking" him in wake of his latest scandal, involving Genevieve Sabourin, a woman Baldwin has also accused of stalking him!

This past Monday, Sabourin, a Canadian actress, was arrested on suspicion of stalking. This was after Sabourin had reportedly shown up at Baldwin's apartment in New York City. Prior to that, the woman had allegedly appeared at Baldwin's holiday retreat in the Hamptons.

Baldwin, who recently became engaged to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, admitted to knowing Sabourin, having met her on a movie set some 10 years earlier and having reportedly dined with her. Today's camera crew was reportedly outside Baldwin's apartment to cover the growing story. Check out Baldwin's tweets—including one where he says he's leaving NBC—after the jump!


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@Jamey: Soap writers need to sit back and take some notes. Because the real world drama reminds me of what soaps use to be like in their heyday!

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It's ridiculously irresponsible for any media to identify the private residence of anyone who is being stalked. Sabourin isn't the only "crazy" out there.

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Hey, Alec Baldwin, you obnoxious jackass, STFU! 'Cause you don't wanna know what's in MY wallet! Laughing out loud

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Umm, do most individuals that become the news item of the moment get the advance call that press are going to be standing outside?

Jesus, who does this guy not tweet about, from "uptight queen" barristas to words with friends hating flight attendants. At least he didn't call Matt Lauer a "thoughtless little pig". I guess that language is only reserved for his daughter.